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  1. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    WXBlue has himself a great storm to welcome him to NE ! Get a room at an inn overlooking the ocean and watch it rage tomorrow !
  2. Jan 4-6 Coastal Bomb

    This is all my fault. I was inspired by Jerry and decided to have whiskey with the Euro. Best choice I had was Gentleman Jack and that clearly put a whammy on the 0Z Euro. All will be right with the world at 12Z ! .
  3. Winter model mehhem or mayhem nature will decide

    If a new thread is fired off then either the Rev or Anthony need to start it for good juju
  4. Late autumn, early winter model mayhem

    Need Kevin to open the annual Currier and Ives thread for good Juju at 4 AM tomorrow before he departs for his 14 mile morning run.
  5. Late autumn, early winter model mayhem

    Don't post a whole lot on here but have to for old man Jerry. Jerry we have never met but I've read you since the old ne.weather newsgroups. Thank you for all the entertainment over the years and may the squirrels in front of your yard weigh 400 lbs right now Many more Happy Birthdays for you !
  6. Fall 2017 Model Mehham

    The DIT index is a true gem of this user group. Happens like clock work every year. That and Jerry's squirrel fitness talk
  7. Tropical Season 2017

    Same story next week with Maria big former hurricane now a TS meandering in the Northeast giving Ginxy his big waves ?
  8. Convective Thread

    Kevin, seasons in seasons. A great day to go for a sweaty lunchtime run. A great humid night to pour a nice DIPA at 10 PM for those of us in E MA and watch a great light show approaching slowly from the west. We don't bang hard but we enjoy !
  9. Model Mehham

    Wiz just saw EML and his ball warmers are working just fine .... Need to check with Kev to see if installation should occur this weekend
  10. Heading out to Chicago next week - any chance I can see some good action out there or will all the good action be way south of me ?
  11. Model Mayhem VII

    We are now one month from Wiz beloved May 1 !!! After next week burly men in Skylarks with hairy arms hanging out of the windows ? Do we get another sleet b1atch day on Tuesday ??
  12. Model Mayhem VI

    Amen Ray ! Loosen the weenie tag after May when Armageddon snow threats are done for the Cape but not until then !!!
  13. Model Mayhem V

    And this is about what most pro's felt about the winter coming in. Average to slightly above average snowfall for season, looks like we end up right about there.
  14. The 70"+ Base Amounts are Fake News

    This might be the best thread evahhhhhhh Just picturing the look on Ginxy's face when he saw the first post is total awesomeness...and it got even better.
  15. Coop Crushing Snow 02/15/17

    Ray, 3" in Reading....think that's high ? (that's a gimme I know you're thinking 1" at best)