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  1. Who cares bro this rain is annoying and the drought is over. Nobody wants this rain, let the rain come back in autumn until than it could clear and dry and decently warm. I had to put the AC and heat on the same week, literally insane weather!
  2. This weather was nice but at night is disgusting like dude it's nighttime it should be in the 60's already!
  3. I felt it it happened around 5pm at least 40 mph wind with some light rain it was kinda cool but not severe in my opinion!
  4. Tomorrow is low to mid 70's tops
  5. This weather is perfect. The ground is warm by now so you don't even feel that chill that much. If we can have this for the rest of the year and no snow I'd be happy! What a historic blizzard around Colby, KS though and it's surrounding areas. Unreal!
  6. I don't know how people like this weather literally sweating doing nothing. That my friends is not enjoyable! Yes a blizzard u bundle up but damn it's beautiful!
  7. Disgusting weather! Can't stand it
  8. Welcome back ulster!
  9. Looking good so far at let's see what happens in the afternoon.
  10. Got popped today
  11. Another day another win even rjays pick made dollars!
  12. Today is a perfect day! 65 and sunny currently 54 outside my window.
  13. No this company is different. It sells electricity to electric cars. It's like a gas station but instead when you go to a mall you will be able to charge your car. This is the future every weather feen knows it just like tesla is the new future lote may take a good portion of charging these electric cars. It's all hype at this point but worth looking at it!
  14. Lol buy my picks man watch especially lote
  15. Ur stock tanked rjay lol bitcf and lote are on fire.