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  1. it was the worst tracking experience of my live.. worse than March 2013. You have to remember it was Christmas and up until 12/24 Baltimore was forecast to get 6-10 inches. It turned out to be snow tv for me...
  2. When are these republicans gonna learn. Mask holes.. Covidiots.. oh wait, he died of a Brain Aneurism..
  3. and 12/26/2010.. which featured big snow to our south and northeast
  4. Great GEFS run. Lots of SLP clustered over NC/ VA border (north of the mean). Compared to the previous runs looks like it is honing in on a solution:
  5. I like the cluster of LP on this map. Seems to trending in the right direction for us. with a blocking pattern setting up to our north.. I am completely fine with this
  6. neither does COVID19.. but you know what does? Nursing home neglect/ isolation.
  7. This is so factual .. In 2018 during the height of the bad flu season California experienced 60285 total deaths during week 1-10 (thats January - March 2018). During a 10 week period in in 2020 from November to December California experienced 56423 deaths.
  8. I love it when I post good news about the corona virus.. like.. Hey.. not as many people died as we expected.. and people are like "shut up you liar.. so many people died.. its so sad and tragic.. people are dying everywhere.. stop lying"
  9. btw... I just drove to Lancaster and home to look at a puppy and it averaged 34 and heavy rain the entire trip... we do indeed do 34 and heavy rain better than any one in the country.
  10. oh crap... I just woke up.. I am pretty sure I drunk posted this morning all over the forum. Thanks @mappy for the cleanup
  11. you have to subtract the "dying with covid" as opposed to "dying from covid".. after that you will get to around 0.57%
  12. LOL.. I am a government employee
  13. Mine kinda do.. considering I am the software engineer... so for me everything that they talk about for weeks.. eventually winds up on my plate to actually do..
  14. This is the banter page.. so isnt this the place for that stuff?