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17 minutes ago, CAPE said:

The sun looks the same as it did when I took the photo around sunset last evening. Pretty eerie.

Actually it is deary outside, beyond the temps. With the lower sun angle will take some time to get some real sunlight to filter through.  

Forecasts should do away with sunny and replace with haze and or smoke. 

Heard tomorrow may be worse as the smoke is closer to ground level. 





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We need some tropical to get this smoke out of here!

At least it's high and not reducing ground level air quality.  I remember the fires in Canada back in '02 that not only turned the sky here brown but also got down to ground level.  I remember being at the exhibitors hall in Timonium and running outside because there was smoke around the overhead lighting and that familiar smell reminiscent of a building fire.

The sun was quite obscured this AM too!



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6 hours ago, WinterWxLuvr said:

LOL youre in heaven out there

It's consistently 3 or 4 degrees cooler than in town.  Not sure why.  Only 250 feet higher.  Lack of asphalt and buildings does wonders.

My spot is not a good location for t-storms unless there is an easterly component.  It literally didn't rain for a month in July.  There is a track just to my south and another to my north.  If there is westward component, then I usually get split.  If there is an east fetch, like several nights ago, then it's money out here.  Should we ever get another coastal storm in winter, it should be good times.  And the snow shouldn't get nuked immediately after.

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