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Snow/Slop Storm 2/17-18 Obs


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52 minutes ago, RU848789 said:

So as of 9 pm we now have 4.0" of snow on the ground, which was a 1.5" per hour rate the past half hour. Pouring out there. Seriously pouring. Just made an abstract snowman,lol - great packing snow. Still 32F. Will absolutely make 5" now, but hoping for 6" of snow.

Snow slowed down a bit the last hour as we "only" got 3/4" - at 4.75" now and will easily make 5", but not sure beyond that, as the back edge is getting closer.  Great storm.  

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just went for a drive up william floyd

home to sunrise- rain - started to mix with snow when I reached sunrise

passing shirley airport - mostly snow- grass coated

passing LIE - all snow - about 1" but roads wet

passing RT25 - all snow - maybe 2" and roads covered and started to get slippery. Turned around and went back home

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4 minutes ago, ag3 said:

Rain line now collapsing south. Brooklyn should remain all snow now.

We will see what it foes but just never bought into with all the mid-level lows going south.  R/S lines also don't advance much past the barrier islands in systems where we don't see the lows track overhead or west, especially if you've laid down a solid blanket of snow and you're relying on anything below 925 to go above freezing.  We saw this on 12/5/03 and March 92 just to name a couple of cases where all the lows stayed south but models wanted to switch everyone over

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