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  1. Mask use as frequently as possible is probably how we can reopen schools, with the exception of those who suffer from asthma and other issues that may be worsened by wearing a mask. Having an option for remote learning for those students could be pondered, along with those with more at-risk parents or guardians.
  2. Fauci is on the side of careful in person learning too, dependent on magnitude of the spread. I would say I agree with his assessment, and hopefully this opens other’s minds if they are averse to any in-person learning. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wfla.com/community/health/coronavirus/dr-fauci-lends-support-for-reopening-schools-in-person-learning/amp/
  3. I still can’t get over the night and day response people are having to this virus. I went to a little social at a beer garden that was advertised as likely a few friends hanging out (through a church I occasionally attend) and I was the only one wearing a mask, I wouldn’t say they were social distancing very well, and there were about 30-40 people gathering next to and around four picnic tables or so. At least it was outside, but you could tell things were pretty cavalier. The cops almost broke it up (I wouldn’t have minded if they did, I wasn’t expecting quite this result). On the other hand there are people who only will ever hang out with or talk in person to family, even socially distanced outdoor options with masks are worrisome to them. I wish we could tow a sensible middle ground but this virus has only further divided us
  4. You're not kidding, a high of 66F around noon, and it's back down to 63F now with drizzle and a significant breeze...classic mid Fall weather. I"m seeing some mid 50s at this hour in portions of N Lower Michigan.
  5. Missing a heavy thunderstorm by just a few miles. Airport has recorded over 2” in the last two hours and first FFW in a while.
  6. I suppose it’s why southern states could be having a hard time. I’d imagine colds and other Coronaviruses in general would be at least a tad more common in cold weather states (states like Arizona are probably pretty low in that regard due to warm, dry weather).
  7. I believe the firing is what allows them to collect this more advantageous unemployment ironically, so in a backwards way it is doing them a favor.
  8. Wow we get to the point of calling a county that seemingly did quite well limiting the unnecessary deaths a stupid county? I’m sure his story of people choosing unemployment over working isn’t isolated either. It’s a legit thing to bring up.
  9. It is true, and although I don’t want to make it too political, there are some who are laying most of this on 45. Sadly, it’s a joint responsibility and maybe this is a wake up call for some. Particularly if you are recovering from a past setback like cancer.
  10. Truth doesn’t lol in this case though...
  11. I think in a lot of cases they have to sign up ahead of time with their contact information to get a spot and appointment. I know one of my friends did that today so he could get tested tomorrow since his girlfriend is getting tested with common allergy symptoms she is worried may be COVID-19.
  12. In a lot of cases they can’t quit their jobs for the full benefit anyway, but that’s part of the problem. I like your idea of $300-400 additional, I suggested that on AmPol and the results weren’t pretty.
  13. Anyone else hear or experience a situation where anyone was about to be tested, chose not to proceed due to wait times, and received a call shortly after that they tested positive? I heard two of these kinds of stories secondhand this week. I find the sources to be relatively trustworthy too. In one case it was a family of three and each of them got a call so I don’t think it could be a simple mixup with someone who actually took the test.
  14. Regardless of how you feel about min wage laws and the like, if we’re going to continue to hand out an additional $600 a week to the unemployed in addition to standard unemployment, we should also make sure the service industries are adequately compensated in a manner where they are not making less than those who are unemployed. Maybe call it an increase or added hazard pay.