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  1. Atleast the stink bug pandemics seem behind us
  2. As I walk onto my back pourch to collect wood for the evening... shorts and a T is all I need.....trip to the city tomorrow with 60+... I'm sitting at 50" for the season and have had some decent events.... still a lot of snow OTG..............honestly......I'm ok if winter ended today... I'm ready for golf
  3. Hopefully we can get 1 of the many modeled cutters to trend.. GFS takes about 3 ULL's into the lakes
  4. Euros doesn't have so much as a Dusting through Feb 27th lol... rain In Feb... yay
  5. Most of our area is still moderate to severe drought stage
  6. Euro does it... nice soaker
  7. Boring weather on euro next 10 days... warmth is real this weekend and next weekend
  8. Could see a snow squall this afternoon guess I picked a hell of a day to buy lion king tix for the wife and dinner at carmines...60+ this Sunday, gonna be gorgeous out
  9. Unfortunately the Nam isn't even a hit... and its all alone on its solution...if the sole outlier isn't even in the ballpark yet, the day before the storm... I wouldn't hold my breath waiting
  10. 12.2 low last night
  11. My wind was meh... max gust if 22... sustained was about 6-8mph... i do better on spring day
  12. I don't see more than a line of snow squalls out of this event.. Thursday's gone
  13. Yea I realize that... I meant northwest lol
  14. Lol... your a lunatic... I love that stuff in spring/summer...btw here's a look at feb departures to date from normal... pretty epic warmth across most of the country, upper mid west has been the exception all year, and I think it stays that way through March/April/may