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  1. Top two leftovers of all time....Thanksgiving dinner and spaghetti nothing else compares
  2. The proverbial turd in the punchbowl post lol
  3. Nobody leaves the board because of someone else...that's the dumbest shit ive ever heard. They just don't want to be here because they don't get their way...babies
  4. You've become more predictable than the weather lol
  5. It's the 70 yr old Pamela Anderson pattern wearing too much lipstick and fading silicon in at least one
  6. I don't guys none of this looks legit to me.
  7. My early thoughts are we have at least one 80 degree day this winter....and also the Bears offense is putrid...I'll take the Vikings win though.
  8. When is it supposed to start raining?
  9. I look forward to your next post saying this again with different words
  10. Quick survey what sucked more the 3 month period from April- June or the upcoming 3 months of winter December - February?
  11. 2 more 80 degree days what say you?
  12. Looks like another day of tanning out here in the burg
  13. Winter must be coming the squirrel's are furiously gathering stormchaserchucks to hunker down