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  1. It clearly is a frozen precip map but I don't believe any of it. In reality it will all be rain unless you go 50 miles north of the city which may have some mixing but regardless it shows frozen but it will not be in reality. Thank you
  2. This would have been great backend snow if it was a during peak winter time but now we just get a nice cold rain. Better than a quick warm up, remember we've had some pretty robust volcano eruptions worldwide the last few months possibly triggering the cooler than normal march and possibly even first half of April! nam is on some stuff look at this snow map lmao
  3. Don't expect a warm up with rain but I think tomorrow and Thursday will over achieve and temps will be in the mid 60's because of the strong march sun!
  4. Spring is boring I'm boring everything is boring where's the snow blah! I'm losing it! I'm taking a break from everything until severe weather is in play!
  5. IT feels like winter outside. Dark and cold good day to sleep too bad I'm at work today. It was 37 in my car thermometer when I got to the city probably a bit higher realistically still I don't see the temps rising too much today if the cloud cover stays overhead. Hoping still for a below normal month? I wonder what Central Park is at now?
  6. Honestly warm weather is annoying. Today I was sweating just walking around and it was in the 50's. Forget about 90's and 100's. I can't wait for fall already!
  7. Spring has sprung today!
  8. That's two storms
  9. I just had another dream that before Easter we get another 2 snow events or at least rain to snow... I would watch April 1st and 6th for some wintry weather. I think Easter is a hot one though, so if any snow accumulates, itll melt the next day
  10. I'm hoping for less than 5 but my guess is 15. It'll be a rainy but warm summer in my opinion. Humid stuff the worst kind! Hope I'm wrong. any luck we get some more snow this season, I'm feening!
  11. 23 here, so cold that when I opened my car door it wouldn't close that hasn't happened since the last cold wave right before the blizzard. I got a trick to close it or it closes itself once the car warms up.
  12. Hey bud what's the departure from normal this month for Central Park so far?
  13. Please God send us a 950 millibar storm at benchmark with a decent airmass around beginning of April dropping 2 feet of snow so we can be happy and move onto spring the right way. Pretty please I'm feening (A.K.A. Fiending.)