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  1. Nothing super heavy here just persistent type snow, but it did get a bit heavier overnight and I picked up 5". There's a solid foot of snow otg now even after rain and 37 Wednesday. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
  2. I've had 17.5" since Nov 1st. This time last year I had received over 80" and had a depth of 41". As of today, the season total here is 46" and a current depth of 5". Frost is already 30" deep.
  3. The subs snowiest month will be April. We all know it.
  4. Karma has come knocking. The COVID thread must go! Delete the COVID thread and it will snow.
  5. With a few inches of fresh snow and late partial clearing, temp dropped to 3 overnight. brrr
  6. It's a start... Winter conditions have arrived a lil bit. 18 with a w/c of 13, has snowed 2" overnight. Temp should continue falling to around 12 degrees by noon... 4.5" otg
  7. That's your takeaway from his post? You are incongruent.
  8. Are you leaving the board or what? Weather is cyclical, we'll have good winter weather again. I hope you're able to move to N Wisconsin sooner than you planned. Everything is Okay, it's early.
  9. I’ve read the book and was lucky enough to see Carl Bohnak in Marquette in 2016, where he gave a presentation on the book, along with some awesome photos not shared in the book. Carl is also the local meteorologist at TV6 in Negaunee.
  10. Between Covid restrictions and lack of snow, it is a literal ghost town around the area. Despite no real cold, lakes locally are frozen(a month late), and I've been able to do some fishing on a pond with about 2" of ice. Drastic difference between today and around the same time last year.