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  1. This is reality. - “ 1) we've all been headfaked in years past with epic pattern looks that end up verifying for 12 hours then revert back to the sos“
  2. Gaithersburg 33’ Mangled flakes with rain now
  3. 34’ and Fat flakes in Gaithersburg. Deck and grass caving fast. That’s all for now, over.
  4. Started in Gaithersburg. Very light. Road starting to cover over like the mulch.
  5. Black is better for winter storms etc... so your good. Lol
  6. While not technically an observation it is pretty good. GOES-16, JPSS and Himawari-8 imagery full res. Enjoy! https://col.st/9pLtz
  7. Bummer. I think you'll get something today.
  8. It is over now?. Are we gonna see any more frozen stuff?
  9. Power out in Gaithersburg (Kentlands area) ripping pretty good
  10. Just about two inches here in Gaithersburg. Coming down nicely!
  11. Happy National Weather Persons Day! https://nationaldaycalendar.com/national-weatherpersons-day-february-5/
  12. Howdy form JPSS I confirm your observation!
  13. GSFC Greenbelt - parking lots covered.
  14. Side roads and parking lots getting kinda sporty. Kentlands Gaithersburg area.
  15. Gaithersburg Small flakes but coming down nicely. Waiting for the roads to give in.
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