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  1. This thread is a serious case of bipolar disorder
  2. You guys are silly you all know everything that fell east of leesburg was a rain snow mix. .55 here all snow
  3. I bet we have one more 80 in us...who is with me?
  4. Second system that will be wetter west than models it appears I know it has zero connection with winter but a girl can dream
  5. Personally I prefer that we change to a wet pattern first then around Thanksgiving have the cold pattern on our doorstep. I could give two squats if it's cold on Halloween....too early
  6. All of those pages of pants tent for nothing:(
  7. I see this as the most likely scenario
  8. Snyder will make a solid replacement choice I'm sure
  9. 66 all we need is one more 6 and it fits this miserable weather perfectly
  10. This guy may be on to something
  11. Its still downloading for me...I will check it out in the morning
  12. That was a fun press conference
  13. I still think its funny that 10 years ago by October 1st we were knee deep in winter discussions and predictions and maps and all kinds of wild stuff. It's just me I suppose but I enjoyed that time more. Don't get me wrong I love the detailed analysis and I'm impressed with the knowledge in here for sure....but it's like a no salt water cracker now without any cheese. I feel like a decent winter is coming if we break cold late fall and it turns wet again...just a feeling from living here so long.