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  1. With the lack of more storms tonight, you just wonder if things could get very interesting 18 - 24 hours from now...
  2. The next storm to watch. NWS St. Louis has tornado... possible tag on this storm entering the Jefferson City, Missouri area.
  3. Looking like things have calmed down for the time being.
  4. lzkchat 2017/03/29 10:19 PM iembot 2 NW Wooster [Faulkner Co, AR] TRAINED SPOTTER reports FUNNEL CLOUD at 29 Mar, 9:16 PM CDT --
  5. Now over Bendavis, Missouri.
  6. I wonder if the SPC may consider a tornado watch for the rest of eastern Arkansas before the night is finished...
  7. Tornado Warning N of Little Rock.
  8. So this just happened...
  9. It may of dropped again...
  10. Tornado Debris Signature just northeast of Oakdale, Louisiana a few moments ago.
  11. Been watching that storm for quite some time. Things are about to get cranking in Northern Arkansas and Missouri again.
  12. Possible tornado near Welsh, Louisiana, moving northeast.