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    I am all that was; all that is; and all that shall ever be...

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    Axis Mundi / Black Hills / بلک هیلز
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    For I am Pamela; Daughter of the Great Goddess Isis and the Princess of the Universe; and thou shalt have none other before Me.

    Snowfall Forecast
    2019-20 Winter

    Black Hills, SD: 120" - 240"
    Worcester: 36"
    Hartford / Bradley: 25"
    Boston / Logan: 22"
    Providence: 18"
    Bridgeport / Sikorsky: 13"
    Newark, NJ: 11"
    NYC CPK: 10"
    Islip, LI: 9"
    NYC LGA: 9"
    NYC JFK: 8"
    Philadelphia: 6"
    Wilmington, DE: 5"
    Washington Dulles: 5"
    Baltimore BWI: 4"
    Washington National: 3"

    The Curse of Pammy is upon you
    All the live-long day
    The Curse of Pammy is upon you
    You cannot get away

    Don't you hear the wind blowin'?
    At night and early in the morn'
    The Curse of Pamela is upon you
    'Til Satan blows His Horn!

    *Giggles Happily*

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