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  1. My wife doesnt let me listen to WBAL anymore.. but anytime I sneak and listen to it.. they are talking about this topic.
  2. I am catching strippers in the inner harbor right now.. casting gotcha plugs off the deck between the Ritz Carlton and Rusty Scupper... I saw two guys fly fishing last night there.. I have never seen anyone fly fish in the harbor but apparently it is a thing...
  3. It seems like it flipped to fall fast here.. I remember many hot and humid Septembers. This is a gift!! Early snow in Denver.. frost in Garret County. It seems like it is getting an early start!
  4. i dont have any screens because my family is insane. Now I have flies.
  5. great article; http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20160722-why-we-should-let-raging-wildfires-burn
  6. You all should learn to surf and chase swell.. the WW3 is kicking out some serious porn:
  7. So I am planning a family trip to Bonzai pipeline December. We are all learning to surf and we want to try out the winter swell in Hawaii! My questions are this: What are the chances that the lift the 14 day quarantine travel ban by then? If the ban is still in place, how enforceable is it? I see people getting arrested, but it looks like that is mostly idiots who post pictures of themselves on the beach on their twitter accounts. Noone in our family has social media.. I have a strict rule against facebook/ twitter because I am afraid that I would say something dumb and get fired from my jobs. For anyone who has been to Hawaii in the winter, are their places you can go that are manageable (ie 4-6 feet) when places like pipeline are firing off 10 plus? What are the chances I can chase elevation snow?
  8. I think that at this point herd immunity is a faster way through then is waiting for vaccine that will be a couple of mutations behind by the time it comes out. I also think the faster we get on with it.. the better chance we have at preventing this thing from skip tracing its way through palliative care facilities. I am okay with it. I went on Vacation to South Florida for the fourth of July. I felt like it was a dutiful and patriotic act.
  9. I think that they are starting to realize that having kids in school is the best way to flush the virus out of the population. I like the idea of Hybrid approach. If your child lives with or comes in to regular contact with anyway who is at risk of dying due to complication of corona virus.. it is best to keep them out. But if the child and their immediate family is in good health and are young... it is best to send them to school and let them spread the virus around. In March everyone thought we were gonna somehow wait this thing by hiding.. It took a few months, but common sense is starting to prevail. China and South Korea were such a bad examples.. they went in to lock down after their peek.. now the rest of the world is paying for it.. I wouldnt be surprised if this was somehow plan all along..