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  1. Yeah thats a tough area. I feel like there are certain areas within the city that are dangerous and you probably dont want to walk around at night time or even the day time.. but when it spills in to the suburbs.. when long time residents of Baltimore County.. who are proud of their communities are intimated and targeted .. it is really sad.. Because those families move out.. further and further.. eventually to Central PA or Bel Air.. thats what I am going to do..
  2. This is so sad.. I grew up in Rosedale where I was a victim of this type of thing on several occasions. I had a bike stolen from me twice, I was robbed behind a 7-11 at gun point, and the worst incident occurred when I warned a friend of mine to leave an area because I overheard a group of guys planning to steal his dirt bike from him... I was beatened to the point where I was afraid to leave my house for an entire summer... This morning, my son wouldnt go outside to bring the trashcans from the curb.. I am pretty sure I will be moving soon..
  3. My family and I had a really unfortunate experience last night... every night since the pandemic started we have been taking long bike rides/ skateboard walks around our neighborhood.. we have our great dane who pulls whoever uses the longboard.. Last night while walking through Security Square Mall parking lot a van approached my son who was about 200 feet ahead of me and two men told him to give them his bike.. which he immediately responded no and he quickly rode his bike back to us. Well this must have angered these guys because they then began to circle us in the parking lot beep their horn while driving past us. I told every one to quickly get to the main road where there was more lighting.. so my son rode his bike a couple hundred yards ahead of us.. at this point, then van followed him and they began to yell at him to come to the van and give up the bike.. Then once we got on Security Blvd, the van passed us several times, where the occupants were yelling stuff like we are going to find you, we are going to f you up.. My dog weighs 200 pounds, I am a big guy and I had a skateboard in my hand.. the only way they were going to get out of the vehicle and engage with me was if they had weapons.. At this point I called the police.. Baltimore County was great.. they basically drove up and down the road for an hour to keep a presence until we got home. The whole incident was just weird.. very strange.. there is petty crime in our area.. every once a while.. like twice a year.. maybe a bar fight will lead to a shooting.. but it is otherwise very safe.. I just cant understand why they were doing what they were doing I honestly feel like I was targeted..
  4. I think Westminster Deathband stop posting once because I complained that he didnt post the euro snow map fast enough..
  5. he lost his shit on something. I guess I can go back and look..
  6. didnt showme lose melt down on the corona virus?
  7. question... I have an offer with a systems integrator with NOAA as a software engineer but it is a huge pay cut.. here is a small snippet: This is a cornerstone application for the National Weather Service (NWS) for areas within National Oceanic Atmospheric Association (NOAA). It is the core application that the NWS uses to track all major weather developments; hurricanes, tornados, flooding, tsunami\'s in order to watch and warn the public. I am really torn. this is the third time they tried to hire me.. and I always say no... this would be a dream job for me.. I dont know what to do...
  8. December 5th is now on fantasy range in GFS.. not showing anything yet.. but something to watch out for..
  9. II told the kids and wife to be ready for a road trip for the first significant snowfall of the season in the mountains and/ or great lakes (lakes would need to be 2 foot plus to make the drive) maybe next weekend?
  10. Thats actually a little funny in a dumb kind of way
  11. I wish Ji would have joined the off season talk...
  12. I absolutely prefer the big one over several significant storms.. their is something about "making history" that makes the HECS events special.. the build up is always better than the actual event.. the tracking on the big ones gives me something to look forward to.. sometimes when they are over.. I actually have a little bit of an emotional hangover.
  13. And you should be banned... lol just kidding.. snow days are why I am here.. I used to get up in front of my 6th grade class and give weather forecasts when it was going to snow.. snow days are part of the mystical draw of snow