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  1. It’s been SleetFest 2022 here in Clover.
  2. Sirens going off in the Lake Wylie/Steele Creek area. Not sure if it's from Catawba Nuclear or if those towns have their own.
  3. Not too bad, came and went pretty quickly. Our house overlooks Nanny Mountain (more of a glorified hill if you ask me), but it was pretty cool seeing it get engulfed in the rain. Oddly no wind here, especially odd considering the tor warning just popped when it was maybe 1-2mi east of us. Just heavy rain and pea-sized hail.
  4. I'm in York, looks like I'm about to get the part that was previously tor warned. Can't really leave the room since I'm self quaranting (covid positive, but mild case). Day started off pretty cool, cloudy, foggy, but I noticed the sun peeking through early afternoon before these clouds rolled in. Temps have been mid/high 60s since, dewpoints in the 60s as well. Getting a little breezy. Not as worried as I was late last night but a little more worried than I was when I woke up. Hopefully it won't be much, but we'll see what she's got. Will be interested in seeing what comes after it crosses through the CLT metro.
  5. Mostly snow falling now. Closest weather station 1mi away says 33.2F with 15F dewpoint.
  6. He's making some good points, specifically about how we're seeing temps trend colder than what was expected.
  7. Just a small bit mixing in with the rain. I'm in Steele Creek off of 160 about 1000 yards from the NC/SC line.
  8. 36 here, 80/20 split between rain and sleet. Steele Creek area of Charlotte NC
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