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  1. Me: Nams been a great model this winter Nams west with blizzard weenies: attacks about poor analysis and the Nam cannot be trusted and is awful Nam shows glory run for inverted trough over area weenies: Nams been a great model this winter
  2. Jeez
  3. Euro died lol... from what I'm ready it's not initializing for anyone, no statement from What Ive seen
  4. GFS is looking somewhat similar currently, temps really constrict overrunning totals for NYC/Long Island Long Island does cash in on some coastal enhancement
  5. Transfer on the RGEM literally happens over Long Island, decent precip to the east from clipper, then decent precip over ENE from coastal, islands stuck in RGEM hole
  6. RGEM keeps Best snowfall in LHV, NNJ and into city, Long Island sees less edit: north shore sees about .25" LE snow rgem still looks to be a general 2-4" 5 in some parts of NNJ
  7. To go with my previous post
  8. Looking at the crappy panels and what's come out so far, RGEM develops a nice area of instability over extreme LHV, and NNJ, SECT... city looks a bit warm at onset, but don't hold me to that... orange/ rockland county looks to do well
  9. 80.9 YTD
  10. That wild 4knam run from yesterday is reduced also
  11. It's nest outdoor cams... nonsoftware... everything's auto uploaded to their cloud system
  12. Sref 3"> prob member map
  13. I'm sure 10:1 at best, if that... temps are marginal and coast is actually 31-33F
  14. Para nam is 2-4 area wide less north and west, with 3- 5 on the island
  15. Srefs are .5" for most here