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  1. Temp has gone nowhere today. Only 30 degrees at 1:30 with a steady onshore northeast wind. An inch of snow earlier but only flurries this afternoon. Unsettled rain and snow to continue.
  2. Yesterday was probably the nicest day of the year so far. Sunny and 66, very dry air... so nice. This morning, snowing again and 29 degrees. The house has lost all of yesterdays free heat... wood stove working hard. Silver Lake Basin yesterday
  3. I love this picture! Different story here. Rain and snowed a good part of the day yesterday, but never starting sticking until dark... picked up 3" overnight. 30 currently, but warming to 45 today and near 60 tomorrow. Snow should be gone. The weather swings the past couple of weeks have been doozies!
  4. And, in an average year, some trees aren't completely leafed out until June, and then already turning color in September. I believe this year will be a couple weeks earlier than normal, as the area is running +4.8 for the month. Models differ on precip amount/type later tonight and tomorrow. 12z NAM and WRF nails the Huron's here and the Keweenaw with a foot or more (although I've noticed the wrf often overdoes upslope qpf), while most other models generally have 5-6" of wet snow in the higher terrain of Marquette, Baraga, and Keweenaw counties. MQT going pretty conservative siding with the GFS... not a lot of population in the higher terrains of Marquette and Baraga, so a bust wouldn't be a big deal to many.
  5. The trees aren't showing any signs of budding yet. Maybe some maples that have a tinge of red at the tips, especially at a distance. A lot of birds have returned as well. Winter isn't quite done yet... another heavy, wet snow possible. I wouldn't be shocked to see 10-12" imby.
  6. ^Beautiful, Josh! Woke up to a little bit of snow this morning, 27 degrees. Going to be a cool one today only in the mid-30's. Very up and down unsettled weather.
  7. Tried to get nice for a while earlier but it didn't happen. Heavy fog with a north wind and 35 degrees.
  8. Well, April is a transition month. Still snowing lightly, 10.7" total. It's winding down. Temp never got above 30 today and the forecasted low (with fresh snow and clearing skies) is 14, but some areas will single digit I'm betting. The thick clouds and snow kept the April sun angle at bay fairly well in the woods at least.
  9. Snow is really winding down and doubt much more than a half inch will fall. Total is 9.7", half of that falling between 3-6 am... tight and potent system. Temp is up to 30 so should begin to settle and melt in the next couple hours. Tomorrow, sunny and 51.
  10. From a severe storm to a snow storm in 24 hours. Has been snowing very heavy since around 3am... 2-3" per hour at times before dawn. Accumulation so far
  11. Yeah, after the rain and melting, it's congealed into a frozen marbled sheet of ice.
  12. Temp has continued to fall with gusty north winds, dropping to 28 currently with snow flurries. What a massive difference from this time yesterday... nearly 40 degrees. Weather wise, you can tell a mean storm has come through. Looking at models, starting to think maybe a robust mid- April snow is going to fall tonight... I'm down, it should melt pretty quick later this week. I won't clog today's severe thread, but here's some info on the storm that moved through. Talked to an old-timer I saw today and he said he had never seen hail like this before! MQT We would like to provide some preliminary information on the storm that caused significant damage from eastern Iron County across Marquette County early this morning. Based off wind reports, radar data and the resultant damage, it has been determined that all damage along this swath was due to strong straight-line winds. At this time, there is no indication that a tornado occurred with these stor...ms. It is important to note that strong straight-line winds can cause as much damage as most tornadoes that occur in Upper Michigan, but over a much larger area. Some initial estimates of wind speeds are: - Amasa: 70mph - Republic: 70-80mph - Ishpeming: 80mph - Negaunee: 70mph (71mph at NWS Marquette) - Marquette: 50mph
  13. Yes, and very unexpected! Here's a poor quality pic I snapped a few minutes after the hail started (no snow on the ground all hail) . It lasted 10 min I'm guessing.
  14. Woke up around 2 this morning to constant lightening to the sw. Checked radar and knew right away it was going to get nasty. 95% of the storm was all hail ( not rain until near the end) and ended up with 4-5" on the ground when it was over. MQT had a wind gust to 71 mph, certainly above 60 mph here. The worst storm I have seen in 6 years! Trees down, power is out and I have no idea when the road to 510 will be passable. Yesterday it was almost 70, and currently it's 30. The forecast for here only called for "showers".... lol The roar of the wind and marble sized hail coming over the ridge and hitting the house was nuts, and from a weather lovers perspective, I hope to never see it again IMBY! And the potential for very heavy wet snow tonight! wtf
  15. Hit 66 today under full sun (way above normal but whatever). I bounced from project to project just basking in the warmth of early April sunshine, not getting a ton of stuff done, just assessing the damage of winter's 5 month assault. The several day ice event a couple weeks ago really wreaked havoc on the trees. Snow is pretty much gone, but there are areas still...should be completely eradicated in a few days... several weeks early this year! Time to cut firewood, ride my quad, fish, hike and enjoy nature. They'll still be some cold days and snow I'm sure, but the warm season is almost here! A few days ago on the soft snow, I saw bobcat tracks, and what certainly had to be wolf or a damn big coyot. Wildlife is waking up and on the move... should see a robin any day.