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  1. Jim Martin

    September 11-13 Severe Weather

    1630z Outlook extends the marginal risk into Indiana and the slight risk to Chicago.
  2. Jim Martin

    Sept. 2-4 Severe Threat

    Slight risk has been expanded further into northern and western Ohio.
  3. Jim Martin

    August 2019 General Discussion

    Wow. Did not know that.
  4. Jim Martin

    August 2019 General Discussion

    Picked up 2.21" of rain here in downtown last night and this morning. Radar estimates are in the three to four inch range since last night in portions of Putnam and Hancock County here in Northwest Ohio.
  5. Jim Martin

    Severe Weather Risk 8/8/2019

    Did not see a thread started. So I will start this. Much of Ohio outlooked for a severe weather risk Thursday. Main risk from large hail, along with locally damaging wind. The Storm Prediction Center also mentioning risk of supercell development.
  6. Jim Martin

    August 2019 General Discussion

    Risk for severe weather on Thursday for the lower Great Lakes. Looking like large hail is the primary hazard, along with damaging wind.
  7. Jim Martin

    July 2019 General Discussion

  8. Jim Martin

    July 20-21 Severe Wx

  9. Jim Martin

    Mid-July Heat Wave

  10. Jim Martin

    July 2019 General Discussion

    NW Ohio Wx @NWOhioWeather 1m It is safe to say now that heat index values will climb well over 100°F, especially Friday and Saturday afternoons. Can not rule out heat index 110-115°F. Dangerous heat/humidity setup in the forecast. #NWOhioWx #OHwx