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  1. It does seem like this year maybe pretty active. We shall see.
  2. Its fun for sure. Nice burst here in KC. Might pick up a quick coating to an inch.Nice new dusting on everything here. Surprise snow is always the best snow.
  3. Congrats to all. Around 2 inches this morning and two the other say. Not bad considering how far I was. Hope all get there power back soon. I’m excited to follow severe season in here as well.
  4. Light snow up here in KC. Nice and fluffy. Everything coating up nice. Looking like an inch of two coming up this way. 5F
  5. Good luck down there. Hoping to snag an inch or two as it drifts north.
  6. It will be interesting for sure. No two events are the same, but similar happened up here when the comma head rotated through yesterday. Might not be a huge deal but may make the difference between an inch vs 3 or 4 in a few spots. I think Witch up to Topeka get in on at least a bit of that.
  7. Congrats to those who cashed in on this one.
  8. This. I love the variety of the great plains climate. While the winter storms do tend to be better back east. The variety over the course of the year has appealed a lot more to me.
  9. OKC looks to be in a great spot to pick up the desert with this. Fun few days. Today was a nice surprise here. Ended up with 2.5 inches of pure sand. Never got above 0 in KC.
  10. That little feature that drives north may have some surprises. Especially down your way. Almost looks like a small piece sort of cuts off from the flow and drifts north.