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  1. Beautiful summer in full swing. Nice stretches of sunny, warm days and cool nights up to this point. Been busy roofing the cabin (and hopefully painting), getting firewood and taking care of the garden. Time sure does fly. Got a visitor last night after dinner. Grilling in the north woods, you never know what's This guys been here before. He'll be pretty big by Fall, eating up to 20 hours a day now. I just stay out of their way and they do the same.
  2. 34 was the overnight low here. There was a very light frost on my truck but none on the roof or the ground... coldest I could find in the UP was 25 degrees at Baraga Plains, Kearsarge 26, Kenton was 27 and Doe Lake, 29. Yesterday morning was 36, the high only topping out at 52 and with windy conditions all day, it was the perfect day to cut firewood. No bugs! One more chilly night in the 30's tonight will make it three in a row. Pretty rare for mid June.
  3. Don't play the victim now, you've been pro-lockdown from the beginning, and I do understand that to a degree considering where you live, but don't hold us all to your standards and then cast judgement.
  4. Yes there are hot spots in the country. The majority of MI counties tho, are just like here in the UP. The cases in MI are mostly in a "tri-county" area. You have to understand the frustration the majority of Michiganders feel who's lives have been not only disrupted (to say the least), but in some cases, changed forever... for a virus that didn't really affect the community they live in. There's two sides to every argument, and tbh, I'm a little tired of only one side being considered. Somehow, if I want to live my life, I'm then selfish and don't care about humanity. **** that. And **** your narrow mind.
  5. There have been 104 confirmed cases in the entire UP. MOST of the 10 deaths(13 total up-wide) in Marquette county have been at a nursing home, as well as a good deal of the confirmed cases in general. I will wear a mask where required, but other than that I am living my life and enjoying my freedoms. If that makes me a careless egotistical asshole, good.
  6. It can be 90 today and 40 tomorrow. In the UP, winter is always coming.
  7. Thunder for the first time in 10 months! Nearly an inch of rain fell after an abnormal late May high of 87. Everything is awake and my newly planted garden is happy. Winter is
  8. Down in marquette, it’s 91. Must have rain!!
  9. patches here and there still
  10. Went looking for brook trout yesterday and all I got was this stupid sunset. Glad all the rain and weather passed south but wow the north wind has been stout!
  11. .62" of rain and then fog with a high of 52 today... felt warm For the first time this spring I heard the peepers this evening. Five weeks until the summer solstice and there's still snow hanging around. I love the north but a warm spring isn't too much to ask for from time to time, is it?
  12. Oh cool! It is a small world. That's a great area to ride.
  13. 26 this morning. I'm purposely sleeping late so I don't have to see or deal with 20's. Looking forward to 44 and sun today after being in the 30's for the past 5 days, good god! More seasonal weather starts tomorrow. I'm so excited, Several KC-135 Stratotankers are doing flyover's in Houghton and Marquette. They should fly right over my area around 1:40 on their way from Houghton to MQT!
  14. You're growing a mullet?
  15. I took clippers and a #1 guard and just buzzed it. I've gotten use to it I guess. A sock hat outside is a necessity.