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  1. Accuweather has no 90's for the remainder of the summer, what a joke their forecast is huh! I believe we'll have a few 90's obviously but not like the previous years this will average out to be a cooler than normal summer in my opinion.
  2. I like the trough on the GFS 18z literally does not break down the whole entire 384 hours!
  3. U stay vacationing, God bless and have a good time yanks
  4. The trough will dominate the northeast this whole summer in my opinion. Look at the GFS 18z I mean we'll have below normal summer if this continues or at least normal. We don't need another hot summer let's be honest here.
  5. Tonight you guys should drop in the mid 40's
  6. Statistically which period is the hottest week for Central Park? Is it July 10-17 timeframe or earlier? I found this
  7. Today is a perfect day
  8. What is this mean? Summer cancel?
  9. I sure would cause that's kinda normal in the northeast! If I lived in the south and we got two inches of snow I'd be happy but here we go big with our nor'easters you know this. btw I hate love you yanks, I knew you were going to respond. p.s. where's Anthony and allsnow?
  10. I hope we never get a 10 inch rain event. That's like asking for a disaster! some of you people are funny on here literally you would take 10 inch rain events and 120 degree with high humidity. Go live in India for that, no thanks!
  11. this summer is not going to be hot. It'll be below average unless we get some big time heat starting mid July and August. Until than it looks below average besides a couple of days
  12. I think that was because the first couple of batches of rain lowered our chances and drier up the soupy atmosphere that we had earlier during the day yesterday. Also the sun had gone down by this time, which in the end resulted a much steadier rain and not so much a convectively type precipitation.
  13. I should have said its getting drier. The low pressure is moving out , therefore the barometric pressure is rising.
  14. I doubt it, it's already very dry and dew points are dropping as is the humidity.
  15. There will be no more rain for the day! It's clearing out. That was a nice rainstorm and it was great sleeping weather! enjoy this weather some of us have to work but man it's going to be beautiful!