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  1. Those warm spikes tend to happen at TEB fairly often. I'm pretty sure the spikes are caused by jet exhaust since the sensor is unusually close to the runway/taxiways.
  2. Good stuff. Being on the southern edge of the huge seasonal snowfall gradient that exists in the lower half of the northeast, it usually takes a -NAO to get a solid winter around here, but +NAO winters aren't quite the same death sentences they are once you get to Philly and further south, either.
  3. Microcanes must be an awesome sight from a distance. I'm guessing if you were on a ship, you'd be able to see the rotation and towering cloud tops of the storm while basking in sunshine?
  4. They still manage to get better quality snow than the east even in June!
  5. The ski areas in Oregon have been getting it really good too...Timberline is at their highest depth of the season. Looks like midwinter all the way down to 3000' on the cams.
  6. I was alluding more to the December and March cold shots. Those were definitely fairly impressive...especially areas just outside the city. Our most favorable setups for single digit cold occurred outside of Jan-Feb, so our lowest winter min ended up on the higher side.
  7. Quite a few of those winters had fairly impressive warm-ups, too. In a lot of ways this winter conformed to the winters on that list quite nicely--the key difference being the overpowering warmth in February. The cold shots that made their way down were usually pretty intense, though...just not many of them.
  8. Was talking more along the lines of snow and severe cold. Brief shot of cold air coming up, but nothing I'd consider overly anomalous--especially after what we saw last week.
  9. Incredible shot! You can actually see the snowline slowly receding back north. Given the long range forecast, doesn't look like the arctic will be making anymore advances to most of the northeast until next fall/winter.
  10. This heat is definitely up there with March '12 and December '16 for intensity. Not too often the NYC area has the same temp as Miami during February.
  11. That's an awesome shot. You can see how the Raritan and Pascack valleys are holding in the fog along the northern extent.
  12. Probably more like Labor Day if this pattern can keep up into April.
  13. Wish I could've gotten up to northern VT this week to do some riding--you'll be hard pressed to find better conditions for what could be years to come. March can be a good month too, but idk...that March sun takes a big chunk out of the wintry appeal for me--no matter how snowy it might be. It doesn't get any better than this in the northeast.
  14. I know most are disappointed with the way things turned out around here, but this was definitely an overperformer in my book...maybe NE NJ should've done a little better. Weenies and even some mets included put a little too much stock in those clown maps yesterday.
  15. Somewhat surprised Central Park was able to pile up to 9.4" at one point considering how warm the city ground was yesterday. Definitely not much left here in my section of BK...only about 4/5" and just starting to firm up. It would seem Monmouth County got skunked the worst out of this system based on the modeling yesterday--had a few hours of heavy rain and never really caught the best banding after the switch to snow.