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  1. Looks like one last good band for the city to wrap it up.
  2. Those bands should be over NYC soon.
  3. 4.1". Swing that band in!
  4. Coming down hard now. Flake size has noticeably increased too.
  5. 2.3". We should have no issue getting to 4-5".
  6. Was just in Midtown and it looked pretty good with some sticking.
  7. Up to an inch here. About to jebwalk from the South Bronx into Harlem.
  8. -SN. Looking fine from here.
  9. Agreed. Typically the openers in my memory have been these 2-5 type events. Just get on the board. Better this than having a trace for the season deep into January (06-07)...
  10. I'm seeing flakes here, South-Central Bronx.
  11. 29. RIP growing season.