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  1. They need a better webcam, but here you go.
  2. 32/24 and snowing on top of Mitchell already. It's coming. Wish I had chased. I think someone will get 3 inches +.
  3. Not so fast my friend...
  4. Down to freezing on top of Mitchell. Snow accumulating pretty good at Newfound Gap, TN. Hope you guys do well.
  5. Wouldn’t have helped CLT (most likely) but frustrated for y’all further east that this “coastal” isn’t going to get going. If this was a true Miller A with a costal forming near and riding up the coast, the triangle and points east would be getting a foot. Thinking that’s what the NAM was honking on in its monster runs.
  6. Wonder if there is any ground truth to that band building back just east of hickory. Weird. Not a deform band, right?
  7. Still coming down. Maybe picked up a bit. Could this be the pivot?!?!
  8. Just took a great walk with the wife and dogs. Snow has gotten lighter, drier, and finer. Not snowing hard enough currently to keep up with melting at the moment. Wind starting to whip. I'd say we've gotten a half inch on the most elevated surfaces. Doubt we see any additional accumulation at this rate.
  9. Brad P saying the precip shield should pivot some and extend until 10 PM or so for the metro. Hope so.
  10. Down to 33 here in Madison Park. Beautiful drive from the office in Fort Mill. Ripping chicken feathers and just starting to coat the grass/elevated surfaces. Looks like the back end is moving through somewhat quickly, but Brad P saying it could continue to 10 PM. Interesting.
  11. Parents just sent me a picture from North Ridge in Raleigh. Ground and elevated surfaces completely white already. Hours and hours of snow to come. Very jealous.
  12. Am I seeing things, or are returns starting to diminish a bit as they cross out of SC? Dryslotting starting to occur for WNC?
  13. Damn, it is dumping in Statesville right now. Jealous. Webcam:
  14. Starting to snow pretty good up atop the Vue uptown. Temp has tanked from 42 to 37 in the last hour.
  15. Do people just not realize there's an OBS thread?