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  1. Alamance Community College opens at 10am tomorrow. Man, I love delaying work!
  2. Rarely but it can happen. I am 53 years old and lived in the Triad, Brown Summit as a kid, my entire life. When I was in elementary school in the mid 1970's we had one unusually cold January. It was so cold that we spent about three straight weeks skating on farm ponds. Our families had several weekend skate parties. A local tobacco farmer would invite everyone over to skate at night. He would turn the heat on in one of the tobacco bulk barns and have a bonfire as well. It was a blast and something we may never see again in my lifetime.
  3. I grew up in Brown Summit
  4. Where is the ULL currently?
  5. Rain here in Gibsonville. I guess it is freezing
  6. Over a foot of snow then packed down some by sleet. Now just wind. Hoping for more!
  7. Sleet, big flakes, and wind here in Gibsonville!
  8. I'm not getting any of it here in eastern Guilford county. Okay, I lied! As soon as I posted, it started snowing here in Gibsonville!
  9. Here in Gibsonville, NC(between Greensboro and Burlington), north of I-85/40, the temp has gone up and is currently 42.
  10. LMAO! I'll pass on the "weenie out together" in a hotel room!
  11. Snow flurries here in Gibsonville, NC around 1:30pm
  12. All rain here in Gibsonville. I just drove to Chapel Hill and back to get my daughter. Going there was slow but coming back was all rain and the roads were clear.
  13. Rates here have sleet and snow sticking on some surfaces
  14. Snow and sleet in Gibsonville & 32 degrees
  15. Wow! Huge thunder claps and 36 degrees here in Gibsonville
  16. Guilford County has already announced a 2 hour delay for tomorrow(Triad, NC)
  17. Gone from sleet to snow back to sleet here in Gibsonville
  18. Frost on cars here in Gibsonville too
  19. I'm on the other side of the county and have zero ice