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  1. TheBudMan

    July pattern(s) and discussion

    I know this has morphed into tomato talk but nice summertime cell approaching Lowell right now
  2. TheBudMan

    April Discussion

    Just went to store. In front of me a guy with his arm hanging out the open window. Immediately thought of RevKev and started laughing. Burly men with hairy arms hanging out of car window today kind of a day
  3. TheBudMan

    March Disco

    Preach Wiz ! It's your time !!
  4. TheBudMan

    Perhaps a Coastal Storm on March 2nd for SNE????

    Wiz and Jimmy. Strange bedfellows there
  5. TheBudMan

    February 2019 Discussion I

    Ray from a newbie who lurks - thank you. You had a great write-up that you obviously spent a huge amount of time on. Your writing (and others in this thread) are very educational. Seasonal forecasting is hard but I love reading the winter outlooks. Keep em coming !
  6. TheBudMan

    The 2018-2019 Ski Season Thread

    Looking to ski Waterville Valley Sunday. Should I expect snow there going to ZR in the afternoon ? 3-6” ?
  7. TheBudMan

    February 2019 Discussion I

    Angry Scooter is the best Scooter. Ray needs a side bet with Pickles if Jerry gets a 12 incher the rest of the winter
  8. TheBudMan

    February 2019 Discussion I

    Love the attitudes of Ray and Scooter this week. Ray ready for Spring Training while Scott slapping down all the MJO/SSW [email protected]@s who keep eagerly waiting for a 940 Dawn Awakening off CHH. They're just going to will this to happen and I approve
  9. TheBudMan

    February 2019 Discussion I

    Love Scooters attitude. His newfound anger is going to deliver us a good couple weeks finally !
  10. TheBudMan

    February 2019 Discussion I

    NE Forum Steel cage match WinterWolfie goes against Kevin or Easton in round 1 ?
  11. TheBudMan

    January 2019 Discussion II

    I'm in Chicago now Fella....getting outta town tomorrow just in the nick of time. Next week is going to be BRUTAL here
  12. TheBudMan

    Winter Begins Jan 20th AWT

    Distinct memory of my head getting pelted while Ray 5 miles away danced under parachutes
  13. TheBudMan

    January 2019 Discussion

    Time for Wiz to fire up the thread
  14. TheBudMan

    January 19th Pre HECS Huddle

    What is the location for the GTG ?
  15. TheBudMan

    November discussion

    I seriously read this and thought blizzard24 posted it.