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11/26-11/27 Rain Ending as Snow Obs/Disco

40/70 Benchmark

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Jealous, for sure.

It all depends on the setup. There's some marginal ones where I do better than most, but these early / late season storms seem to kill me.

... same with the fire hoses that crush the coastal pain but leave me with a crusting of snizzle. Those are the worst!

Gotta rationalize it though and use it to my advantage. Gotta get to the gutters today. Still have lingering oaks but there's no better time.

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4 minutes ago, Len Ticular said:

My elevation is 645' - Charlton Center a few miles nnw is 895' Mugget Hill is 1000'

My sister used to live in North Charlton above 1000 elev, she cleaned up in the Dec 92 storm. She lost power for a week and drifts blocked the door so I don't think she was all that excited about it.

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23 minutes ago, CoastalWx said:

I’ll agree for skiing. :) 

But there is something about snow plastered to everything, especially with those evergreens you have.

Yeah but have you seen his evergreens when he posts pics of like a week of 2-5" fluffers?  I'd argue they look even more caked and stacked high like gnomes, ha.

I think many look at fluffy snow as snow that doesn't stick to stuff and just blows away... but those often can stack just as easily or better.  Get those large fluffy flakes with 6" on the power lines stacked straight up lol.

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