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  1. 8-9 inches the past 24 hours with a depth averaging around 44" this morning... 3-5 inches more probably before the bands shift east this afternoon.
  2. Heavy af snow off and on all day. Starting to pick up again this evening, another 6" likely. It's 15 and windy. Must be a storm nearby, burp.
  3. I think SE MI's standards are a little bit higher than that. 6-8 inches is a fairly routine snowstorm. When I think "big dog", 12-15 inches is a start.... even for lower mi.
  4. After a high of 40 yesterday, should do a little better today with less wind making it feel even nicer. Dew's still low but the late winter sun should help with a little melting. Beautiful morning! Just a few feet of snowpack
  5. I loved Shopko The ones in Ishpeming and Marquette weren't near as nice as that one tho.
  6. -5 out tonight but feels colder for some reason. Cleared the drive today, looks like 7" or so of snow fell the past couple days...winter kinda showing it's age a little. Days def feel brighter.
  7. Snowed 4" of very fine talcum powder type snow last night and early today, with winds gusting over 30 mph at times... super dry air across the lake in Canada with dews in the -30's, held accums down. 5 for the high today and already down to -6... -20 could be in play. Feels cold since MQT is having their second warmest Dec-Feb so far.
  8. There's not much negative to say about the area that's for sure. When I lived there, winter's were awesome and summer was perfect (lake shadow ftw). Not too hot and especially not too cool like it can be up here in summer. That area isn't hugely populated so that was nice. You nailed it tho, lot's of woods and trails for riding all year long. Some of the best fishing I've ever done was in six mile lake. The hillbillies there are a different variety than anywhere I've lived...and I'll just leave it at that Looks to get pretty nasty up here with the arctic front... snow wind and temps plummeting to near 0. 6-8" snow up this way with a low visibility, small flake type snow.
  9. I usually have patches of snow still in mid may, and I'd estimate the snowpack here holds roughly a foot of water.
  10. Snow has tapered to flurries after falling heavy at times today. Measured 9" on the railing of the deck. With no real thaw here this winter, snow depth is around 4'. Anytime it has gotten above freezing a degree or so, dews remained low with little melt. There's a "Shinning" type feel to winter now.
  11. Snow and colder weather has moved back into the UP. 5-6 inches of new snow around my place and still coming down. Temp is 18 and falling, should settle around 10 degrees by 5 pm.
  12. Beavis isn't asking for feet of snow, he's simply asking for respectable wintertime condtions in the middle of goddamn winter!
  13. No I have not. I'm sure it's a lot. Liquid eqiv precip at MQT is over 10" since late Nov. It has been snowing to some degree pretty much non stop now for the 5th day. Monthly total is at least 50". Another mild day too, sitting at 29 degrees.