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August Discussion/Obs


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4 hours ago, WxWatcher007 said:

Is there a place where I can get detailed historical SST plots for the region? This is OT from the heat/humidity/drought, but 26C seems much further north than usual, though there's no depth under that. 


not sure if this is what you are looking for…


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3 hours ago, dendrite said:

We’ve had multidecadal runs lacking high end cold before. I was just looking at the 1910 to 1940 period for CON. The monthly mins for those 30 years versus the current 30 (1992-2022). 

1910-40 vs 1992-2022
Jan -23 -28
Feb -23 -21
Mar -9 -11
Apr 8 4
May 26 24
Jun 32 33
Jul 41 40
Aug 38 39
Sep 26 26
Oct 16 16
Nov -2 3
Dec -21 -13

Not trying to deny climate change with this, but wonder if we have a warm period overlapping the global warming. 

I'm a bit suspicious of CON's coldest for 1910-40.  They only got down to -19 on 2/9/34, just 1° colder than BOS (their coldest morning), 4° below Central Park (their coldest, too) and 11° milder than EEN.  Seems like CON should've been at the colder end of the -20s.  Also, my CON records only go back thru 1920, thus missing the frigid Dec 17-Jan 18 week.

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58 minutes ago, weathafella said:

98 at Logan.  4 days straight AOA 95 with 2 AOA 98 and a 97 with the “coolest” 95.

The GFS and Euro has Boston hitting 95F or higher tomorrow and Tuesday.  If that happened it would be 6 days in a row of 95F or higher.  I wonder if that has ever happened?

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47 minutes ago, STILL N OF PIKE said:

If you like today’s weather and your outside  please bang your head into a wall repeatedly into you come to your senses 

Been outside most of the day.  Jump in the pool, Hang under the umbrella on the patio., read,  grab some sun, rinse and repeat.

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