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  1. Flurries all day. Steadier light snow the past hour... elevated surfaces and remaining leaves are turning white.
  2. Leaves have peaked, season's first snow is in the forecast, will certainly pale in comparison to west of here in the N plains, nonetheless, winter is very close to setting in here in Michigan's north woods.
  3. Beautiful crystal-blue skies today... something of a rarity around here the past month or so. 8.4 inches of rain since the first of September. The warm dry summer quickly changed. Trees are peaking (oaks a tad green still). Leaves are surprisingly nice, despite the wind and rains lately. I'd estimate peak a week to ten days behind schedule for my local area (maybe even a few days more). Up until Friday night when it hit 29, I had only had one very light frost, but have had many mornings in the mid and upper 30's. With the sunshine today, temps should reach mid-50's which will feel nice, with high temps only being in the 40's the past several days. Pretty much just waiting on the snow now. Around Negaunee today
  4. 39 on the therm this morning down in the front yard. Dry northerly flow has persisted all month long pretty much, allowing for cool nights and nice days. My average low temp month-to-date is 44 and despite all the rain south, only .58" all month here. Unsettled weather returns tomorrow and I'm very pleased by that. Also, I do not mind the late sunsets in summer. Actual dark only lasts here from 12:36 am - 3:07 am, before astronomical twilight begins. I wouldn't want to be in the central zone, which is just the county south of here, actually. Leaves usually are near peak the last week of Sept here, just 12 weeks away. Crazy to think about, but like I've said before... In the UP, winter is always coming. Enjoy the weekend everyone! With all the nice weather, already have about 70% of winter's firewood cut, split, and stacked!
  5. Might hit 60 today. If not, it'll be the fourth day in a row with highs in the 50's. Low temps for the entire month so far have been in the 40's (40's are the norm tho), with the exception of 2 nights in the 30's, and 2 nights it stayed in the mid-50's. Highs in the 60's and lows in the 40's for the next 7 days likely. Cool, crisp, and refreshing! As long as it's sunny, I'm cool. MQT just released the snowfall accum map from this past winter. I'm the black dot... I had estimated somewhere around 275".
  6. Wednesday- Rain. Temperature falling to around 44 by 4pm. Light north wind increasing to 5 to 10 mph in the morning. Chance of precipitation is 80%.
  7. 31 overnight. Glad I brought most plants inside and covered the rest. Hopefully this will be the last frost/freeze for a while. Leaf-out is about 50% now... And even with nearly 8" of rain in May haven't seen a skeeter yet! Very late start to bug season.
  8. With a total population in 2016 estimated at 141, I'm shocked.
  9. Spring is here and the green-up is starting. Gonna be gorgeous this weekend for the first big summer camping holiday. There's such a great feeling this time of the year! Season of lake breezes/shadows, sunny days, cool nights. Medicine for the soul MQT: ample WAA on Saturday looks to usher in highs well into the 70s for most locations, perhaps even cresting over the 80 degree mark in the south-central (Iron Mountain area). This would mean the Marquette area may finally break the record streak of not seeing 70 degrees, putting tomorrow at 249 days. Some warmth looks to continue into Sunday, with widespread 60s into the lower 70s, then tapering back off next week.
  10. Another heavy rain event with 4.35" in two days... brings the monthly total here to 7.40" Briefly sleeted hard enough yesterday afternoon to coat the ground white for a bit, mostly during heavier returns. Along with the rain and sleet, the temps stayed in the mid-30's with w/c's in the low and mid 20's. This was quite a storm for May. Also temps running -7.6 for the month, as well. Average temp has been 41. Not exactly my idea of an ideal spring. It has postponed bug season a little. Not even any mosquito's yet. Heck, even snow in places still. North edge of my property along the road this morning
  11. May 14th 2015 there were a couple inches that fell and in 2014 on the 15th and 16th of May, several inches fell, but if I see any accumulating snow tomorrow afternoon and evening, it will be the latest I can ever remember.
  12. Happy early birthday. I'll be 30 this year too! Your post makes me a little envious. It sounds like a perfect day. 38 with rain all day... 1.2" so far with another 2-3 inches in the forecast through tomorrow night. NAM is still insisting on enough cold air tomorrow afternoon for a changeover to snow. Wet and cool pattern looks to stick around up here.
  13. Rain moving in towards morning, possibly starting as snow here in the higher terrain areas... 2-3" of rain in the forecast this weekend, along with very chilly temps, wind chills. What a contrast tomorrow! (Point forecast has 39 for the high here)
  14. It's a long shot but wouldn't surprise me at all. The official forecast is pretty chilly already.