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  1. Alamance-Burlington just cancelled school for tomorrow. They even cancelled the online classes
  2. Felt pretty good here this afternoon. Just stepped out take the trash to the curb and now there is a cold breeze
  3. What kind of liquor is used in a drone shot?
  4. I drove interstate from Gibsonville to Hwy 29N to Brown Summit and thru the country back to Gibsonville. More trees and limbs down in Brown Summit than here. We lost power for about two hours this morning. Car said 32 degrees for the entire trip
  5. Seems like freezing mist now in Gibsonville
  6. 31 here in Gibsonville, NC. I see nothing freezing in this part of Guilford County
  7. I'm 55yrs old and I grew up in Brown Summit, NC which is just northeast of Greensboro. When I was in the 7th grade at NE Guilford Jr High we had three ice storms over a 5 or 6 week period. Two of the storms were devastating. No power for a week, twice. Sleeping by and cooking using the fireplace. I had a 10 gallon fish tank and most of them did not survive. It was crazy!
  8. Steady rain with an occasional sleet pellet here in Gibsonville. Two miles north of I-40/85 between G'boro and Burlington
  9. Have you always lived there? I grew up in Brown Summit