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  1. High Point We got about 1 1/2” yesterday before the sleet came in. Light snow has been falling all morning 31
  2. Snow continues in High Point. Moderate rate with huge flakes. Starting to stick to side streets, turn lanes, etc. Main roads all clear and wet. Deck is covered, grass is slushy. 32
  3. NW High Point Moderate snow Starting to stick to the deck Lovely!
  4. Light to moderate snow in High Point Beautiful!
  5. High Point Sleet /snow/rain mix... Car said 40 degrees...
  6. High Point Final flurries ending Sun! 9 1/2" 24 degrees
  7. High Point Heavy burst of snow, some of the heaviest yet 9 1/2" 24 degrees What a storm!
  8. High Point Light snow continues 8-9" 22 degrees My golden retriever is in heaven!
  9. Heaviest snow yet here in High Point The wind is really whipping Nearing 4" now 26 degrees
  10. High Point, NC Moderate snow continues 2 1/2" 28 degrees
  11. High Point, NC Moderate snow continues Snow is just starting to stick to the street
  12. High Point, NC Light to moderate snow Beautiful! 29 degrees
  13. High Point, NC Light snow has returned 29 degrees
  14. Snow has stopped in High Point 31 degrees Ready for round 2!
  15. High Point, NC Light snow Deck covered 32 degrees