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  1. And for the love of all that's holy, PLEASE let it be dry!
  2. I hear you and I've got the same situation. You've got one person in me that completely understands and sympathizes with you.
  3. "Surprise" being the operative word. Monday evening, I checked the NOAA forecast discussion page and all they were saying was there was a "moisture starved" frontal system moving through on Thursday with at most 1/4" of rain. I wake up Tuesday and just like magic, there's a massive coastal storm brewing, almost guaranteeing 2-3" of rain for the Mid- Atlantic. I was just shaking my head. What's the point in even following media forecasts? The models are just a box of chocolates with the mets doing the unwrapping every day. A solid 2" here in Edgewood. Just when it was starting to dry out....on and on it goes.
  4. It's the Maryland, winter specialty- cold rain! It never lets you down. And my hatred for it never wanes.
  5. Are you getting snow? I'm down here in Edgewood and it's just rain.
  6. If you look at the MD radar, it's showing snow in my area(Edgewood) but it's just rain and cold right now after an inch of snow. Unless it changes back to snow and quick, the 3-6" forecast will be a laughable bust. I have a feeling it's still snow just north of me, though.
  7. I checked my weather radio about an hour ago and I heard that Southeast Harford is now in the WSW sector with 3-6" possible. Better than the 1-3" it had last night. I guess the projected storm track was adjusted slightly more south overnight.
  8. Last I heard, the NWS had my area(Southeast Harford) under a Winter Weather Advisory, for 1-3". Has that been upgraded to a WSW?
  9. This isn't pertinent to March but has anyone seen any long range Spring/Summer forecasts? Just curious. Wondering if El Nino will survive throughout the summer and what that will mean as far as the weather being generally wet or dry. I refuse to believe we can have another summer like last year with that much rain but I guess stranger things have happened.
  10. I do feel bad for those that lost power and especially the ones that had trees either slam into their house or car but like you, I chose to find a positive with the wind and it does dry the surface out appreciably. And yes, the sun shining was nice for a change. My sister lives in Richmond and she's been ranting about the rain for some time now. Can't say I blame her...it's been relentless for almost a year. I keep waiting for some met or poster here to tell me that the long range Spring/Summer outlook is for drier than normal conditions. That would be a symphony to my ears.
  11. I would say the gusts in my neck of the woods have been in the 40-50 MPH range. I've seen worse, especially with that high wind event last winter. Hopefully, not too many people lost power or trees in the their yards. Considering how wet it's been, I guess the silver lining with the wind is that it does dry things out on the surface.
  12. The 0600 GFS shows little doubt that cold temperatures are headed this way in the March 3-10 period...possibly VERY cold. And if you're a snow lover, that's the first ingredient. Where it goes from there is anyone's guess at this point.
  13. What I would LOVE to move on to would be a dry March. If it's not going to snow anymore(a very real possibility), then PLEASE let it be drier than normal. Better yet, bring on a good old fashioned drought.
  14. Yes, I did think we had a good shot of a 2002-03 type winter but it just never materialized. Way too many Great Lake cutters for me to give this winter a B grade. I'd put it at a C, pending what happens in March.
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