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  1. The new run actually looks closer to a classic cool and wet pattern with that GL low dropping in...
  2. In NEPA until tomorrow and it's 82 here. I'll be in Brooklyn from tomorrow-18th.
  3. Pretty impressive storm here given it's early April and only 41.
  4. Both city airports were right around 2.00" at last check. Park is lagging, of course.
  5. 32.6". Today was disappointing but hard to complain about the season as a whole given the temps we've had.
  6. AVP just fell short of the all-timer. Officially 19.5" reported. That should be good for #3 behind 1993 and 1996.
  7. 8.3" total. The sidewalks and any uncleared roads are going to be a disaster tomorrow.
  8. Me too, though I'd rather they hold off until after the school year. I'll take 70s and even an 80 in the meantime.
  9. When's the warmup back to our seasonal norms, at least?
  10. Not even close. We have like 5 or 6" of whatever this sh*t is (though may have lost some to compaction) and it's basically over.
  11. It would figure that after seeing NEPA get the shaft and NYC get all the HECS storms...I move to NYC and now NEPA gets the HECS while NYC gets the shaft. Convinced I'll never see another 12"+ storm again. (I'm only half-joking.)
  12. They failed to account for the NortheastPAWx Screw Zone (TM).
  13. Can also confirm we're back to snow here with large flakes.
  14. Even went to sleet this far north, this early. Ugh.
  15. Welp. Not feeling good at all.