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  1. No real reason to pay attention to the models anymore, this is nowcast time!
  2. Wait a second I thought we used the Socratic method to prove there was a reverse jinx can somebody please tell me what we learned here?
  3. We will witness the entire life cycle of emotionally driven storm tracking here this week. People expressing optimisism about supression will evolve to people posting about sun angle and soil temps which will evolve into finger pointing when a warm nose appears on the 48 hour NAM. It will end with ritual mass suicide after DC ends up with a foot and we watch the 20s roll in a mere hours after the precip exits.
  4. Goals: La Nina (1) - 2:09 Short handed goal (unassisted) La Nina (2) - 2:14 Short handed goal (unassisted)
  5. Somebody in the Raleigh area needs to start the thread. Pronto.
  6. This year has been so effed, it stands to reason that everything will bust on the cold side, right?
  7. Put it behind a paywall and I will still find my way to it. Top drawer stuff.
  8. Do not use this map to make decisions. Seek official info.
  9. Is this the right forum to ask if global warming will save us through buying us some extra time this Spring and Summer? Asking for a friend.
  10. Getting a widespread wintry event in this pattern is pretty fantastic. I loved it. A small gift from above before a brutal summer.
  11. 45 in downtown Raleigh under glorious clear skies .