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August 2022


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The current 78° dewpoint at Nantucket is the 2nd highest on record as the SSTs approach 80°.

NANTUCKET      MOSUNNY   83  78  


Water Temperature (WTMP): 79.7 °F





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1 hour ago, bkviking said:

Actually pretty nice out in Port Jefferson like PSV said - pretty nice breeze - tropical but nice in shade especially . Btw, photo below from Port Jeff harbor attest to the tropical Feel - looks more like Florida or islands



WOW look at that green grass:wub:

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93*(57%RH) and feels like   105   in CI @5:15pm.        GFS trying to bowl a 300 Game here.     Even the EURO has a 100.       Go for it.....send those Infra_Red Death Rays!        GEFS calls for a cool down 10-15 then brings heat ridge back.     GFS is spottier on the 90's.




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The early August heat rolled into the first weekend of the month. Parts of southern New England saw the highest temperatures. High temperatures included:

Albany: 93°
Boston: 97° (tied record set in 1931)
Burlington: 93°
Concord: 93°
Hartford: 95° (tied record set in 1918 and 1931)
Manchester, NH: 97° (old record: 95°, 2018)
New York City: 92°
Newark: 96°
Philadelphia: 91°
Providence: 95°
Worcester: 93° (tied record set in 1906)

Tomorrow will be another very warm day. Temperatures will generally top out in the upper 80s and lower 90s.

The ECMWF seasonal forecast indicates that the summer will be warmer than normal throughout the region and across much of North America. Based on how the pattern has been evolving during the spring transition to summer, it is more likely than not that the warmest anomalies of the summer will likely occur in July and August with June being the coolest of the three months in the Northeast. The latest ECMWF monthly forecast indicates that July will be warmer than June relative to normal and that August will be the warmest summer month relative to normal.

In addition, in the 6 past cases when the June AO averaged +0.750 or above (1950-2021), 67% of the following August and September cases featured above normal temperatures. The August ECMWF forecast shows a warmer than normal September in the Northeast.

The ENSO Region 1+2 anomaly was -0.9°C and the Region 3.4 anomaly was -0.7°C for the week centered around July 27. For the past six weeks, the ENSO Region 1+2 anomaly has averaged -1.18°C and the ENSO Region 3.4 anomaly has averaged -0.62°C. La Niña conditions will likely persist into the fall.

The SOI was +19.00 today.

The preliminary Arctic Oscillation (AO) was +0.592 today.

On August 4 the MJO was in Phase 5 at an amplitude of 0.904 (RMM). The August 3-adjusted amplitude was 0.816 (RMM).


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Even our northern suburbs are having trouble dropping much below the upper 70s  for near record warm minimums this morning with the high dewpoints. 

White Plains   PTCLDY    79  76  90 CALM      30.18S
Larchmont Harb   N/A     79 N/A N/A S10         N/A
Croton On Huds   N/A     79 N/A N/A S6          N/A
Danbury        CLEAR     79  73  82 SW6     
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The next 8 days are averaging  83degs.(75/92) or +6.

Reached 93 here yesterday.

Today:  87-93, wind w., p. sunny, 78 tomorrow AM.

78*(95%RH) here at 7am.     80* at 10am.       84* at Noon.       mid-80's in PM, but reached 93* at 7pm.

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The low of 78° at White Plains was only 3° off the all-time warmest of 81°.


Aug 7, 7:56 am 80 76 87 86   5 10.00   BKN018 1021.70 29.80 30.20     81 78  


Time Series Summary for WESTCHESTER CO AP, NY - Jan through Dec
Click column heading to sort ascending, click again to sort descending.
Highest Min Temperature 
Missing Count
1 1999 81 58
2 2013 78 1
- 2011 78 2
- 1995 78 85
- 1988 78 5
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