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  1. uncletim

    Fall Foliage 2018

    The roadside trees were actually what I was referring to. I assumed they were balsams and/or spruces, but now I see the pines. A great photo.
  2. uncletim

    Fall Foliage 2018

    In the last shot, the contrast of the the green spruces/balsams with the gold is especially beautiful, and the sign is the icing on the cake.
  3. uncletim

    Fall Foliage 2018

    Eyewall and Pf - amazing photos. Thank you!
  4. uncletim

    Fall Foliage 2018

    Intense color. Thanks for giving those of us in the tropics some vicarious enjoyment!
  5. uncletim

    Fall Foliage 2018

    Can't wait to see it. Gorgeous area, and low cloud days are usually the best for colors.
  6. uncletim

    NNE Winter Thread

    Love it - thanks!
  7. uncletim

    NNE Winter Thread

    Don't see a link here - I only point it out because I enjoy your videos so much!
  8. uncletim

    The 2017-18 Ski Season Thread

    All very true. Even assuming Majella is on the level, it's hard to see how they pull it off.
  9. uncletim

    The 2017-18 Ski Season Thread

    This may be true, but it's also possible that the quotes on the news story were cherry picked to give the worst possible slant. Chris Farmer (Farmboy), who is associated with the current owners and is involved in the negotiations posted a response on a 'Loaf discussion thread. The fact that he is still committed to the sale gives me at least a little hope. Regardless, the optics are horrible, and have been for months. Link: http://www.sugarloaftoday.com/chat/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=8317&sid=84172090e177f77937a069e2f9d84cca&start=210
  10. I join everyone in welcoming back the estimable HM. Now, if we can get Wes in on this, then we'll really be rocking. I also join in complaining about brining the roads when it isn't going to snow. Beltway and 270 in MD were brine striped for about the 23rd time this season a few days ago. Drives me nuts.
  11. uncletim

    March 1-2 wind event

    Saw 3 parked cars today with shattered back windows. None showed any obvious tree or other impacts, and in one case there was no tree anywhere close. What would cause this? My best theory was that a sudden massive gust might cause a vacuum in the car and the back window might implode. Any thoughts? Also, a tree fell on the road in front of me and I got rear-ended when I stopped. Not a good day for cars, and I'm a little worried about the big pines behind my house...
  12. uncletim

    NNE Winter Thread

    Absolutely. It's always fun to watch the thermometer on the trip down the valley.
  13. uncletim

    NNE Winter Thread

    One of the fun things about NNE in general is that it abounds in these kinds of lines where the climate seems to change more than a casual assessment of the latitude and altitude might suggest. This one on 93 is familiar, and in Maine, I think most people who drive up the coast know that the Bath bridge is a link between different worlds in the summer. Our summer home in Rangeley is completely different from Farmington, both in summer and winter. The contrast seems much more dramatic than the 1000 ft altitude differential would indicate. In the mid-Atlantic, where I've lived most of my life we have nothing like this - you can go up 2 or 3 thousand feet, and it might be a smidge cooler, but it doesn't feel like a fundamentally different climate.
  14. uncletim

    Space Weather Discussion

    Just grabbed this pic off the webcam for Bald Mtn Camps in Rangeley. Aurora or just a camera effect? Her's the link: https://www.rangeleymaine.com/rangeley/webcams
  15. uncletim

    December Discobs Thread

    Your memory is correct about those years. My father's office complex in Springfield had a small pond where the employees' and their families had evening skating parties. My father was the chair of the skating club and it was his responsibility to check the ice and post a flag indicating that ice was thick enough. We all had skates and there was nearly always a period of a 2-3 weeks during the winter when the flag was up. Times have changed, both in terms of climate and liability!