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MLK Weekend Event - Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

Bob Chill

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15 minutes ago, losetoa6 said:

Never got above 36 here . Currently 34 and breezy with some flurries/ sprinkles .

2" total frozen 

3k really drops the hammer here with temps.  Has my area at 13 by 7pm


Impressive total for frozen. Not sure what we got here because I was up in North Hanover and by the time I got back the new stuff was mostly washed away. Looked like Hanover got about 1.5.

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Just now, das said:

Looks like the snow survived the rain/warm onslaught last night. Temp just dropped below freezing to 31.1°F so the melting should be over.  2m High temp for the storm was 36.1°F  


I wont show pics/video from up here in VT unless people want me to. 

You should...

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Saturday the 12th's newspaper emerged from a snow bank this morning; was out of town for last weekend's storm. 

Had more back end snow/sleet (occasional flurries around 11 this morning) than front end on this weekend's storm. 

A bit of snow left in "unsubmerged" shady spots.   Otherwise only the piles remain. 

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32 minutes ago, snowfan said:

You should...

Ok, here’s a couple. 14” otg so far but it’s very hard to measure with winds at 22G40.  CXX Mets were saying this morning that 35-40 dBZ returns below 0°F were nearly unprecedented. Saw lots of that this morning. Storm temps started at 0°F, dropped to -10°F around midnight and have crept up to 1°F, all under a strong SSW WAA regime above 800mb and strong (20+mph) N cold air draining down the Champlain Valley at 925mb. 1”+ per hour rates will continue for another 2-3 hours then taper to snow showers (with 3-5” more after that through tomorrow mid day as the NW flow becomes blocked (with Froude numbers falling below 1.0) and temps crashing to -15 to -20°F and dangerous wind chills of -40°F. Fun stuff!


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