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  1. I'd take Dec 2017 in a heartbeat. Had almost 26" that month. I'm mentally prepared for another sh*tty December.
  2. Finished with 1.1” here. Farmington got 1.2” so I know my low amount isn’t off. Need a storm that has good rates and actual cold air to work with
  3. That donut hole over SE Oakland County into far N Wayne County on every model appears to have come true haha. Grass tips are poking out still and everything here. Probably added a couple tenths but that is it. This is what I get for being in the jackpot several times the previous few winters. It's still frustrating to be surrounded by 2.5-4" amounts and have just over an inch.
  4. Got an amazing 1.0” in Berkley so far for an event total. Underperforming even my low expectations. Really hate to see it.
  5. Same for here, had good rates but just couldn't stick. The snow board and some grassy surfaces had a slushy tenth for like 15 minutes. A friend in Novi posted a picture in a Twitter chat I'm in and they have about a solid inch covering all grassy and elevated surfaces. That extra few hundred feet of elevation really helps in these scenarios, plus being farther away from the water.
  6. The parking lot at the beach in New Buffalo is still partially destroyed from the spring. That’s probably going to get wrecked more tomorrow. Wonder if Lake Front Drive in Beverly Hills will crumble away more. Between the lakeshore flooding/waves and the LES, it should be intense tomorrow
  7. You already know we're gonna be in that band intercepting and seeing the large waves. Should be a fun day, then I arrive home as the snow is ramping up in DET.
  8. Lakeshore flooding aspect of this storm looks decently significant for Southern Lake Michigan. A recent comparable event would be March 6th, 2020, which had significant erosion, flooding, and damage in NW IN and far SW MI. I'll probably go check out the high waves and flooding, especially since there should be some decent LES as well.
  9. Old habits die hard last winter was missed phase after missed phase. Why change that now
  10. Just now got to 1.0” in Berkley. Been sitting just south of the best FGEN banding all day except for like a 30 min burst. Also have been right on the edge of the marine air influence. Warmer by the lake comes back to bite. At least it’s November
  11. Flake size has been improving over the last hour. It’s a shame this event is happening with marginal thermos. The extra 500’ of elevation in the NW suburbs appears to be helping things stick more than downwind of the glacial ridge.
  12. Been a minute since I’ve come on here. Life has been extremely busy with finishing college. Graduate in just a couple weeks. Got my first 0.1” of snow for the season on the 16th. I was on the Lake Michigan shore for the wind/wave event on Sunday. While *quite* as impressive as what happened on Lake Erie, there were still 15-20 footers on the lake. Gusts around 60mph caused tree damage and minor structural damage. The waves lashing the shore were just insane. Definitely a little larger waves than the November 1st gale. Video:
  13. Last weekend was perfect for fall colors in Munising and Pictured Rocks. Will send a couple shots here. Going to continue to enjoy this beautiful weather before it turns colder again.
  14. Starting off October with a sweet foggy sunrise