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  1. That is really awesome and beautiful. Thanks!
  2. 55, light rain, with a nnw wind that's gusted to 18 mph the past hour. Raw days like this have been extremely common this summer.
  3. Another cool morning here. The low this morning of 43 marks the 7th time this month that I've had a low in the 40's, and on the 17th it was 37. So a third of the month has been in the 40's or lower. MQT also having a cool July averaging 73.8 52.8/ -2.3. Interesting also for MQT... May was -3.8, June 0.2, and with this month likely to finish on the cool side, it has been a cool, very short, and also wet summer to date. A warm and sunny August right before September's leaf change would be ideal. IMBY: 4th- 49 8th- 47 14th- 48 15th- 48 16th- 43 17th- 37 23rd- 48 24th-43
  4. Hey from the Lakes forum. Only 54 this afternoon in the hills off Superior. Third time this month a high has remained in the 50's. Another 4 weeks and summer is essentially over here.
  5. Poof- and it's suddenly fall! Only 54 degrees this afternoon with upslope fog/drizzle and even thunder earlier... feels downright chilly after several days in the upper 70's to around 80.
  6. Not to be too dramatic, but it felt like a bomb went off. I was probably 20' away standing at a window watching the storm and it knocked me back a few steps. Somewhere in my mind for a hair of second, I did think a bomb blew up. My poor cat farted (never heard a cat fart before)and pissed herself, and has been hiding since. I don't know if she's scared or embarrassed, so I'll let her be. Even tho it didn't hit my house, several led bulbs that were on actually started flickering and smoking. Replaced the bulbs and the lights seem fine.
  7. 1.1" of rain and a lightening strike 10' from the house. literally sh*t myself... never a dull moment!
  8. Early preview of fall in the air this morning with a low of 38. MQT tied their record low of 40, Sawyer 37, Spincich Lake 36, and Doe lake 34. Sunny and warmer today!
  9. 58 for a high so far today with gorgeous blue skies. Cool tonight with a low in my point of 40. MQT's record low tonight is 40, so that could be broken. Also possible that Spincich Lake, Doe Lake, and Baraga plains could see temps low enough for a light frost. Happens about once or twice a summer in those locations. Looks like excellent viewing of the northern lights tonight!
  10. The weather has been less than desirable. The temperature has been in the low/mid 50's since the evening of the 11th, except for a short time last night when it dropped to 49. The humidity has essentially been 100% as well and besides the fog, I recorded 0.61" of rain yesterday. There wasn't much wind, but that didn't matter. Its been bad. July running -2.4 degrees. Sun returns today... forecast is for 70.
  11. At the peak of summer, it managed to stay in the low 50's here all afternoon with the wind chill dipping in the 40's at times... fog, rain for the past two days. Beautiful September weather! 52 currently
  12. 49 degrees at 2pm with mist, but steadier rain is over, thankfully! Another heavy rain event wed night/thur could push my June rain total to 7.5-8".
  13. 54 and rain. .75 so far today, pushing June over the 5" mark...cool and wet! Terrible climate here for growing flower pots and vegetables, but the woods are the most lush and beautiful I have ever seen them.
  14. A crisp 46 for a low this morning. Could see my breath outside. Should top out around 70 with lots of sun... perfect. The countdown to Autumn starts today! pics yesterday just outside Big Bay.
  15. With all the rain this year (5th wettest A-M-J so far at MQT-12.29"), the roads around here are in pretty bad shape. A good deal of the time the grading and sometimes plowing too comes from a few local people, as the more remote roads are not maintained as diligently by the county it seems. 63 for a high today with a good possibility of more showers adding to my 4.2" total for the month!