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  1. Even though I know I'm going to be rebutted for saying this the ensembles seem to change alot. So basically the only ensemble worth looking at is the next one
  2. Now what?
  3. 8th or 9th grade?
  4. I like the way you talk
  5. Jumpy ass models
  6. Low of 20 sitting at 21 now feels like 7
  7. I'm all in with boundary straddling....better than needing a telescope to see it in the distance. We need a sweet sleet storm this year
  8. Oh those kooky models
  9. No watch list for me...im in full clown mode today
  10. The wind is ridiculous
  11. My mom said I used to make pattycakes with mine
  12. On a positive, if the GFS was showing a huge snowstorm in the same timeframe nobody would believe it true....or....hey guys it's only December 12th....or....let's wait for the GEFS....or....the euro will save us....or
  13. GFS is like a classic Sh it the bed scenario
  14. Weather is dumb
  15. That's crazy talk man take it to K street