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  1. I thought a certain 5 AM IPA guzzling runner was saying 'dry begats dry' thankfully I listened to Scooter and reseeded my lawn
  2. looks like I finally reseed my lawn Sunday. Grass growing activate !
  3. Slowly we see the evolution of Dews Kevin into winter Kevin. Added bonus this year with the implicit reverse jinx mild and dry cry....
  4. Comedy in overdrive after 12Z runs we weenie
  5. This will hit NE MA (of course) NH and ME. Tolland CT will report partly cloudy skies and breeze conditions during landfall
  6. Great day for a lunchtime run 81/74 sweat those IPAs right out
  7. I am on the north shore. I don't split logs all day but I know once that hurricane in 2 weeks goes over Ginxy's house I won't have Droughtstein in my living room any more.
  8. Wiz get driving to Cobleskill NY now, great position to be in to drive East and chase em !!!
  9. This is going to be a W MA/CT/NYC special. Will be spinners in Great Barrington while we have nada. Boooo AEMAATT
  10. nothing personal Wiz but a 10 mph breeze can blow you over a railing same with Kev we want winds that blow me and SBOSwx off a road then we talk
  11. Please keep posting here Walt you are such a great source of information. By far the best BOX forecaster ever to read ! Sorry Eckster please don't ban me [emoji56][emoji3]
  12. severe threads six days out always are a good call take six of these