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  1. NW wind snow showers off/on most of the day, have picked up 2 inches of powdery snow. Temp currently -1 with a wind chill of -18, low tonight forecast at -10. Hope clouds and snow showers can stick around. Got spoiled by a warm January.
  2. -6 last night. Coop went as low as -2. Tonight's low is forecast at -15. That's getting awful close to the too cold threshold for these particular birds. I've never used a heat source in their coop but am tempted to tonight even tho my gut says don't. All I have is a heat lamp(which'll do the trick)... if I choose to use it I'll stay awake all night to make sure nothing goes awry. If only the wind had a tad more northerly component, I'd have solid cloud cover and be off the hook.
  3. Your house looks cozy. I love the bushes. They're huge.
  4. finished with 15.5". Waking up to 19 degrees outside. Still "mild" for this time of year.
  5. 11.2" of snow here at the house (more than half of that falling between 8:30 and 1:00) with another 6 or so to go by morning. As of 5 pm MQT has recorded 11.4" (1.22 liquid), both of which were a daily record. depth is 33 inches
  6. I'd estimate without the lake/upslope enhancement with this system, It'd probably have been a 5-7 inch storm. The "Uncle" was in jest...lol
  7. Don't mean to sound flippant. Living here was a dream of mine since a boy. I'm always excited for a thumping.
  8. Snow just starting here. 15-17" by 1 am looks good. Have a commitment down in Negaunee for a portion of today. My trek home this afternoon will be interesting.
  9. I feel for everyone out there hungry for snow but I'm not going to complain. Point here has 14 inches.
  10. Set a record at MQT: "With temperatures failing to fall below 31 degrees yesterday, the record for warmest January 16th low temperature at NWS Marquette has been tied, with the previous record being set in 1980." Light freezing rain most of the day and night has things pretty iced up out there... has since changed over to a misty snow. Could see a foot through the week.
  11. Crazy warmth up here so far this month, especially the night time lows. The departure at MQT is an incredible +9.2... It has however remained below freezing until today when it reached 34. Tonight's low should run 28 degrees above the average low of 2 which will lead to a mixed bag of crap tomorrow. Hopefully will see a few inches of wet snow as the system departs. A lot of Winter still left. Snow depth reading 23 inches this evening.
  12. Def have had more thaws than I'd like or expect but I'm 100% satisfied with this winter season thus far. There's been over 30 inches otg ground twice, I've had a 17 inch storm, a 22 inch storm, and a 30 inch storm with nearly 3 consecutive days of blizzard conditions. And currently there's close to 30 inches otg with 5-6 inches water locked in it and it's only Jan 7th. No misery here. If I still lived in Indiana I'd be a basket case so I get the frustration, however, this subs winter's have been backloaded for a while now, so there's still hope.
  13. While L'Anse itself is a lot like Marquette the city, in a snow hole kinda, you really did pick a nice central location for the deepest snows. I will add tho, there's nothing in the Hurons and roads are very limited and most not maintained unless by a local. Your best bet (imo) is to stay west and ride the spine of the Keweenaw. So much to see and do.
  14. Closest to your location on my list would be Herman and it's about 30 min, unless you take Herman/Nestoria rd which is a back way that connects Herman and L'Anse. The area from Mass City up through South Range is just a jog west of where you're staying and the area of Painesdale specifically, usually boasts some of the deepest snow in the UP most years. I'm sure that region is well over 100 inches as well, just couldn't find a reported total. The only way to my area from where you're staying this time of year (and without a sled), is to go all the way east, back to Ishpeming and head north on Deer Lake road.
  15. After 1.7 inches of snow yesterday, my storm total is 17.1" (MQT 15.6"). This is the 100 inch club in the yoop so far (that I could find). No doubt there's some obscure, remote location that hasn't seen a human in years that's over 150". My stats mirror Herman most years, as the climate of both locations are very similar, but this year they are 15" ahead of my total. Their max depth has been 28 inches, while mine 31 inches. Bergland Damn- 116.2" Herman- 129.7" Laurium- 133.2" Ironwood- 119.7" Munising- 107" Mqt- 102.5" Bo's- 115"
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