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  1. A few of the others did too, will be interesting to see if anyone in our area squeezes out more than a dusting.
  2. Yeah, I'm good to part with the week or two of 97+ early August weather.
  3. My rose bushes have started sprouting their leaves. Talk about jumping the gun just a tad.
  4. Sharing thoughts from this afternoon from Wakefield (covers NE NC/S-E VA).
  5. Yup, not a whole lot of observation stations up there to feed the super computers with.
  6. We had hours of snow flurries at 38 degrees yesterday just across the border from Chesapeake, VA (and reports in Hampton Roads) with a coastal trough that none of the solutions called for precip. NWS AKQ was just a surprised as I was. Interesting stuff.
  7. GFS has a look on this too albeit not as far NW from the coast.
  8. Very light flurries here at the moment.
  9. Completely agree, still plenty of time to pull some more. We've had a few our here on the coast as late as early April, though obviously uncommon.
  10. AKQ said the same thing, I think what is important to remember is that it is the current outlier, and we are still a ways away.
  11. Just hope the eventual low center doesn't hug the beach or we won't have the temperature profile.
  12. 32 with light snow, perhaps 1/2-3/4" in the grass. Looks like deformation band starting to set up just west of Hampton Roads down to the state line.
  13. That's awesome, good radar trends out there.
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