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  1. 6z NAM shifted the rains south of the region, but the hi-res remains consistent on a hit.
  2. Do the Yankees play Saturday? Timing looks dicey.
  3. Has this ever been a known thing? http://abcnews.go.com/US/amid-sweltering-heat-dozens-flights-canceled-phoenix/story?id=48161485&cid=social_twitter_abcn
  4. Any chance we get remnants from future TS Cindy?
  5. Still very uncomfortable...72/72
  6. Grand Concourse was turning into a river.
  7. 84/73. Really need that line to hold off until 6pm or so.
  8. Despite the sun all day, our air temp has only hit 82.
  9. The high of 74 has really kept things comfortable inside despite dews crawling up to 70. Won't be so fortunate tomorrow, though.
  10. Hitting us now. Moderate rain.
  11. City should be getting some of that rain shortly.
  12. Nada today...sitting on just 0.20" MTD. Crazy after last month...
  13. 66/55. Last comfortable night until I get a functioning A/C...