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Mid-Atlantic winter 2019-20 snowfall contest

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5 minutes ago, psuhoffman said:

BWI: 0.3"

DCA: 0.1"

IAD: 0.7"

RIC: 0.00001 


You already busted at Richmond by three orders of magnitude

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OK, here goes....

BWI:  34.4"

DCA:  25.7"

IAD:  39.3"

RIC:  24.8"

Tiebreaker LYH: 33.1"

MBY:  47.7"

I am bullish that we hit a 3-4 week 'jackpot' in an otherwise cold and mundane winter.

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On 11/6/2019 at 10:19 PM, PrinceFrederickWx said:

What’s always been funny over the years is watching the revisions back and forth throughout the month. In mid-November the hype builds and the weenie revisions start. Then later in the month the pattern inevitably goes to hell and you start seeing all the cliff-jumping revisions back. :lol:

It's happening again :lol:

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So coach, what's the word?


I tell you Price, we have the potential. Lots of potential in fact. Whether it is realized or not is another story.


But we heard this last year. All the hype surrounding your team and yet you were a mediocre team at best. In fact weren't you in negotiations with Geritol for the elderly in anticipation of a Super Bowl victory? And yet as I look over the team I find many of the same players and coaches in place as we had last year. So what has changed?


True, true. We greatly under performed as far as I am concerned.

(mumble, mumble) Can't believe I lost that Geritol promo. If I could have scored that money I could have gotten out of this damn profession.

Ahem..... Where was I? Ah yes, Prince we did under perform. And yes we have many of the same players. BUT... we have made some key changes here and there that hopefully will have a significant impact. For one, I fired the whole freaking NAO coaching staff. Found out they were calling in their schemes from the different stadium bars during the games. Needless to say, that doesn't fly with me.

(mumble, mumble) Especially if they can't be bothered to invite me and God knows I could have used a drink or two last year.

Ah, and second we have beefed up on the PNA and EPO lines. Got tired of watching the SW weakness bully them around. So we have had them on a new training program during the off season.

(mumble, mumble) Probably shouldn't tell him the training involved eating massive quantity of donuts. Nobody's going to be able to move those lard asses once they get planted.

Ahem... Have a feeling that will pay big dividends this year as well. 


What about the AO? That crew seemed to be hit or miss the whole season. Any changes there? 


Yeah, they were somewhat of a disappointment. The talent is there and yet they greatly under performed. But this preseason we have been hitting them hard time and again. Applying non stop pressure to hopefully get them to hit their peak performance levels. And early indications are that it is working.

(mumble, mumble) Doesn't hurt that most of them are in their final year of their contracts hunting for a big payday. Maybe that will get them off their lazy asses and actual show up.


Things sound somewhat promising coach. But I just can't shake what we saw happen last year. You were promising us feasts and yet we ended up rooting through dumpsters for scraps off the table. Anyway, any predictions on the coming season?


Well Prince, there is enough talent on the board at this point to go all the way. It is all a question of whether they can play as a team throughout the season. Having one group show up each game while the others are MIA will not work. That is a recipe for another mediocre season as talent alone can only take us so far. The next week will be very telling as far as that is concerned. We will be finally putting all the pieces together during this time and getting a feeling of how well they play together. So Prince, get back to me then and I will boldly lay it on the line.

(mumble, mumble) Going to pound the next guy that brings up last year. Wonder if it is too late to consider a career change?


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38 minutes ago, PrinceFrederickWx said:


^this guy, every year:



It is always tough to predict snowfall totals for the year when one or two KU's can really rigged the numbers. But at this point from what I have been seeing I have feeling that at worst we will see in the ball park of an average year. The question at this point is if we can exceed that and the following week, 10 days will go a long way in my mind in shedding light. Will be interesting to see how the PNA/EPO and the NAO play together, if they in fact exist, as well as the response we see within the SW troughing/weakness through this period. Think that general pattern may be a common one at the very least through the first half of winter and it is one that we can do well in.

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BWI: 48.6"
DCA: 45.3"
IAD: 54.9”
RIC: 20.6"

Tiebreaker SBY: 21.4"

I'm tellin you all, this is going to be a very very snowy and very cold winter for the entire Mid Atlantic Region. It is setting up, and its gonna be classic! We are right on track!

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On 10/30/2019 at 5:58 AM, PrinceFrederickWx said:

Any guess on when spring will begin? My guess is March 19.

May 10. Troughing and snow will go on and on and on and on in the Mid Atlantic well into Met Spring.

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