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  1. My expectation was that by the 15th we would potentially start seeing threats show up later in December NOT that by mid month the threats would happen. I guess it's all about expectations as Bob said, know where we live and use the experiences we all have had in understanding any kind of pattern shifts. It may be science but the expectations part are all experience IMHO
  2. assuming you are saying the can is being kicked if you expected it to snow on the 9th?
  3. The highs and lows on this board are incredible especially how they go from post to post. You can literally have one person who has no real experience other than gut feel take some down to extreme lows and the same in the other direction. Pretty amazing to watch honestly as we sit here on 12/5 with pretty much the weather that has been advertised for quite some time now yet people still agonizing over day to day changes and labeling it as kicking the can etc. I'll check back on 12/15 to see where the can is at that time because the can for today ended up pretty much where it was supposed to be.
  4. We are as far away from that storm as we are from the ocean at this point
  5. Vikings D making fantasy nerds giddy but hey 10-2
  6. I think we need to do an autopsy on why anyone felt like the change to colder and potential snow was going to happen before mid month because to me it always seemed like after the 15th was when stuff started to look good. Maybe it was that dude CAPE talking about a storm window around the 9th . Just kidding but dang when I said maybe 70 around the 7th that was based on an op run 2 weeks ago...maybe not 70 anymore but 60+ seems reasonable so first these op runs do have some worth in the longer run and second the 15th is when I will start getting hyped or disappointed...until then what is happening has been expected IMO.
  7. Gotta give the guy credit he has a large cult following he's the Jim Jones of weather
  8. It's a good run if you like warm weather to hang your lights it's even good for the procrastinators who wait until January to decorate
  9. With all of the sadness in the discussion thread I thought for a second it was December 20th or something then I looked down at my computer and it's only December 2nd. Yeesh we still have to get through my 70 degree day on December 7th first
  10. I think the person I have my money on is about to blow...I think by Sunday
  11. Most fascinating thing about this chart to me is that only 2 storms in 71 years make up 11% of BWI's total storms over 4"
  12. I'm west of your location so we will see not sure how that big Walmart by your house will affect your snow to slush ration. Leesburg is a UHI now
  13. Welcome....my girlfriend now wife used to live in Sykesville, i had to choose during coming storms if i would stay at her place there or mine in Leesburg at the time. Now we only have Aldie but her friend lives in Westminster if we want to chase
  14. So if you tap the weenie my name doesn't pop up?
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