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  1. Made it down to 29
  2. 35/33 with 93% humidity, grass is soaked... could get a solid freeze/frost if we get a bit lower, HRRR and others have already busted on temps up here
  3. Wood stove getting lit tonight
  4. I’m here for the 312hr GFS snowmaps.... anyone? Plz?
  5. 26-30 Oct timeframe looks to finally break the warmth, we may see our first below 32f
  6. Down to 39f here
  7. One of the coldest days yet coming tomorrow it looks... highs should struggle to get out of mid- upper 50s
  8. Really not looking forward to these warm days, I’m ready to start burning wood
  9. 18z GFS just broke twitter... lol... sub 880mb
  10. Was able to hit 39.9
  11. Ha! yea let's hope not, 00z GFS with another crazy storm... probability models have really taken a large jump fwiw, up to 40% chance of Irma to reach a major hurricane and make an EC landfall
  12. Completely agree.. at this point it's just fun to look at these ridiculous outcomes
  13. How about that crazy uncle GFS run? down to 49f Im wondering if I can't pull off a 39 tonight
  14. Those euro rainfall totals for SE TX exceed 25"... wow