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  1. i just saw a post you made in 2018 I was trying to locate NODRIVESLOW saw you worked with him I did also, i was friends with Carl on facebook but my account got hacked and trying to track him down again

  2. Croydon PA, on vacation in ocean city md. Our basement flooded along the Neshaminy Creek. My drum set, recording equipment, guitars all ruined. Only Floyd and Irene came up high enough to get in.
  3. Going to Ocean City MD this upcoming week. I hope to get some beach days.
  4. And that's when my blue striped starfighter got shot down. Good times...
  5. A 100 year flood, now a Tornado, what is next for Bensalem.
  6. This is crazy, this Bensalem tornado is near me!
  7. Got hit with some wind and lightening. Decent drenching in Bensalem.
  8. What a surprise, heavy snow in Bensalem, PA. An inch + maybe.
  9. I'm hear laying in bed sick with a fever for the past few days, no covid luckily. But I have a great seat to see the snow coming down. Snowing pretty well in Bensalem PA.
  10. We can punt that system. Too many plans this weekend.
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