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NW Trend For the Win! (1/21-1/22 2022 storm) Obs Thread


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4 minutes ago, Brick Tamland said:

It's coming down but very light. I thought it would be bigger flakes and rates.

Alan says it’ll be light til about 8ish. Something like that. There’s a tweet. 

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3 minutes ago, NJsnow89 said:



I hope this isn’t a bust. Rates are so poor and snow has lightened up in Wilson Nc

It’s very early, it’s been cold all day, the sun is down, and so nothing that has fallen will melt. The low has not really got cranking yet. 

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3 minutes ago, Justicebork said:

Everything we’re getting right now is gravy. This has been a midnight through 6:00 AM main event since that run where the NAM lost the storm.


I think it's projected to end in the Triangle by 3am.  Still that's a good 7hrs of moderate+ snows

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