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  1. Calm wind has now become ne at around 5 mph. Temp has gone from 55 to 47 in 20 minutes. Fun while it lasted, time to close the windows and light a fire. Temps should be in the mid-30's in a couple hours.
  2. 55 degrees here in far northern Marquette County, feels amazing. Colder air just starting to make its way to the north shore of Superior. WWA goes into effect this evening. Will probably see 5-8" in my local snowbelt. Still a solid but softening 8 inches otg here in the woods.
  3. Screw the snow at this point. I'm full steam ahead with spring.
  4. Different season up here today, 12 degrees this afternoon with below zero windchills at times.
  5. A balmy high of 46 today, then single digits by tomorrow afternoon. Sharp cold front around midnight should kick off a round of lake effect snow. Wouldn't be surprised to see 3-6" before drier air quickly moves in.
  6. The no snow line getting awfully close. Depth down to a foot here. Will there be any left come March 1st? On today's date last year, I had 40+ inches otg.
  7. Spring is in the air. High of 45 yesterday and 46 forecast for today, 20 degrees above the average high. I was down in Big Bay yesterday at the lake and the shore was remarkably free of ice. Have never witnessed that before in February. My new batch of Chickies from late autumn are just over 3 months old and starting to mature. They'll join the main coop in another month and see the outside world for the first time.
  8. A decent snow in early-mid March I would not consider useless.
  9. A heavy band of snow has sunk in from the northeast off the lake and is adding up quickly. Snow depth here is 16 inches, and the main snowbelts are just starting to get some nice, packed depths (puny compared to average, but...). What a shame about the upcoming pattern. I'll enjoy it while it's here but hard not to root for spring at this point even tho there's lots of snow climo left in the UP.
  10. Didn't see much in the way of snow today only a brief period of light snow out on the lake and just a dusting fell here at home. Did however catch two nice trout which I'll have with some buttered rice and broccoli. Lake had 9" of ice and about a foot of snow on it. High of 21 but I was a toasty 60 degrees. Life is good.
  11. As expected, snow showers tapered off overnight. Low of -2 here at the house, back up to 0 as lake clouds pass through. Should see a bit of an uptick in snow early this afternoon, another inch or two possible. Gonna spend the day out on the ice and hopefully bring home some dinner.
  12. Measured 4.7 inches so far today on my deck railing. Brings the total here to 16.2 inches since Tuesday night. Temp reached 17 for a high at 2 pm and has since fallen to 13. Squalls have been very impressive. At one point the sky looked as if a thunderstorm was moving in. Nice mini bout of winter.
  13. Your measuring stick reads 7". Did you have snow on the roof of your truck prior?
  14. Feeling like winter. Forecast high today of 18 with 2-4" of snow possible through tonight after 11.5 inches the past few days. Ratios have been pretty high, running around 20:1. Temps should stay below freezing until Tuesday then two days in the mid-30's before a slight cool down. Forecast low tonight is 3 degrees, if more clearing can occur with the flow shifting westerly, there's a good chance of going below zero for a time.
  15. Upper teens-low 20’s today with some heavy snow squalls. took this pic down in negaunee around 2:30.
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