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  1. Very close to freezing away from the UHI in SE Wisconsin as well. Pretty impressive, helped by the dewpoints in the 30s.
  2. A factor in the uptick as well could be more mass events. After most of the summer events were canceled (in terms of festivals) staples like Oktoberfest are going on in September, and I can tell you last weekend when I went my sister and I were about the only people wearing masks in the open-air pavilion.
  3. I concur, my guess is if tomorrow doesn't yield 80F, Milwaukee is done with 80F days. I won't go full Spartman though.
  4. Yes, that's about the pinnacle in both respects, and temperatures weren't too extreme either way to boot both seasons.
  5. I don’t think we’ll go a five day period this fall or winter with as little sun as we’re going to see from Tuesday through tomorrow. Maybe we’ll get lucky the last few hours of daylight tomorrow.
  6. I'm surprised you've been in the D1 this summer. It seemed like Minneapolis area had been getting patterns with steady once a week decent rains at least, similar to Milwaukee. We have not been in D1 this warm season, and to be honest if there are two things we're due for in my locale it's drought and an ice storm. I'd be thankful if we had neither in the next ten years.
  7. Today was quite an interesting weather day. Started warming up pretty quickly to 85F at the airport before a line of showers (and storms well to the north came through along with gusts to 35mph. Tropical downpour or two. Then a sunny, largely comfortable afternoon with two separate lake breeze fronts. I was curious watching convection come into the picture in SW Wisconsin just south of the 94 corridor it appeared. The northern storms went poof so concern for a dry front increased. Out of nowhere around 5pm a big cell unzipped, I believe from the second lake breeze and dumped a half to a full inch in spots in N Milwaukee County. After that it was off to the races with more storms forming behind it pretty consistently along or near the I94 corridor. Ended up with 1-2” in much of the area. UMB Wx got screwed though, no rain for him (time to get on the drought train, huh)?
  8. The jet stream can give us a decent secondary severe weather season, especially the further north you go in the subforum typically.
  9. I'm noticing a lot of haze today, and when I look at the satellite, the very vague cloud cover indicated looks indicative of smoke in the past. Anyone else think it's smoke from wildfires to the west? That may affect temps by a couple degrees, at least north of Chicago, today. My thermometer is only 82.5F right now with almost full sun otherwise.
  10. What do you foresee the max being for Milwaukee? I still don’t see any 90s in the forecast but it’s darn close. Hopefully weak flow so we get the lake breeze.
  11. Certainly part of it. Having more days in July where storms developed with the heat of the day contributed to it as well.
  12. Meanwhile only 5 for MKE. I'd be curious to see if there was ever even close to a 5:1 ratio in 90F days between Milwaukee and Chicago with a large sample size (I'm sure there has been something on the order of 5 for ORD and 1 for MKE for a summer).
  13. Good thing that tornado warned part of the storm that went through Union Grove, WI has only been indicated to be straight line winds so far. UMB Wx and I almost chose a park about 3 miles ENE to be our viewing spot. Would’ve been really nervewracking being stuck in the heavy convection not knowing if an actual tornado was rain-wrapped in it.
  14. Raymond, maybe a few miles west of where UMB Wx and I were stationed, reported 5.8” of rain. It’s crazy but I’m not even that surprised with the way it came down (most of that would’ve fallen in an hour’s time).