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  1. Laying in front of the fire, heading that way. Night Hoosier you rule
  2. Can't take antlerless here in this part of MI or I would... for 6 years now I believe. Wolves and coyot's sure take their share, however. I see shredded remains frequently. I don't mind buck meat tho, as long as it isn't too late in the season.
  3. Looks like we got all of November's snow in October this year. 1.3" of rain yesterday, then it ended as some freezing rain and a skiff of snow. Doesn't look like there will be meaningful snow on opening day this year. Pretty rare for this area. Have had my eye on this guy since last summer but he was too young last fall. I know his routine pretty well and he's use to my scent I think. Hopefully he is mine.
  4. Guess I’m speaking for the upper lakes mostly. Lake Superior Water temp is forecast to rise over the next 10 days. Will lead to very heavy snow here in the weeks to come.
  5. Yeah it was in a few places. MQT is going to provide a full list of records today. I have to say, this is very enjoyable. It's nice wearing only shorts outside as we near mid-nov.
  6. Tue- 60 Wed- 73 Thur- 62 Fri- 73 And mid-60's to near 70 today- Monday. Oh the ways we're going to pay for this!
  7. As of today the snow is completely gone. The temp reached 72 yesterday and “only” 58 today, and 60’s (some upper at that) look good for a few more days. I’m not complaining... getting a lot of yard stuff done. Been here long enough to know winter will roar back and the snow will get deep.
  8. Wow @74 mph wind Stannard Rock, and 71 down in Big Bay. Here at the house, wild day with 4" of new snow and winds routinely gusting over 45 mph. PUBLIC INFORMATION STATEMENT NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE MARQUETTE MI 456 PM EST SUN NOV 1 2020 ...HIGHEST WIND REPORTS LAST 12 HOURS AS OF 4:45PM 11/01/20... LOCATION SPEED TIME/DATE LAT/LON ...MICHIGAN... ...ALGER COUNTY... MUNISING 67 MPH 1158 AM 11/01 46.41N/86.65W 8 SSW WETMORE 46 MPH 1204 PM 11/01 46.25N/86.71W ...DELTA COUNTY... 7 SW STEUBEN 45 MPH 0304 PM 11/01 46.13N/86.58W DELTA CO. AIRPORT 43 MPH 0149 PM 11/01 45.75N/87.08W ...DICKINSON COUNTY... KINGSFORD 54 MPH 0953 AM 11/01 45.82N/88.12W NORWAY 46 MPH 1123 AM 11/01 45.79N/87.91W ...HOUGHTON COUNTY... HOUGHTON CO. AIRPORT 63 MPH 0829 AM 11/01 47.17N/88.48W FREDA 52 MPH 0815 AM 11/01 47.13N/88.82W ...KEWEENAW COUNTY... COPPER HARBOR 70 MPH 0845 AM 11/01 47.47N/87.88W OJIBWAY - ISLE ROYALE 63 MPH 0924 AM 11/01 48.11N/88.61W ...LUCE COUNTY... SPINCICH LAKE 41 MPH 1201 PM 11/01 46.46N/85.27W ...MARQUETTE COUNTY... 5 NW BIG BAY 71 MPH 0945 AM 11/01 46.86N/87.81W GRANITE ISLAND 70 MPH 0830 AM 11/01 46.72N/87.41W MARQUETTE C.G., MI 43 MPH 1200 PM 11/01 46.55N/87.38W SAWYER AIRPORT 41 MPH 1245 PM 11/01 46.35N/87.40W MARQUETTE 41 MPH 1048 AM 11/01 46.54N/87.40W ...MENOMINEE COUNTY... MENOMINEE AIRPORT 50 MPH 1048 AM 11/01 45.12N/87.62W ...ONTONAGON COUNTY... ONTONAGON 50 MPH 0510 AM 11/01 46.87N/89.33W ...SCHOOLCRAFT COUNTY... PORT INLAND 47 MPH 1254 PM 11/01 45.97N/85.87W SCHOOLCRAFT CO. AIRPORT 41 MPH 1222 PM 11/01 45.97N/86.17W ...MARITIME STATIONS... 27 ESE KEWEENAW POINT 74 MPH 0915 AM 11/01 47.18N/87.22W 1 NNE GRAND MARAIS 66 MPH 1050 AM 11/01 46.68N/85.97W 9 NW ROCK OF AGES 62 MPH 0830 AM 11/01 47.96N/89.39W 2 W ROCK OF AGES 61 MPH 0909 AM 11/01 47.87N/89.31W 53 NNW EAGLE HARBOR 60 MPH 0930 AM 11/01 48.22N/88.37W 66 NNW AU SABLE POINT 58 MPH 0930 AM 11/01 47.59N/86.58W 28 SE FAYETTE 54 MPH 0140 PM 11/01 45.34N/86.41W MINNEAPOLIS SHOAL 53 MPH 0340 PM 11/01 45.58N/87.00W 41 N COPPER HARBOR 51 MPH 0930 AM 11/01 48.06N/87.79W 36 N LAKE OF THE CLOUDS 49 MPH 1000 AM 11/01 47.34N/89.79W 6 S FAYETTE 48 MPH 1040 AM 11/01 45.62N/86.66W
  9. Hadn't looked at anything beyond this coming week. There's potential to be well in the 60's Wednesday and Thursday. Then I'm sure I'll be buried feet deep by December.
  10. Snow picking up in intensity, WWA for up to 5" of snow along with winds gusting 50-60 mph again today... blizzard conditions possible. Snow has been on the ground now 12 days. 40's and 50's with sun in the forecast all week!
  11. Have you considered being a little more detailed in your maps?
  12. Low of 10. Coldest report I could find was 4 degrees. I have to imagine some remote area probably slipped below zero for a while. Looking closer at Nov, nice to see a mild first half looking likely. As long as there's decent snow opening day, I'm good.
  13. Thick cloud bank hanging just west of here, threatening to sink in. In the meantime, with clear skies the temp has dropped to 15.