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  1. Steady rain popping up now here at YS because of course.
  2. Nate remnants should be in and out in a few hours.
  3. I mean, I was sweating my a** off all night in Yankee Stadium. I left that game with the same warm, sweaty feeling like I would leave one in early August.
  4. 77/74. I demand a recount! Been running the A/C like it's mid-Summer
  5. At the very least, should give the ground some needed water.
  6. The Yankees more or less pulled a March 2001 tonight.
  7. No RER out on it but the CLI for AVP also shows a record high - 91, broke the record of 90 from 2010.
  8. 90/63. 1:30. Can we hit 95?
  9. Can we start thinking about potential Maria impacts with its shift west or does it get kicked out too early?
  10. I think that bend is forecast by most models before she's kicked out.
  11. This has had to have been one of the most boring weather periods I can ever recall, at least locally. Hopefully winter livens things up.
  12. This outer band is being a bit stubborn.
  13. I would think Jose falling to an ETC already would be a good sign for Maria to come closer to the coast, at least at this early stage.