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  1. Reminder if you say that something fails to trend positively everytime that means you are locked in to the fact that there has never ever been a storm that trended positively in the history of storms thus looking like a complete fool who acts like they are a 10 yr old spoiled brat. Time to move bro you don't like it here anymore go be happy somewhere.
  2. If a model fits your narrative, hug it...if not...toss it. Classic Americanwx weenie's up in here
  3. Every shift nails the same locations while the fringe areas stay relatively consistent. I'm no expert but I do have to pay attention to trends and details in my work and what I notice is despite all of the shifts and changes at any hour the end results aren't changing drastically so to me that says we probably have seen something close to the final solution save a few tweaks. Again, hope i'm wrong but if my area gets 2-4" that will cover everything and look gorgeous and I can be happy with that.
  4. I mean i get it all of these models are close enough that it makes sense to keep on tracking but it sure feels like the top end has shown it's hand on many of these model runs even with the shifts. Of course i am probably wrong but that coastal isn't going to hit us beyond the eastern shore. I'll keep following though but it's much easier being out my way to just let it go. Hope i'm wrong
  5. I feel like at this point with all of the model solutions we have an envelope developing...perhaps it can shift some west and east but I think we see the boundary lines. My honest opinion is that somewhere in the middle is probably correct which for the most part leaves our area out of any significant chance. Like others have said....let's get the 1-3 or 2-4" snow because it's that or 0 is my thought. Of course I sell milk for a living so take that with a grain of salt.
  6. My finger has a cramp from scrolling through all of that.....thanks Chuck
  7. Yep I was born a little early September 1966
  8. Sounds like west of 95 should give up all hope...I wonder how many different ways and times we will be told that
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