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  1. TheBudMan

    Hurricane Florence

    I just joined the 50 club Sunday. Remember playing frisbee in the street during the day off from Gloria :-) Diane and Jay are pups !
  2. TheBudMan

    1,000,000th Sub-forum post imminent

    Great trip down memory lane. I think I'm only 120,000 posts behind Scooter, I'll do better :-)
  3. Looks great Friday night for No Shoes Nation !!!
  4. TheBudMan

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    A very unofficial report which ThurstonHowell can back up - this storm over Lowell right now producing some huge thunder. Best storm of the summer here in Lowell by far.
  5. Does this pattern look to persist into the month ? Would think at some point the tropics will wake up and this upper air pattern combined with a fairly saturated ground especially in W MA could be a bad combination
  6. TheBudMan

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    Literally 8:07 right now. Having a DELICIOUS society and solitude #6 while thunder crashes overhead. You Sir deserve a red tag !!!
  7. TheBudMan

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    SPC with a notable shift east with the SLIGHT. Hopefully Wiz is scoring summer league games today
  8. Props to @TollabdKev for predicting nocturnal spinups ?
  9. TheBudMan

    General Severe Weather Discussion 2018

    TOR warnings will be flying like Red Sox wins in the Great Barrington area tomorrow. Meanwhile Wiz is in a cafe in Danbury futilely whispering sweet nothings to a nubile coed while Sarah Mclachlan warbles faintly in the background. What a fail
  10. Its May 1. Need Wiz to comment on the Day 3 severe outbreak for Western Mass
  11. TheBudMan

    March or BUST! - Pattern & Model Discussion

    Can we start a poll on how many days until Kev switches to TP season ? feel like he's in his last hours of winter mode.
  12. TheBudMan

    March or BUST! - Pattern & Model Discussion

    Can't wait to watch DT trumpet this news and get all excited. Then melt down as we steal his snow
  13. TheBudMan

    March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    Yes that band from 4-8 was awesome. Just dumping snow. Looked so Curried and Ives Sent from my KFDOWI using Tapatalk
  14. TheBudMan

    March or BUST! - Pattern & Model Discussion

    Pretty funny.....one year ago tomorrow ..... just reuse the same AFD Area Forecast Discussion National Weather Service Taunton MA 1054 AM EDT Mon Mar 13 2017 .SYNOPSIS... A major winter storm will impact the region Tuesday into Tuesday night with heavy snow, strong winds, and possible coastal flooding. The snow will likely change to rain near the coast. Blizzard conditions are possible along and just west of the I-95 corridor. Blustery Thursday, then fair and cold Friday as high pressure builds in. Another round of unsettled weather is possible during the weekend, currently favoring Sunday. .SHORT TERM /6 PM THIS EVENING THROUGH TUESDAY NIGHT/... Highlights on Major Winter Storm Tuesday: * High confidence in 12-18" of snow west of I-95 corridor with locally up to 2 ft * Less snowfall southern RI and southeast MA due to potential changeover to rain * Damaging winds along the coast * Blizzard conditions possible along and just west of I-95 corridor
  15. Do not make Wiz angry !