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March Medium/Long Range Discussion


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19 minutes ago, WinterWxLuvr said:

Y’all talking about Calculus brought back memories. After taking Cal I, II, and III and making pretty easy A’s in all three, I hit Advanced Calculus with a professor who once worked at NASA and only gave a midterm and a final. Those were our only grades. Furthermore, both exams were exclusively proofs of the theorems that we had used along the way in the earlier calc courses. I think he did something like prove 6 of 8. I can’t remember. I managed to escape with a B. 

But by far the most challenging math course I had was abstract algebra. I would never want to do that again.

I didn’t take abstract algebra, but always thought it could be cool. I did take number theory in undergrad which had its wtf am I doing moments. And yea, once you get into the upper level classes it was a lot of proofs esp advanced calc. The Real analysis class I took helped prep for that.

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1 hour ago, mappy said:

It’s a good skill to have, being good at math. My kid loves math, which scares me because, well…I’m terrible at it. My late father studied astrophysics in his days before being drafted to Vietnam. He loved it all, eventually became a software engineer. He’d be thrilled to see my kid enjoying math lol

Thank you! GIS is a lot more than just making a pretty map. There’s the cartography side of things and having an eye for detail/balance, etc. but the data analysis involved in GIS is fun. Using data and other spatial information to solve problems and then show them in a visually appealing way is satisfying. I’m thrilled with my path, even if I didn’t end up in meteorology as I otherwise had planned.

I took intro to astrophysics which was one of the hardest classes I’ve ever taken. Straight up weed out class lol. I ended up dropping it because I’m pretty sure I should have taken the physics sequence first (which was another grinder of courses). That stuff is interesting, though. My first job was on a cassini contract at Goddard. A lot of that team had phd’s…just a little bit above my pay grade lol.

If anyone here hasn’t viewed Saturn through a telescope, I advise it. It literally looks fake, but the fact that it’s not makes it awesome.

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