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August Discussion/Obs


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2 minutes ago, Typhoon Tip said:

Right right ... already can see it it with the blazing hot vortex being jammed in by the GFS.  


Re-load baby

Just now, HIPPYVALLEY said:

It will be hot but not as impressive as the stretch.

Well I guess we'd have to define that. Will it be 97-99...IDK. Obviously that gets tough to do as we get into late August and early September. But we could be looking at a pretty long stretch of impressive warmth. This go around we've had a slowly sagging cold front. The way the pattern looks to become established across the country it may be tough to get any appreciable fronts through for a bit. 

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2 minutes ago, Typhoon Tip said:

I know - I get it.

and truth be told, in the '2 possibilities' scenarios, I've noticed the hot one seldom gets the call  ha

I’ve never seen that. But remember ASOS official 1-min readings are actually 5-minute running means in order to “smooth out” the digital readings to make them more analogous with old mercury thermometers. So if you see 36C 37C 36C over the course of 10 minutes that 37C is likely to be the lower end (98F) unless there is a raw 1 min ob in there that spiked high enough to skew the mean up (which can rarely happen with ASOS).

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1 hour ago, Typhoon Tip said:

Went from 90 to 39 in 1998 on March 31 over the Merrimack Valley/UML ... That was the Michael Jordan of BD fronts -

Another epic one was back in 2002, when I worked a gig at the 900 block across from BU on Comm Ave in Boston. It was 94 with scattered TCU casting shadows over the city sky line at 1pm; it was 45 at 5pm, with slate ceilings and mist particles when I left the office..  This is a short 2nd to the Michael Jordan BD above...

It's not 'liked' - haha.. but one can appreciate the power. 

That's what I mean by spring...  PF is right though..I've seen some interesting icing gradients in like Novie or Dec, when it's 28 F in ageo drain in S NH but it's nearing 60 at HFD.   Autumn is the other season more typical. 

We were in the woods just NE from Baxter Park on March 30-31, 1998, and had low-mid 30s with fog, drizzle and a few IP.  Meanwhile, PWM was approaching 90. 
My "favorite" reverse gradient came in my first year in Maine.  The mid-December event that broke half the trees in western CT was 4" SN at BGR followed by nearly 3" RA and temp up to 56.  Meanwhile, my parents in the NNJ home where I grew up had 15 with light ZR.  A few hours later it was 51 in BGR and 9 with IP in NNJ.  Powerful storm took a sharp left turn at just the wrong time for this snow-lover.  (That 73-74 winter would've challenged for BGR's least snowy but for 16" in April.)

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