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NW Trend For the Win! (1/21-1/22 2022 storm) Obs Thread


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Ice pellets mixed with rain here just north of Augusta GA. The temp is just hitting freezing point and something neat is happening. The sleet pellets are triggering the freezing process on my truck hood. Note the sporadic lumpy areas.  Its the little things, ya know?:D


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3 minutes ago, PantherJustin said:

heavy mist type Snow here in Mooresville…. Sticking to Cars ect…. That’s about it for now 27 degrees….. so this now achieved snow on snow for first time in 8yrs by my count! 

Yeah we had that as well for a while. Picking up some now. Tons of small flakes starting to lay a bit. And still have a couple big sleet piles left from last weekend in the shade. Definitely first time since 2014. 

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