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  1. Can we PLEASE enact a rule next week to not allow a thread to be created until 72 hours out. And someone needs to find Zeus so he can be the one to create the thread and give it good JuJu !
  2. right over my while Ray smokes cirrus !
  3. I know you're not asking me Ray but where I am we had about 6.5 then it went over to rain. Flipped back to snow around 8 this morning and has been mood snow all day. Hoping to get 9 inches (Sharon Abernathy is requesting I edit this post)
  4. Can't believe no one asked yet what Fella thought of the 33' storm Mostly a lurker here but been though enough winters now to realize that the more cold and boring November is the more it sets up good for the real months. Hope we get some real doozies this winter.
  5. Happy birthday to great Wiz ! 40s for all !! Who's ready for the May 1 thread
  6. We go with my son's Boy Scout troop every April. Great place - cadets there are so impressive. Thank you for your service !
  7. Very high SSTs and a deep trough getting established as we get into mid-August. Sounds like the ducks are on the pond for RevKev and James dreams to come true.
  8. I have a nest under a metal garden hose holder. Have sprayed several cans of Raid on it without much success. Poked the nest with a long tomato stake earlier this week and almost knocked the whole nest down. Checked it out today and they've almost built the whole nest back. They are amazingly persistent creatures.
  9. Southern Maine too far south Wiz ? Decent shot of MCS? Rev is rooting for 1995 Derecho to walk through front door.
  10. I know this has morphed into tomato talk but nice summertime cell approaching Lowell right now
  11. Just went to store. In front of me a guy with his arm hanging out the open window. Immediately thought of RevKev and started laughing. Burly men with hairy arms hanging out of car window today kind of a day
  12. Preach Wiz ! It's your time !!