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  1. Who cares dude that's always wrong! Lol
  2. GFS 18z shows a weak sauce of a low for next week, but the Canadian has a strong low but all rain meanwhile GFS had some snow in higher terrain in PA and Catskills but it looks more like white rain. If anything if this low ends up being a bit colder and stronger in the future runs maybe some places like Monticello, NY and even possibly Sparta, NJ for some accumulating snow especially if it falls at nighttime.
  3. You win. You're going to get all the snow way before us and lots of it. Any given town in the Dakota states have a way more extreme and colder winter pattern than ours. Have fun in 3 feet of snow and low of -14.
  4. That's not the stock market dweeb
  5. $10,000 in 3 months?
  6. That's worse than MAM
  7. Thank you and same to you and your family!
  8. Hey as long as I got good job and provide for my family in a legitimate ways, I will be a happy man. What else you got in this life. You need ur health family and a small fortune. And of course you guys at americanwx and our snow days!
  9. But im smarter than at least 90% of the posters so the system is wrong. Everyone hates a know it all it's fine!
  10. You make no sense. And my call for 2500 or so low was right on the money it's starting to pick back up. Hopefully it doesn't crash on me now
  11. Next week you'll go below freezing in my opinion!
  12. I think bitcoin will drop for another 200 or so down to 5250 (if that) than skyrocket to 10,000 in less than three months. Current rate $5517/bitcoin
  13. I don't know why my comment got deleted and I'm five posted. I barely post here. Whatever happen to freedom of speech! Anyway it's 52 degrees with mostly sunny skies. I love this weather maybe a tad warmer like the rest of the week is really ideal with no humidity
  14. It doesn't just go away actually, there's more cold air from where that came from and we get a nice trough possibly a +PNA setup. All the people talking about how warm it's been...Since Thursday the temperatures went below freezing north of the arctic circle and yes it's been warm since than but not as bad as before that day, and now all of a sudden some may get below feeezing before the end of the month. Maybe even some flurries
  15. I Got 2 bitcoins back in 2015 I should have bought more but I'm doing good with that investment. Hopefully they go to a million dollars the next several years and I can retire early!