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  1. I'm headed to Turks and Caicos on Saturday any luck this thing stays away?!
  2. Hey I like winter and winter only. It has to snow. I'm going to Turks and Caicos from the 20th till the 27 and hoping to experience great weather but some models show a storm around the 24th, and honestly that scares me!
  3. Not true this event is historically the biggest ever https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meteor_shower, and the clouds are clearing out. Check out the live satellite composite! http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/data/us_comp/us_comp.html
  4. Last night and tonight apparently is the biggest meteor shower ever in history. I'm wondering what time it'll clear out and where can I go see this event preferably in westchester county or the Bronx.
  5. If it happens I hope it happens while I'm away during the 19th - 26th. I'm betting we don't have a heatwave! But we do see one 90 degree weather and 91 degrees.
  6. Kinda humid this morning. 73 and sunny
  7. Summer is over!
  8. Would this be a category 5 hurricane? 928 millibar storm would break records!
  9. At work too man. My wife is a teacher and she's gone to the beach with her friends. It's really just a beautiful day. Hope you had a good time in New Orleans. Never been there but I heard it's fun!
  10. Summer peaked already. We may have another couple of days in the low 90's as that war tries to build up but I doubt we see anything more significant than earlier this month and during the June heatwave! 142 days to winter!
  11. Beautiful beach day coming up!
  12. Suppression depression!
  13. THE important thing is we're getting that trough again and the heat will get squashed for most of the time. This weather is perfect
  14. I think a lot of countries are nicer than the government wants us to think. It's all propaganda Russia is richer than ever and the wealthiest man on this planet is Russian. It is president Putin worth around 200 billion!
  15. The next batch should cover .20 also it feels a bit like fall!