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March 2020 Discussion


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On 3/3/2020 at 7:57 PM, Snowstorms said:

This wasn't the winter for snow cover.  

Agree, but it would have seemed much better if we could have compressed it by swapping Nov and Dec


1"+ snowcover days at Detroit

Nov- 9 (record) (avg 2)

Dec- 2 (avg 10)

Jan- 12 (avg 17)

Feb- 15 (avg 14)

Mar- 1 so far (avg 6)

Apr- ? (Avg 1)

39 to date...seasonal avg 50

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5 hours ago, nwohweather said:

Unbelievable how winter just died out as we rolled into March. I officially move next week down South and will have recorded my second round of golf this season on Sunday. Bonkers stat for Northern Ohio

March opened a Winter wonderland, and 4 days later it looks and feels like spring.  At least you got one last snowstorm before you hit the road

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3 hours ago, weatherbo said:

Winter storm warning issued for a potent, quick hitting storm today and tonight.  A foot of heavy wet snow is forecast here in the higher terrain along Superior, along with 40 mph winds later this evening.  Should be a nice little event.

12” and 40mph winds, “nice little event” nice flex bo! :P

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This warm winter is having multiple consequences, with one being the lack of ice on the Great Lakes. Lake Michigan is largely ice-free, and this means that high wind events still have the potential to cause shore damage and flooding in times where there would usually be lake ice protecting the shore. Today looks to be one of those days from Chicago to SW MI. Strong NNW winds, gusting up to at least 50mph in instances, will be blowing down the length of the lake. Waves of 14-18 feet are expected, with maximum occasional wave heights of 22-23 feet. This is on top of a storm surge of up to 1.5 feet from the continued push of water to the southern shoreline. The eastern half of the Indiana shore into far SW MI looks to have the highest waves and worst impacts. I'll be out there today, as I love documenting these high wave events. With the near-record high lake levels continuing, this has the potential to once again be a damaging event along the shore.

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