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  1. Some random chunk of debris just came down and barely missed Stephanie and she barely even flinched lmao. She handled it like a total pro.
  2. My mom just informed me that Laura made landfall at 936 megabytes.
  3. I'm utterly shocked I haven't seen any WAP jokes in any of those live chats.
  4. Chris Bruin was on earlier and I think he’s trying to move in on the Cantore gig once Cantore gets too old. He was really milking the screen time and would not stfu.
  5. Whenever Cantore is listening instead of talking, he has this pained expression on his face from the stinging rain like he’s getting a rectal exam.
  6. Non-quick thoughts = more pages than Les Misérables
  7. Also I love how the relentless activity came to a dead stop as soon as everyone was told to stop bitching about the southern eyewall.
  8. My favorite part was the debris ball in the eye thing. Now that was creative!
  9. So can calling boats and cars by female pronouns go out of style now too? That was always cringe.
  10. Surprised this didn’t at least get one of those “Tornado possible” tags at the end of the STW.
  11. Grazulis levels of tornado history and World Almanac levels of geography knowledge!
  12. When was the last time an outlook discussion used the term "Strong, long-track tornadoes" for an area that included Virginia?
  13. I'm super excited for the annual finger-wagging "How can you hope for destruction?" bitchfest that seems to finally be brewing in the main thread.
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