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MLK Weekend Event - Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

Bob Chill

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5 hours ago, Bob Chill said:

Lol. Not this time Jeb. I wrote this one off a couple days ago. Rockville is rarely a good spot with marginal temps. Above freezing and rain is all I'm getting and I'm totally good with it.

You guys are gonna get DESTROYED. It wont be long now. I mean frackin' ANNIHILATED right off the map by heavy snows then ridiculous cold. Its going to be so unprecedented that you will wish you were here in south Texas LMAO

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yeah this has been one of the biggest busts for me in years sigh. Some one on facebook even tried to tell me it was trending north and warming all week. even tho before last nights big turn around. it was trending colder and more south. I love those who change the facts after the fact haha



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