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  1. Common sense includes not much evidence of spread outdoors (and when sun is involved, an even lower chance). That isn't to say it's foolproof, but I'd call that part of common sense, knowing when a mask is necessary (a crowded grocery store) vs when it should be voluntary and not a big deal to not have a mask (on your daily walk in a low crowd situation).
  2. A lot of them are the older generation, who figure they'd rather live a free rest of their life than have a year or two of strict policies when they may not have that many years longer to enjoy their lives. I understand both the high caution sentiment and the cavalier sentiment, the truth is we should be looking somewhere in between. People should not be uptight about no masks and moderate crowds outdoors, it's indoors where people should be really concerned (especially in heavy breathing/talking environments).
  3. Supermalls were still being built at that time, so I'm using that as a gauge. I think the '90s were kind of the golden age of malls, you had the old malls generally still around (ones built from the '50s to '70s) and new ones constantly being built still.
  4. And into the late 90s/early 00s.
  5. Happens a lot with our NWS office; they steer towards climo in the 2-7 day range, then correct as time goes on.
  6. Is that 87F for ORD this hour legit? With SE winds no less? I don’t think they were even predicting them to get to 80F today.
  7. We better have widespread testing available for everyone by then so we can maintain some sense of normalcy and feel like we are catching and isolating most of the cases.
  8. It would be nice if they did not deem construction essential business, it's not quite as important as factories, but obviously still a potential breeding ground due to the length of time they are hanging around the site and repeated exposure.
  9. Just passed a kidney stone ☹️ Could have been more of an ordeal thankfully but it hurt like heck when I woke up doubling over 230am this morning. Anyway the emergency room at the nearby hospital I visited is pretty dead, as maybe can be expected in the middle of the night. I was thankful for that too.
  10. I can tell you they shouldn't have laid off or furloughed so many medical professionals to focus solely on COVID-19 (obviously on a hospital to hospital basis, but many have done this).
  11. If I remember correctly, the first 2/3s of October featured mostly 50s and 60s, and I can't think it'd have been much different in GRR.
  12. One of the airport's morning obs reported, but that was the southeast part of town per lightning data.
  13. The problem I see is even if he did that we would still be looking at the same process just moved up a couple months. The same timeline for social distancing would probably be in place though. The exception would be if enough international flights were canceled that the super spreaders from Europe/China never got here. Just not sure that would fly (no pun intended) at that point.
  14. Until this morning, Madison hadn't recorded a thunderstorm since March. Meanwhile, Rockford just to the south, has had a half dozen days of thunder since March. Time for this endless early/mid spring weather to turn more summery.
  15. But he worded it as delay the spread until there is a vaccine, that reads to me as he wants to keep interaction really limited until then. Obviously it would be helpful if we have extensive enough tracking to start opening things up, but that's not a guarantee at this point in some places.