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  1. Yeah, that's what happened in the winter of 1989-90 in Milwaukee. It was the snowiest October on record in '89, and the snowiest May on record I believe, in '90.
  2. Measured just a tick under 4" about 15 minutes ago, with the heaviest rates being in the last couple hours.
  3. Just thought I would note it's been a long time since we opened our wintry period of the year with a -PNA; I have kept close track of the indices for PNA the last several years, and I remember them being positive most years come November/early December (at best neutral) so seeing that helps to have an active start to the cold season.
  4. Notice Aurora's temperatures today are a bit suspect as well, has stayed in the mid 70s all day so far when most surrounding sites are mid 80s.
  5. Anyone know if St Louis has ever gone the whole month of September without a sub 80F high? They have a shot at doing that, pending the next few days with projected highs around 80.
  6. Our local highs the last seven days: 73F, 72F, 75F, 72F, 73F, 77F and today hit 78F before the SE breeze kicked in. Sensing a theme? It's been a very good September if you like consistent comfortably warm weather. Dews have been in the 60s more often than not, but when the temperature is largely below 80, being humid is not necessarily a drawback in my book. One of our local mets chose to call the month 'steamy' on FB (he is from St Louis too) and I had to laugh. I'm as hot weather intolerant as anyone, but consistent 70s, even with moderate to high humidity, is not steamy unless in the months October to April/May.
  7. Thermometer at home did not even make it to 80F today, which was supposed to be the warmest day of this stretch. Ahh, September near the Lakes, also had several rounds of boomers.
  8. That calm wind ought to be a real kick in the shorts.
  9. The further north you go in our subforum, the better August/September tend to be, with the more active jet stream and plenty of warm, but not unbearable summer/early fall days. The Ohio Valley tends to bake and dry out in those months, so I can see how the summer doldrums could set in.
  10. I see DTW recorded two 90F days consecutively this latest warm period as well, probably intrahour. In Milwaukee I don't know if it's the urban location, I always thought either the direction it was facing (I'm leaning towards east because it always seems to heat up quickly in the morning) or being on the tarmac. A local met said it was not on the tarmac, but I'm still not convinced it produces an accurate reading for the local area.
  11. Major airport weather stations have to get their act together and strive for accuracy; MKE's weather station is always several degrees higher than surrounding ones on offshore warm days like yesterday and today. Both days they hit 90F, but Timmerman and Waukesha, the closest local ones, were both in the mid 80s. Meanwhile ORD was generally lower than the weather stations around them, which I find odd as others have mentioned. As a weather geek, it kind of irks me that we can't trust major local airport weather stations as accurate imo.
  12. Round 1 underway, thinking Round 2 will weaken after this first batch hits, but who knows? It's been a pretty active few days after going 10 days with just a trace of rain.
  13. Things look pretty primed this afternoon for much of Southern Wisconsin for mainly a wind damage threat.
  14. Yeah, it held together even better on the west side of the lake, especially given the warm temps in the upper atmosphere. Looks like we're going to get some good storms for an hour or so.
  15. You can see the effects of the cap with the struggle for the line to push south now. It may well break apart entirely as it starts to stall over Central Wisconsin.