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  1. nothing personal Wiz but a 10 mph breeze can blow you over a railing same with Kev we want winds that blow me and SBOSwx off a road then we talk
  2. Please keep posting here Walt you are such a great source of information. By far the best BOX forecaster ever to read ! Sorry Eckster please don't ban me [emoji56][emoji3]
  3. severe threads six days out always are a good call take six of these
  4. Sitting on the beach in Kennebunkport this weekend. Boy I bet there's a great view from there right now. Yowsers, beach goers better start running back to their cottages
  5. Wiz - Ring of Fire, MCSs rolling down from UP or Michigan or are we too close to right under the bubble ? Plus Rev doesn't like it as it'll shunt anything from the tropics into the coast south of us.
  6. Had a bunch of work done on my house over the last several months that dug up the lawn. Spread 20 yards of screened loam last weekend then 40 lbs of seed Sunday night. Soil temp is good but obviously bone dry. Trying to water 2x a day and hoping the seed will take. Could sure use a wheel of rhea right about now
  7. Now under TOR watch. This is definitely a SPC vs. Weatherwiz throwdown here
  8. I will not install. I will not swim in the pool I will be a wicked smahhhhht weenie and instead seed my lawn as Will has decreed it so it shall be.
  9. God help you if you post a 384 hr map in January showing a HECS. Wiz will rip you a new one. But in May it's perfectly acceptable to post a 384 hr map showing nice breezy W-E flow. OK
  10. Can't wait for a good Wizzy meltdown when its May20 and we haven't had a classic SNE severe 30 mph storm yet
  11. Need the muthafukkas Jerry !!! .
  12. Kevin I know I am late to this but get some Swish or Substance if you've never had Bissell Brothers before. Awesome beer !
  13. best topic on this forum all the are just jealous !
  14. Wiz can we start looking at the 300 hr on the 12Z GFS that looks like a nice squall line coming into the NE. Definitely the most exciting look in months here. Heavy heavy tree damage
  15. Can we PLEASE enact a rule next week to not allow a thread to be created until 72 hours out. And someone needs to find Zeus so he can be the one to create the thread and give it good JuJu !