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  1. I used to go every year in the infield....covid is the last thing I'd be worried about catching there lol...some real pieces of work hanging out in the infield. You get to see lots of boobies though...or you used to. I was there the year the dude jumped on the track and tried to punch a horse
  2. Curious do you have any other skills?
  3. I average 27 a year...you? 27? You moved again?
  4. It was nice out the sun felt good but was really warm...summer is going to be hideous I think
  5. 3-5" for Leesburg final call
  6. I wish some of you clowns had received some snow so these end of year chances aren't so painful to read about
  7. You having breakfast at the Waffle House this morning?
  8. I've already packed myself in bubble wrap for the spring and summer but if we got one more in us I'm game
  9. Except our first 70 degree day usually comes in January sometime
  10. My TV picture died...I just purchased a new TV for the price of a Loudoun County mortgage payment
  11. I'm sure, it only proves my point about him the only reason I know exactly where he lives is because he moved into my development several years ago. That mark is well SW of where he actually lives. I'm sure he did it on purpose but it's still funny to me considering I've given him grief about not being able to point out where he lives on a map.