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  1. Another dud. S NJ will get clobbered again. The beat goes on.
  2. Cloudy skies overhead...guessing this falls apart as it enters NYC as usual.
  3. Looks like more rain trying to spread into S NJ.
  4. Yep. Between last night and now we have about an inch so far.
  5. Washout on the Jersey Shore today.
  6. Raining pretty good in WWD.
  7. 2015-16 for example....NYC and LI had the huge blizzard so they wound up with 40" for the season...AVP-BGM OTOH had one of the least snowiest winters ever.
  8. Not my area. We've been on the fringe endlessly. Of course, 81 got bullseye'd after I relocated here...
  9. Going to Wildwood starting Thursday so naturally a 3"+ rain event threatens...
  10. Welcome to my winters 2009-2016...
  11. What else is new...another NYC fail.
  12. Hey, you all know when this pattern would really fit in well?? Between about 1 December and 1 March.
  13. Finished with 1.70".
  14. About time... 1.65"