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  1. I worked in grocery stores in some form from 83-2014 I currently work for a manufacturer that sells organic milk, cheese, eggs etc. The demand has been insane!!
  2. Consistent for what it's worth
  3. it won't stick to the pavement because it has been so warm, plus the sun angle is rough...one positive is if it happens it will do so prior to moving the clocks forward so we will have that benefit
  4. My girlfriend lives in Sykesville but she has a friend who lives in Hampstead...I could go feed her horses I suppose to get in on that 2"
  5. The biggest thing that went wrong is that it didn't snow
  6. I'm already in summer mode...I'm beginning to think we have a severe drought this year. I'm fearful for the farmers
  7. On Tuesday I fly to Anaheim for the week...it's my first long flight since my back surgery...should I be worried more about my back or some runny nose and cough sitting in my general vicinity? Gahhhhh….
  8. 45 instead of 50 degrees for highs?
  9. Seriously this has been the longest February ever it's barely half over
  10. or we won't and they won't