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February the climo snow month

Ginx snewx

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1 minute ago, CoastalWx said:

Still have yards with mostly snow actually lol. But existing pack took a beating. 

I haven’t measured but I will tomorrow morning....my guess is 6” in that same spot I posted the pic of 9-10” yesterday. Nasty and sneaky little torch this was. It’s the dewpoints that do it. 

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23 minutes ago, ORH_wxman said:

Classic black ice setup...radiational cooling going on with still a decent amount of LL moisture present. 

Yeah... Just drove from PSF over the Berks to Northampton.  Was like 42 and clear, moonlit and snowy in the higher terrain.  Down at river level 31 and heavy fog, sliding around the rotaries.

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We are at the warmest temps of the day now with strong roaring WNW winds.

40F currently at MVL with gusts near 40mph now that the wind direction has changed.  Almost to the point where I'm hoping we don't lose power.  These are some very strong winds moving down the east slope.  Wouldn't be surprised if there were some localized 50mph or more gusts just a little uphill of here on the east side of the spine.  Luckily it's winter, if there were leaves on the trees this would be a big problem, ha.

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Great day yesterday out on the trails, Rode 185 mi, Started snowing around 11 am as we were over by Coburn Mtn on our way to the Birches for lunch on Moosehead Lake, Vis was down to 1/8 mi for a good portion of our ride between 11-2 pm, Got back to camp around 5:00 pm and had 2.5" of snow on my truck's tonneau cover.



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February numbers:
The month began with  nice snowstorm, though not nearly as nice as farther south and west, then featured meh - no brutal cold, no significant storms (closest was the 2" sleetfest on 2/16), no major thaws and only a trace of liquid precip.  Lots of storm activity that was (to quote the Bard) "..full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."  4-5 whiffed storms and the 6 that brought snow totaled 11.8".

Avg temp:  18.4   0.8 AN    2021 is the median temp for Feb, 23 yr POR.
Avg max:  28.8    0.3 BN   Mildest, 44 on 2/24; coldest, 17 on 2/9.  (Very few sub-20 highs this winter, coldest was 14 back in DEC.  Only 01-02 with 16 failed to have a colder daily max.)
Avg min:   8.0     2.0 AN   Coldest was -15 on 1st and 10th, mildest was 29 on 2/24.

Precip:  3.15"   0.08" AN   Greatest one--day: 1.32 on the 2nd

Snow:  21.3"   1.6" BN   Biggest storm, 9.5" on 2/2.
Avg depth:  16.7"   2.6" BN
Season's snow:  50.8"   16.2"  BN for the date.  

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Final ORH February numbers:

Temps: 0.7F above normal (tied for 41st warmest Feb....warmest 1984, coldest 2015)

Snowfall: 31.8" (15th snowiest February on record, snowiest 2015 at 53.4", Least snowy 1937 with a trace)

Depth was pretty solid as the month basically went wire to wire with double digits.

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