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  1. Finished with 3.7” in Berkley, which isn’t too bad I guess. Pretty snore storm considering the long duration. Been busy the past several days but I’m okay with not tracking this storm much with how it turned out. Hoping a better storm can appear and verify.
  2. Hey my DAB got grinched away this is a serious tragedy
  3. That 0.5" of sleet and snow sure was a big holiday present Can pretty much toss the rest of the month too
  4. Wouldn’t be surprised if some areas get 3-4” where the band sets up the best. Sucks that this is all sleet here. Going back to bed because this is a snoozefest
  5. I live about a mile north of 696 and it’s been moderate sleet this whole time. Constant pingers hitting the window as I type. Sad, but not surprised this happened. Despite modeled p-type maps showing all snow, skew-T plots told a different story. Was right on the border of it being sleet or snow, and any north trend or stronger WAA would mean sleet. Guess it means a top 5 least snowy December is still in play for DTW.
  6. Picked up 2.2” from the clipper. It was a wet plaster snow for sure, but it was photogenic. Now sitting at 6.1” on the season.
  7. Another solid thump. Still ripping so haven’t measured yet
  8. She’s from SW Kansas haha so this is a big change. She’s finishing her studies up here and wants to remain in Michigan now. WWA now issued for all of the Detroit area. At least 2-3” with rates up to an inch per hour. Liking the radar trends.
  9. I’m cool with that if the clippers keep hitting Michigan like they did in that month
  10. There were already plowed parking lots here with the snow a couple days ago. I broke out the shovel since we needed the driveway clear early yesterday. I’m just so happy to have decent snow again. All the trees have looked really beautiful caked in snow. It’s my gf’s first Michigan winter so she’s loving it
  11. Got hit pretty good with that snow squall in the Royal Oak area. Had a few decent gusts out ahead of it, and then heavy snow in the squall. There was a decent squall earlier in the day too. Tomorrow night is looking decent as well with another quick couple inches in the P&C
  12. Finished with 3.1” in Berkley. Was at a concert so couldn’t do my usual documentation, but this was a good event. Snow is plastered to everything really well. Even got my first shovel of the season in.
  13. First WWA of the year for 2-3”, with guidance pretty locked in for those amounts. Always excited for the first real accumulating event of the season
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