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  1. With a forecast like this, it's hard to complain tho. That's the great thing about living here. My days for hoping and wishing for snow are gone. The snow will come, it always does. Precip map from the weekend storm. 1.70" here. If this would have been snow, I'd still be digging out.
  2. I've commented a couple times about it being an odd season here too. There was almost like this initial mini peak before the main one. Also, once it colored up, the color was nice for a couple weeks. 29 degrees a few days ago and now the heavy rain and wind... ended the show. Overall I'd give it a B. Only reason it wasn't an A season was the weird color up and drop early on.
  3. Big difference here. Although, I did have my first frost 7 weeks ago and many since, plus a couple freezes... There are some areas with color left, but locally here, the show is pretty much over. 1.70" overnight.
  4. Been watching the storm move through since 3 when the wind and rain woke me up. 1.10 so far overnight with thunder/graupel/huge wet snow flakes at times too. wow @ the rain totals downstate and IL
  5. 52 currently and the high of the day. Trees are about 75% bare...storm moving in should finish the job!
  6. They've been a pretty common occurrence here the 3 years I've lived in the UP.
  7. 41 degrees, bright stars, and the N lights are making an appearance this evening. Gale watches out for the lake... Nice weekend fall storm coming. Can't ask for more.
  8. My house routinely gets into the 50's at night, especially if I don't feed the stove during the night. Doesn't bother me much. Half the time I'm dragging my Linus blanket around anyway.
  9. At a point, I felt it was going that way here too. There was this weird mini initial peak 3 1/2 weeks ago and then all of those leaves fell, leaving the rest to turn very slow but really hang on to the color once turned. Peak lasted better than a week here. Plenty of rain fell all summer so dryness wasn't a factor but there wasn't a lot of sun (maybe that was). At any rate, whatever played out, they're beautiful this year.
  10. Can't get enough of the beautiful weather. Temps the past few days have been seasonal with highs in the mid-50's and lows around 30. The potential exists late Sunday night for the first snow flakes, with grassy areas here in the higher elevations possibly seeing a little. It's quickly approaching snow season up here and it's starting to look more mid-Fall like. Depending on where, some trees (especially maples) are close to bare, but in heavy oak areas, they're just peaking. The leaves this season started turning right on time, but seem to be running 7-10 days late peaking... just an observation. Spent the entire day outside. Took the first pic around 2pm as I snuck up on a couple Spring fawns chowing, getting fat, and preparing for the seasonal migration out of the local snow belt where it gets too deep for them to easily find food.. Second pic was taken just a few minutes ago as the sun was going down below the hill in my backyard. Sure gets chilly after that!
  11. 45 this morning, heading for a high of 70 (normal 56). Peak color this year has lasted much longer than the past few years even with the frosts and freeze. Early morning sun today!
  12. Storm total so far 1.38 with another .25-.50 before it's done. Temp was 47 at 9pm last night and has been rising since... Currently 62. It's warm, but autumn like anyway with the dark clouds, gusty wind, and vivid color. Not minding the warmth at all right now, but in a few weeks when climo says snow can start sticking around, I might not be as understanding.
  13. This morning's AFD mentions the possibility of first flurries in the UP next Tuesday, along with some lake effect wed/thur as well.
  14. Pretty chilly this morning compared to the past couple weeks. 32 for the overnight low imby. As of today, frost/freeze products have ended for MQT. Lows across the UP...
  15. If he isn't 5 post material, no one is.