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  1. Concord 39/36 Accuweather says ICE for next 60mins at least!! Lol, I can assure you that this is NOT verifying atm.
  2. Lololol... true true .. .so sad right! '>/
  3. Polar vortex?!?!?!? WHERE IS IT!! Been gearing about it for. Weeks! But being the optimist I'm still trying to be.... we still have until around March 10th statistically for a nice southern storm. So 30days. '<)
  4. The news showed that the snow did fall some in Matthews.... but not imby.. of course I missed the snow that caused a dusting on Saturday night
  5. Cant buy a snowflake imby. I honestly believe being just East of Charlotte somehow factors into my weather. Urban heating(yes i know it was 25 thia am iin Charlotte) but I GOTTA blame something..irrgghhhh!!!!
  6. Im also davenc btw.... Moderate sleet in SW Concord. Yippee!! Guessing that yellow heading out of Charlotte is sleet as well.
  7. Happy with cold rain with this one. Expecting a snowstorm in about 7-10days. Thunder so deep the other night, had a few small picture frames fall off wall
  8. Having lived most of my 43yrs in NC(Rowan County until 12th grade, now Concord), winter is normally one let down after another. But records show that outside of the high country and foothills, we see an avg of 3-7" depending. About 4-5 imby. Most years that's what adds up. An inch here and there, and usually a storm with great potential starts as snow and then that pesky warm nose turns it into a sleet festival. All that to say , there was no accumulating snow last year where I live. Saw some flakes? Sure. But it stands out because I'm going on 700+ days without seeing the ground white. I will be super shocked to see that happen back to back. There is STILL roughly 40-50 days for all of us to see accumulating snow. I firmly believe we will. I can't read the models, but I can speak from experience. Hang in there. We all know that February and the first 10 days of March are game time!!
  9. Charlotte gets LUCKY A bit of hope for us CLT area weenies!
  10. Love when its 34 in Concord and 70 in Columbia! Guessing 45-55miles apart as the crow flies?? Southern winters !
  11. Concord 40/33 Light Rain/Sleet
  12. I used to work in the biz myself! Same to you friend!
  13. Oh wow. My moms family settled Stokes County! I have family all over the Winston area. Cool
  14. Thx for that amazing update! Im ready for the city to get that hushed sound once the snow begins.... I can literally hear 85 traffic after around midnight... and its 3 miles as the crow....
  15. I have been thinking the same thing. Lots of verga so far in Concord, however Im pretty certain the leading shield of the main event is about to crank up imby. Ill post obs of course. Where r u located??
  16. One thing for certain is that CLT is pushing their last bank of flights out like bam bam bam! They know something is bearing down on the city. Im on the NE side of the city and the airport is basically due west about 20miles...
  17. I guess one nice thing about being In Cabarrus County is the element of surprise. I have no doubt I'll see some accumulating snow. 26 was the low last night. And its 45 now. As far as how many inches goes, I've learned not to worry about it... too much..lol.. We get what we get... The winter is still young as most of our big snows fall from middle February to Middle March! This is all an unexpected treat for mby!! Best of luck weenies!! POST PICTURES AND LOCATION PLEASE!!
  18. Now I'm back in the dusting of snow! I HATE 1-85!!!!
  19. Eric Thomas had a 20min discussion on fb and upped snow totals in the Charlotte Metro. I'm in SW Concord near Harrisburg and I am in 3-5" zone per his map! If that damn warm nose will just stay south!!
  20. If anyone is bored and cares to enlighten us in the Southern thread regarding this Friday's potential(likely) snow event... PLEASE HELP!! Thxs so much.
  21. Eric Thomas's very sad Charlotte snow predictions per the models ..GFS!!! Please!
  22. WBTV pretty adamant that this will be a LONG DURATION event. Lots of mix/rain for S.Piedmont most of day Friday. Then later on friday showing cold air wrapping in with plenty of liquid still available.
  23. Huge county! Im assuming N.Greenville County gets smashed? I have friends all around Gville... Simpsonville particularly. I'll chk in with those clowns..!! Lol