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  1. NAM always nails the first storm of the season around here then nothing else until next winter
  2. Where should the discussion about how snow can't accumulate at 34-35 degrees go? Ji wanted me to ask
  3. Until the rug gets pulled out from the entire forum
  4. Yeah but I have to live near Ji so it's a wash
  5. Ugh the proverbial forum divider on the euro
  6. In December I'm ok waiting a little longer for snow....if I had my choice between the 13th or the 20th I'd be happy to wait until the 20th similar to the gfs op. At some point though I'd like to see more sn than ra on the quick look text output though
  7. Sorta get the feeling Ji is about to blow
  8. That Bob Chill he sure keeps it real
  9. Chips fall time guys chips fall time??
  10. That's a nice green blob to the west
  11. He forgot he was on American...he was still in Jay's Wintry Mix mode when he posted that. Ji will be back when we get 1-3 and philly gets 6-10