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  1. Yeah, looks like now more extreme N/NE NC and SE VA, but rates look pretty damn impressive.
  2. Sounds like an awesome chase. I happened to be in SLC for work and then up in Snowbird/Alta to ski in late February when they got 98 inches in 7 days. Definitely the most snow I've ever seen. The road up the canyon was closed for almost three days and the resorts in full "interlodge" mode, where you're not allowed to go outside due to avalanche risk. Needless to say, the skiing was pretty decent after that.
  3. Yep. Completely agree. Typically, the more I watch/follow a certain TV met, the less I end up liking them. We'll just say that has happened with two of the more prominent mets in Raleigh and now Charlotte over the years. East is the man, though. He needs to be bumped up to the big leagues so us non-Spectrum customers can tune in.
  4. Interesting. I've not skied Brighton, but skied Solitude last month (was out there for work). Unfortunately, Honeycomb Canyon was closed due to avalanche danger, which seems to make up like half the mountain and a ton of great terrain. We skied the majority of the rest of the mountain in about 5 hours, though we were lapping it pretty good. Eager to get back into Honeycomb when it's open.
  5. Before too long, there's a decent chance Baton Rouge will be much colder and even snowier than Asheville. Just a comical situation unfolding. On the plus side, snow plumes show a mean of around 70 inches for Snowbird/Alta in Utah over the next 7 days, where I'm headed late next week.
  6. Why are all these Lows dropping almost due south through Mexico on the Euro, vs coming into the gulf/continuing east? Seems wonky.
  7. Congrats to the Upstate folks. Y’all really deserved an over-performer. Now, Charlotte proper and south of town have to be due. Haven't had a satisfying storm since 2014.
  8. Not sure how/why south Charlotte is now under a WWA. Interesting. Guess they just included the whole county.
  9. Heavy burst of sleet/rain/wet snow in Charlotte. Back to mostly rain now. Don’t think this side of 85 will ever flip.
  10. Getting some chunky rain in Charlotte proper. Any chance this changes over even here with the heavier returns?
  11. It's funny how Brad P (who I love) rips people apart (mostly on Twitter) for posting/believing in fantasy snow maps, but he's been hyping this potentially-fantasy "arctic blast" for a few days now". Posted the potential for single digit temps at CLT less than 48 hours ago. We might not be below freezing with these trends!
  12. Wrapping up here as mostly rain, few wet flakes mixed in. Nothing even close to sticking. Not a total bust, since it did indeed briefly snow hard, and we were never going to get more than an inch, but I'll call it a semi-bust. Just once in my life, I'd like to see one of these events trend colder and overperform.
  13. Snowing fairly hard now near uptown but very wet and not gonna accumulate. Still 36.
  14. Just a drizzle still here. The uptown CLT heat island/snow hole in full effect.