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  1. Skunked in the Bronx. Just some slush on the sidewalks and cartops. 0 accumulation otherwise.
  2. This thread is useless without the Brazilian and Australian. Come on @Rjay.
  3. Continuous bright lightning for about the last 15 minutes.
  4. Only topped at 48 today. Haven't seen it this cold in May since 2009 in NEPA.
  5. 3.8". Things cranked a bit too late for the city to get into the 6+ totals. Hard to get it when it's in the mid-40s just a few hours prior.
  6. With pretty much all sleet, I'll close the books here for this storm at 5.3". Jerome Avenue and the Cross Bronx are disasters.
  7. Between 3-4" here with most of that in the last two hours.