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  1. My first thought. How long until the highest risk tolerance salvage guys launch to try and get salvage rights on a 500MM+ platform? .
  2. So far today has delivered nicely. .
  3. Glorious rain! Looks like today will buy me keeping the sprinklers put away this week. .
  4. Looks like we’ve got a nice line coming through tonight. .
  5. Not screwing around in Alamance County....gully washer .
  6. And here she comes, almost a week to the hour after the tornado. Yeee haw. .
  7. No wonder I heard it so clearly. That’s maybe 3 blocks from me. Looks from that like it almost went right down University Dr. So yeh, y’all can stuff that bust talk, at least here. Very glad I knew well in advance and had wife, daughter and our cats tucked away.
  8. Dunno if it was confirmed but I’d be shocked if there wasn’t one immediately west of Gibsonville. I heard the damn thing. Constant thunder/freight train like rumble that tracked ENE around my neighborhood as the storm peaked. Clear as day. Lined up with the hook that split between us and Whitsett. . Damage on Spring Hope Church Rd lines up with that. Looks like it went back up and then touched again near downtown Burlington.
  9. Bust, my ass. I was doing a client presentation on WebEx with air raids going off behind me and the house shaking. Geeez that was close. .
  10. How does that map happen? Did the Charlotte corridor just catch a stalled band? I was a sophomore at UNC at the time and remember that storm well but had no idea it dropped up to 20 inches 50 or less miles from me. .
  11. Boone has the correct energy right now. Whole buncha “nope” until we get a lot closer and see some cold air. .
  12. Not one second before Wednesday IMO, with the caveat that it’s been there for at least 4 consecutive runs even then lol. .
  13. Sticking a 1033 in Kentucky in it’s place was a nice touch from Goofy. Just twist the knife a bit. .
  14. December 2018 here. To be fair, we scored huge just NW of the mixing line (gotta be close enough to smell the pingers!) and I walked with 14 inches but it was three friggin winters ago! .
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