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  1. Justicebork

    February 2019 Observations

    Sleet near downtown Raleigh. .
  2. Justicebork

    December 8-10 Winter Storm Obs

    Currently sleeting at North Hills in Raleigh. .
  3. Justicebork

    December 8-10, 2018 Winter Storm

    I am very proud of this forum. After 5 days and 4500 posts, this is the first mention of ground temps.
  4. Justicebork

    December 8-10, 2018 Winter Storm

    GFS takes a torch to everything at hr 60.
  5. Justicebork

    December 8-10, 2018 Winter Storm

    As per usual, Wake and Mecklenburg Counties are your battlefields. Any forecaster who is bullish or bearish on either metro area is putting up a front.
  6. Justicebork

    Hurricane Florence

    What a disaster.
  7. Justicebork

    Major Hurricane Florence: STORM MODE THREAD

    GFS says nice knowing you, Wilmington and Jacksonville; and you'll love the new New Bern and Kinston. It finally starts meandering SW towards N Myrtle at 72.
  8. Justicebork

    Hurricane Florence

    GFS is just sitting and spinning over Wilmington for hours - on shore.
  9. Justicebork

    2018 Banter Thread

    GFS not anticipating much from Florence in the way of snowfall.
  10. Justicebork

    Hurricane Florence

    Its very useful as a business owner. I'm getting my trucks off the road at noon tomorrow.
  11. Justicebork

    Hurricane Florence

    This cane is destined to become the first tropical cyclone to cross the equator or something
  12. Justicebork

    Hurricane Florence

    And there she goes, pressing SW along the coast starting at 84 -still offshore at 96.
  13. Justicebork

    Hurricane Florence

    Yes, and put the plants out.
  14. Justicebork

    Hurricane Florence

    NAM - Florence stalls out east of Wilmington at 42 and refuses to budge for the rest of the run. There will be moisture.
  15. Justicebork

    Hurricane Florence

    18z HWRF is a landfall at N Myrtle at hour 60. It pushes WSW into South Carolina from there. 18z HMON is a Wilmington landfall at 63, moving on to Charlotte.