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  1. I've lost interest in months
  2. Man it needs to snow soon
  3. Isn't this the year for the 17 year cicada? That should be fun
  4. I must say you and phin did a snazzy job making the plandemic video
  5. I'm out of mashed potatoes
  6. I ate mashed potatoes for dinner....that's it...mashed potatoes
  7. The virus has created it's own cold air nobody is out breathing their hot breath
  8. I'm not sure I believe it
  9. That one model that came out with the huge death number initially then backed way off is now back to the huge number again. This is nuts
  10. I don't work there anymore but when I did that's where we kept the weed. It lasted longer that way
  11. He understands at least twice a year I suspect