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  1. That’s awesome (I lied about last post). I did a similar thing out on my back porch about 30 min ago. Some people think my love of snow is weird or nerdy (don’t care), while other friends and family have adopted it themselves. Snow will never not be magical to me, especially in the south. Hell in even Utah, where I go frequently for work and to ski, it’s still awesome. And I likely won’t see this much snow all next week out there. Will never take it for granted.
  2. Final post of the night. Currently enjoying the last south Charlotte light snow under moonlight sipping a bourbon out in the snow. Just measured 2.6-2.7 in a few spots. Most fun storm since 2018 by far.
  3. Just popped a bottle of The Clover my FIL bought me for Christmas. Smooth stuff. 2.5 here near South Park. Starting to wind down a bit. Good luck to those East! Someone NE is going to hit double digits. Some of these bands mean business.
  4. 2.5 is impressive. This band is close to inch an hour rates. I’ve got to be closing in on 2 inches. Brad P measured 1.6. I’ll measure shorty but am saying 1.75
  5. Much bigger flakes now in south CLT. This has to be 1/2 inch or more per hour rates. Coming down good.
  6. We’ve got to be close to an inch near South Park if not over. Still small flakes but heaviest rates in a loooong time. Dog loved the jeb walk. Wife tolerated it. Walked up to Providence/16 which is total mess.
  7. About to go for a walk. We’ve got a little over a half inch it appears near South Park and still coming down nicely. Back end starting to creep East a bit on radar.
  8. I’m not going to argue because we’re all happy to see the white stuff, but most stations are reporting light snow, occasionally moderate snow. Heavy snow or a white out is a very rare occasion. I’ve been in a few, particularly in the Rockies, and you can hardly tell which way is up. But enjoy! It’s certainly coming down nicely.
  9. Haha come on man. This little storm is great but very far from SN+ or a white out.
  10. We can hope! But they always do well up there and are probably seeing some upslope enhancement.
  11. Yeah we had that as well for a while. Picking up some now. Tons of small flakes starting to lay a bit. And still have a couple big sleet piles left from last weekend in the shade. Definitely first time since 2014.
  12. Well officially snowing to the north, south, east, and west of me around CLT. The burger Bermuda snow triangle is still alive and well.
  13. Seeing a few reports of flurries/light snow in Gastonia and Steele Creek. Seems close.
  14. I'm in between South Park and Matthews off Providence/16. It feels more like Jackson Hole than Charlotte outside. Hoping for some of that fluffy powder.
  15. Pretty odd to have a warning <50 miles from Charlotte and not even be under an advisory. They must seeing a pretty extreme gradient on the NW edge.
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