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  1. I'm so glad I'm moving furnature to my new apartment tuesday. Woooo
  2. To the person who said no more 90 degree days :-|
  3. What a storm in Croydon! 50 plus mph winds. A few big branches down; our gazebo got a piece bent off.
  4. In Croydon PA: Had 10 minutes of really heavy rain, and some thunder. I feel bad for my cousin's son's graduation party and my friends barbeque that they are having later today. Hopefully it clears up.
  5. I can agree with that! In Bensalem and its pouring!
  6. Bensalem Croydon area hit hard! 50 mph winds and torrential rain for like 10 minutes and then it stopped. Very quick. Quite a bit of trees done, roof material blew off an apartment complex.
  7. I graduated at tech in 2010. Yeah that ice jam 3 years ago was neat for sure!
  8. Well after that; My dad had to find a welder to torch the i beams down to railing height. He kept it like that because he feared if he built another one out of wood a flood would damage it. We actually recently built a deck on top and put up a canopy of sorts. That way We can take it down. It would have been expensive to rebuild it how it was.
  9. Do I have a treat for this forum. My parents house sits on the Neshaminy Creek in Croyd Pa. We had our share of boats, floods from Floyd and Irene. But one year this flood happened! Mind you I was a year old in this event. But my dad taped this. We have been trying to find this tape for 18 years. Finally my neighbor had it. This video shows the ice jam destroying our steel gazebo which was made out of I beams. It has survived many floods due to its design about 50 years actually. And my parents moved here in 87. Enjoy! Bonus points to those who can figure out the weather pattern and rain total during this event.
  10. Forgot to take our gazebo tarp down; oops! Supports are a bit bent; maybe we'll be able to straighten them out?
  11. Bensalem: Heavy rain; I was driving on Street road I could notice up ahead that the street was soaking wet and where I was completely dry.