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  1. One good thing about a crap winter is that it sure does make time slow down.
  2. correct me if i'm wrong but for anything to work out everything must be perfect?
  3. Wow I didn't realize how the other Euro snow bombs really worked out this year...I'm pumped for the 2/1 storm now
  4. Taking bets on who will be the first to say the EPS doesn't support the op?
  5. I can see February working out but I can also see it not working out
  6. My signature shows the events from last year for Leesburg. Definitely a few times with the shovel although one famous Leesburg resident said we didn't get snow last year
  7. Oh and we are up to 17 so far....Ji is letting me down though
  8. You could ask her to contribute to your kids therapy sessions since she ruined your kids birthday....my mother taught me that guilt is what makes the world go round
  9. today feels like one of those days where we will find a different way to say the same thing 38 times and Ji will ask the same question 37 times
  10. say the birthday party was cancelled but thanks anyway
  11. I don't know man this seems like a longshot if you ask me
  12. PSU mentioned that the potential pattern being shown had the potential for SE snowstorms. Suppression isn't a surprise here