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January/February Mid/Long Range Disco IV: A New Hope


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There's [mention=2304]psuhoffman[/mention] thing strip of Frozen lol

I’d take this run verbatim for your area over to time any day of the week - warning level snowfall and then some ice accretion on top, but I’m honestly rooting for everybody. Our chances are sparse as is, so it’d be nice to get as many people on board as possible (ALA moving that band east over the heart of the subforum) Probably a pipe dream, but I’m trying to be optimistic.

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36 minutes ago, Weather Will said:

We went most of January with little to track.  We used to have luck with snowstorms on the weekends…. the next two upcoming weekends give us a better chance than the last four….although EURO is not buying the Can. east coast low scenario for next weekend yet….enjoy the football games!

the euro did look interesting at 240

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12z combined bwi ens snow probability through 0z 2/6
1”: 33%
3”: 6%
6”: 3%

From your experience, do ensembles or OPs tend to have a better handle on things in the D1-D5 range? I only ask because I wonder how using operating models in the very short term would impact those probabilities, if at all.

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Just now, Ji said:
1 minute ago, CAPE said:
Quite a contrast. That storm put me over 19" here. A tenth from a flizzard so far this winter lol.

Feels like that house belongs in Garrett county

lol I would love to move it. I look, but just cant find anything close. I built this exactly the way I wanted it.

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