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  1. Gaithersburg Small flakes but coming down nicely. Waiting for the roads to give in.
  2. jviper

    January 2019 Discussion and Obs

    Snow sleet Gaithersburg
  3. jviper

    December Medium/Long Range Discussion

    I Like December 21. I think its gonna be cold and snowy. There I said it!
  4. jviper

    November 15-16 First Frozen Obs/Nowcast

    Moderate snow. Blowing good. Pingers mixing in. Gaithersburg
  5. jviper

    November 15-16 First Frozen Obs/Nowcast

    Light steady snow in Gaithersburg. No more sleet. Car beginning to turn white.
  6. jviper

    November 15-16 First Frozen Obs/Nowcast

    Sleet In Gaithersburg
  7. jviper

    November 15-16 First Frozen Obs/Nowcast

    Monkey county public just went 2 hour delay will reasses at 7am. Nothing in Gaithersburg yet. Breeze is picking up however.
  8. jviper

    April 7-8 snow event

    Figured as much. We have a growing number of bad posters in the forum We do?
  9. Light snow in Gaithersburg. Just sayin.
  10. I'd like to report. Nothing In Gaithersburg.
  11. Any reports from Olney?
  12. jviper

    February Banter Thread

    COUNTDOWN TO GOES-S LAUNCH https://www.goes-r.gov/
  13. jviper

    February Mid/Long Range Discussion

    There used to be a bus but I think the battery died and I'm sure its out of gas. Randy had the keys last.