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  1. Yea rgem still maintains some bursts, but I don’t see more than “squall” type snows
  2. 00z runs were ugly, gotta be well N+W, rgem is alone with that much precip making its way down here... I’m expecting dusting-1”
  3. I’m mostly referring to recent storm, they mention it in the AFD, but that’s it
  4. I know we’re not suppose to harp on NWS, but I have to say, ever since I moved up here, (Albany) forecast area, I’ve notice they are continuously in the dark on their own forecasts... despite moderate totals for most their Southern area, not advisories or even updates for that matter on the storm, they pretended like It wasn’t happening lol... their probabilistic forecast for the area for Tuesday into wed is 0 snow, high end >1”.... is it just a case where they don’t care about their far southern viewing? I’m baffled
  5. Rgem is a solid event for us up here
  6. Nice, we had our union Xmas party at the West Point Ski lodge last night, it was beautiful
  7. Had a party out there?
  8. Nam gonna be solid run for NW areas imo..early but 500 looks much improved
  9. I called it last night....no WWA last night, Monroe jackpots for our area lol
  10. 250 jet was a real indicator of where the best lift/deform bands were gonna set
  11. Rap did better....ukie was best global...they all failed bad imo
  12. Amazing no guidance, even short terms ever caught the deform bands inland...
  13. Close to 6 at home, 5” here at West Point
  14. Need the warning up here, not even an advisory, and some should hit 6 or more under these bands
  15. Looks of me like trof is going Neg