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  1. Saw a few pingers on the way into work this morning mixed in with mostly rain. Always good to see frozen precip this early, even if it's meaningless.
  2. I was referencing CLT (specifically CLT proper). Would definitely be keeping my guard up points east, and the RDU area. I can already see some clearing back to the west from my office window. Breeze has definitely picked up in the last 10 minutes though.
  3. For all the hype, this is turning out to be fairly benign for the CLT metro. Radar back to the west looks pretty limited as well, other than the small line nearing Augusta.
  4. Have had light sleet with occasional snowflakes not too far from CLT off Billy Graham for the last 45 minutes or so. Not accumulating.
  5. GFS shows a clipper next Mon/Tues, but we know how those go. CMC is showing some pretty legit backside snows from this weekend's storm for the mountains and TN.
  6. Both the HRRR and RGEM show a decent burst for the SC midlands and SE NC tonight. Hope some our friends further south can sneak out a quick dusting/inch.
  7. Any Atlanta/Athens folks gonna see a burst of snow here? Radar looks pretty juicy, but unsure on temps.
  8. Yeah, the Raleigh metro has a bit more a variance based on storm track, particularly on the coastal lows. In Charlotte, I don't believe I've seen a single storm since I've been here (2010) where the southern (and possibly eastern) metro area exceeds the northern and western.
  9. How much has compacted/washed away for you North Raleigh/Durham folks? Congrats, and stay safe on the roads once the refreezes start. I think the next two mornings will be the most dangerous part of the storm for you guys, and others.
  10. Well, that was fun I guess. Down to flurries here. I don't think I've ever seen a radar dry up this fast.
  11. Looks like the heavier banding is indeed setting up from the triangle through Mooresville/Davidson or so. Still snowing good outside my office off Billy Graham/Tyvola and flakes really whipping in the wind at times.
  12. Yeah, main roads are completely fine, although my car thermometer dipped from 34 to 32 and flipped to 31 briefly, so things could go downhill if it keeps up. She manages a luxury consignment store/boutique called JT Posh. Cool spot.
  13. Do we have any updated idea on duration/intensity for Charlotte? Snowing pretty good near Park Road Shopping Center, but radar looks more impressive to SW/NE. Are a couple of the models showing 2-3 inches still to be believed? My fiance is trying to make a call on opening her store at noon or not at all. ETA: of the short range models, the RGEM looks to be matching up the closest with actual radar returns. Hopefully others are seeing that too, and I'm not just wishcasting.
  14. Radar looks awful for the Charlotte area. Starting to fill in nicely RDU, GSO, Asheboro. 2nd round cancel?!
  15. Good night and good luck to everyone. Hope to wake up to decent sleet accumulation and not zr. Sad to have to basically punt until the backside of the storm. Such is life in CLT.