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  1. Geezus, it's still going off.
  2. Continuous bright lightning for about the last 15 minutes.
  3. NortheastPAWx

    May 28th-30th Severe Potential

  4. Only topped at 48 today. Haven't seen it this cold in May since 2009 in NEPA.
  5. Extremely +RN in the FiDi.
  6. 3.8". Things cranked a bit too late for the city to get into the 6+ totals. Hard to get it when it's in the mid-40s just a few hours prior.
  7. NortheastPAWx

    11/15-11/16 Coastal Storm Observation Thread

    "Rockerfeller" lulz
  8. NortheastPAWx

    11/15-11/16 Coastal Storm Observation Thread

    With pretty much all sleet, I'll close the books here for this storm at 5.3". Jerome Avenue and the Cross Bronx are disasters.
  9. NortheastPAWx

    11/15-11/16 Coastal Storm Observation Thread

    5.2" along the Grand Concourse.
  10. NortheastPAWx

    11/15-11/16 Coastal Storm Observation Thread

    Between 3-4" here with most of that in the last two hours.
  11. Closing in on 3" in the BX.
  12. 2.60", with 1.60" of that coming in the last hour alone.
  13. Absolute downpour the last hour.
  14. I'm in BK for job training and storms have been ongoing for nearly 2 hours.
  15. This. If you want 90/75 into Fall, go move to Florida.
  16. NortheastPAWx

    September 9-10 2018 Heavy Rain Event

    1.32" since yesterday. Dews starting to creep up. 62/61.
  17. 60 degrees here. Loving it!
  18. NortheastPAWx

    Central PA Fall 2018

    Yikes. Hoping Florence stays south or the Susky's going to go bonkers.
  19. NortheastPAWx

    Hurricane Florence Catch all Thread

    So basically we either get a lot of rain, a lot of wind, or another stretch of 90+/75+. Yay.
  20. The humidity looks to return again early next week.
  21. NortheastPAWx

    August 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    You know it's been a bad summer when 88/67/92 feels any kind of refreshing.