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2 minutes ago, TheDreamTraveler said:

Does anyone have any links to good livestreams of people out in Ida? I know a ton of people went down there streaming it lol. I searched around but having a hard time finding anything

Links were posted in the main thread 

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1 hour ago, SnowenOutThere said:

I think they are rated for a CAT 3 and no climate change? Don't know for sure but we do typically only build back things to prevent what happened (CAT 3) and not what could happen (this thing).

The article I read suggested they were built for a 1 in 100 year storm in 2057. So they were assuming some sea level rise too. 

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Simply wow. Here we are again. I will never forget watching Katrina unfold and likely will feel the same or even worse with Ida.

Simply impossible to relocate 1.5M people inside 48 hours. Shelter in place sets up a terrible potential especially for areas below sea level or just slightly above.

My house on the water during Sandy used every bit of its 13ft above sea level to stay dry while just about everything around it for a mile was submerged (buy property wisely). Our inland residence lost 80% of our roof. Lucky our basement served us well for a few days on generator but after 3-4 days we transferred the flag as they say.

I pray for all who are impacted by Ida through the next week, from Louisiana through the Appalachians.

I hope first responders from all across the Nation are in motion and preparing. It’s hard to imagine at this point they will not be needed.

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