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  1. Just had a couple hefty batches of rain come through with thunder and lightning and a little wind. Cooled it down to 72 feels nice out. Just a little bit more than enough
  2. Looks like just enough rain heading this way from the west
  3. Yeah but it's still Burke
  4. I think for watering purposes I actually like this slow and steady pace vs full on deluge. May not be the highest totals but in the end more gets soaked into the soil this way. It has been a steady light rain/drizzle all morning
  5. I'm changing the name of my location from Aldie to Just enough rain to keep me from throwing a tantrumburg. Severe hates it here but I guess I'm not complaining about that
  6. Stuff in upstate NY will be the next big deal here
  7. A few rounds of heavy rain previously but the real stuff about to unload now. Dark out
  8. Stuff dropping just west of Harrisburg should be the show for my area I think
  9. gonna do a perfect 6-10 split for this first round in my area
  10. Disagree he sounds like me from about 10 years ago lol. I went from owning a home and caring about rain to living in an apartment and not giving a shit to owning a home again and all of the sudden the shit is giving again
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