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  1. Space Weather Discussion

    Just grabbed this pic off the webcam for Bald Mtn Camps in Rangeley. Aurora or just a camera effect? Her's the link: https://www.rangeleymaine.com/rangeley/webcams
  2. December Discobs Thread

    Your memory is correct about those years. My father's office complex in Springfield had a small pond where the employees' and their families had evening skating parties. My father was the chair of the skating club and it was his responsibility to check the ice and post a flag indicating that ice was thick enough. We all had skates and there was nearly always a period of a 2-3 weeks during the winter when the flag was up. Times have changed, both in terms of climate and liability!
  3. NNE Spring Thread

    I've seen a great example of this along the Arethusa Falls trail in the Whites. Stream ravine runs almost due east-west with the trail slabbing the north side of the ravine until just before the falls. There was one winter back in the 90s when March was very snowy and then the switch flipped in April to sunny, very warm and dry. We hiked to the falls in early May on a hot (mid-80s!) day with trees just starting to leaf out, and the trail was actually dusty for most of the way, but as soon as it crossed to the south side of the stream, we were walking through about a 2 foot snow pack - fortunately earlier hikers had compacted a path to the falls. Just a few days earlier we might not have made it. I've always remembered it because the hike had a very "western" feel to it as Wxeye describes.
  4. Spring Banter & General Discussion/Observations

    We are Rangeley "summer people" now, but used to be Boothbay regulars and tamarack's recs are spot on about places to go. Don't bother with a Maine crab roll - the lobster rolls are too good, and I've had a "bad" crab roll more than once in Maine. I think they don't move as much and who knows where the crab itself really comes from. If you do head down to Boothbay, you could check out the Trevett Store for lobster rolls. It's off the beaten path, so you don't get the crowds of the harbor, but a beautiful bucolic waterfront spot. In the same area the Oven's Mouth Preserve is a great place for a walk, with amazing tidal rushes, and like Dodge Point, less crowded than the State Parks. By the way, I'm not a frequent poster, but I always read and rely on your snow analysis - among the best in the Mid-A forum. Please keep up the great work!
  5. This is why so many of us are here in these forums. Thank you, Wes!
  6. The 2016-17 Ski Season Thread

    I'm certainly not intending to be disagreeable here, but I do live in Rangeley in the summer and have been up and down the Saddleback road many times. It is paved up to the point within a few hundred yards of the base lodge where parking starts. Don't want to do a silly online argument, so that's my last word on it. I would not be in favor of any huge development at Saddleback, but I do feel it needs more buildup to obtain critical mass so that the value of the operation remains even if an individual ownership is not turning sufficient profit. It seems these days that the larger areas change ownership groups from time to time, but there is never a question whether they will operate. Saddleback needs to have enough inherent value to reach that status. But I agree, it's a tricky balance.
  7. The 2016-17 Ski Season Thread

    Saddleback is a ways up there, but I think the perception that it's hard to get to is a bit exaggerated. The access to the ski area has been paved for at at least 10 years, since shortly after the Berrys purchased it. It is no more difficult to get to than the 'loaf. Obviously there is much more to do at the base of SL. If anyone buys Saddleback, one of the priorities certainly needs to be establishing more of a diverse base area with at least a hotel and a real restaurant. But I don't have high hopes. Tremendously sad to lose it. Skiing there was a special experience.
  8. Presidents Day storm Part 2

    A few negatives may give the impression that your participation is taken for granted. That's not the case by any means. Back to snow!
  9. Presidents Day storm Part 2

    Just wanted to say I think the vast, vast majority of posters here have nothing but the highest respect for you, Wes. I also think there is also a small army of folks such as myself who rarely post because we feel we don't have the in-depth knowledge to add to the discussion, but we search for your posts because we learn every time you weigh in. For us, you are invaluable. I know that the negative comments may sting, but please don't let them drive you away from sharing your knowledge and experience. Thanks!
  10. Best Mid-Atlantic winter storm of the last 40 years

    I've gotta give Dec. 09 some love, for the quality of the snow. Beautiful, almost "champagne powder" from start to finish. A breeze to shovel, or even use a leaf blower. This week was close, though.
  11. 24.5 in the Rock Creek valley. Undisturbed deck measurement.
  12. 2015 Fall Foliage Thread

    I've always been fascinated by the difference in climate at similar elevations separated by only a few miles on either side of "the front", and the fact that the effect is the same in PA, MD and WV, even though the elevations are much lower in the northern parts. I guess this is the right place to ask if anyone has a brief explanation?
  13. 2015 Fall Foliage Thread

    I know this post is from last week, but what I find striking is the difference between the west view and east view. West view looks almost done while the east side is still mostly green. Maybe there's some deception from the different sun perspective, but it looks to me like a pretty dramatic demonstration of the effect of the Allegheny Front.
  14. NNE Winter: just can't compete with Maple Hollow.

    Helon Taylor Trail?
  15. NNE Winter: just can't compete with Maple Hollow.

    1st pic is definitely not Chimney Pond. Looks like somewhere out West...