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  1. Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    I’m not sure how some get so butt hurt over weather posts. Who cares!? Pay my bills, cook my food, s*** my c**** and I might care.
  2. February 2018 Discussion

    Sunny and very cold this month. The average temp at MQT has been 1.8 (-11.9 for the month!). I have received a paltry 4" of snow...LOL My coldest temp has been -21 and the warmest was yesterday at 14. Every single night this month has had a low below zero, although that's not out of the ordinary given the average low is like 3. What is weird tho is all the sun we're receiving... and below is why! March will be here before long, so with a junk month like this and a rapidly freezing lake Superior, it's hard not to start rooting for some springtime weather, chirping birds and stuff like that. Happy for everyone in the lower part of the sub that finally got to see a decent pattern deliver some deserved snow! Ice update:
  3. February 2018 Discussion

    Cold is relentless... -11 currently tonight and it's been below zero (well below) every night this month so far. The warmest temp I've had is 13. I'm not sure why the UP stands out in cold so much. Maybe it's the deep snow and lack of concrete...idk.
  4. Current Snow Pack and Depths

    I love it. Biggest piles on the street!
  5. February 2018 Discussion

    I think it's crazy that it's early February and Superior is freezing up. Already -5 this evening, was -16 last night and will be below zero for the next 4 nights too. Most Superior snow belts will come to a screeching halt in the next week or so... not that it's been active here at all. Cold, yes. -11.2 for the month and that says a lot when your average high is 21.
  6. Current Snow Pack and Depths

    The 2 winter's I lived in Antrim Co down there, '12/13 and '13/14, I had a peak depth of 3' on the ground the first winter, and nearly 30" the second winter. The past 3 winter's (not including this year), peak winter depths ranged from 38-52".
  7. Current Snow Pack and Depths

    Here's mine. I've seen a lot higher in early February, and I've seen lower. -15 this morning, with an afternoon high of 10. I have enough wood until mid-march I think... going through it like crazy.
  8. 2017-18 LES Season

    The lack of systems AGAIN this winter has been frustrating as well. With the ice build up and bone dry west flow, nothing to talk about for me. I do know there's a ton of winter left this far north and I'm not ready to call it a dud yet. Clear skies, calm winds and -8 this evening. The stars are incredible!
  9. 2017-18 LES Season

    Typical mid-winter look in this part of the UP. I'm not at all surprised Superior is in rapid freeze mode... it's been cold. High today was 4, it's currently 2. Well below zero last night and probably for the next week, with single digit and low teen highs. Otherwise, with all the action suppressed south, going to be a quiet week. Snowpack here a very dense 31" (5-6" liquid), with 2.5-3' pretty common locally as I was out today. Less down in Negaunee with 22-25". NW part of the UP in great shape depth wise. Backyard sunrise A few miles from my house measured 34" along side the road.
  10. January 2018 Discussion

    There was some wild winds around 1 this morning (45-50 mph gust). Also received 2.5" of snow during the night. Yesterday, temps stayed mostly in the low teens and began rising in the evening to a current 21. Another round of 40 mph+ winds this afternoon will usher in the cold and crank up the lake snow. Snow depth this morning pushing the 30" mark again. Going to be a bitter cold period up here the next week or so. Starting to get a little concerned with the firewood supply. I've gone through about 65% already. I heat well into April with the stove. There's some standing dead Aspen around that I could probably get if I have to.
  11. January 2018 Discussion

  12. January 2018 Discussion

    Temp climbed above freezing late yesterday afternoon and it even rained briefly with a rainbow. Went below freezing around 5 this morning and climbed back above for a few hours this afternoon when the sun came out. I know it's late January, but I can def see a noticeable shift in the sun angle. Anyway, snowpack took an appreciable hit yesterday and today... Snow depth down to 25". Return to winter around the corner. Backyard:
  13. I think a lot of snowmobilers book up rooms way in advance in certain spots and then cancel right beforehand if they can't make it or conditions aren't right. I know Jonger has said in the past he does this. Also, the UP 200 sled dog race is in February, and I know that draws a big out of town crowd too.
  14. Reading this thread brings back so many heartbreaking memories from my Indiana days. I seem to recall just a 6-8 week or so period there where I really felt like it was Winterish. Also, I lived on the wee fringes of the snow belt in N Indiana, and could literally see the clouds and snow just to my north...brutal. It was like a constant wound that never healed during the winter. Then, to spend countless hours and sleepless nights tracking a disturbance across the Pacific ocean for 10 days only to get whiffed north or south was even more painful, and when it did snow, usually there was dry air, ratio issues, borderline temps or something else unforeseen. Of course, prospects of a 3-5 incher and I was hook, line, and sinker in. Sooo, the disappointments added up...the 1-2 days following a big bust or huge letdown were the worst for me. Those days are over! Snow has been on the ground here for 3 months and there's likely 3 months to go. That's what I call Winter!
  15. Weatherbo, check in you dork.

    Thanks! I enjoy posting about weather and life up here in the UP. Recently I was able to find a small communications company in Marquette that installed a sat dish for me. It's pretty slow and I'm only allowed 10G a month, but it's better than without. I can pay bills, check weather, read the news... TBH, I don't really surf that much anyway, so this will be just fine...