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  1. 4.8”-5.1” here in Whitestone, Queens. Measured on 2 snow boards.
  2. I read 52-54 in ocean from boat on Saturday. Should be 50-52 by now.
  3. 955mb, 105mph at 11am.
  4. 0z Nam has landfall 2am Friday morning as a category 1 type storm.
  5. Not downplaying this. Still dangerous. All I am saying it’s not the same beast it was 2 days ago. Still very dangerous because of surge and rainfall and should be taken seriously.
  6. Yes, but 3 days before landfall and on a different trajectory. Sandy was also enhanced by a major phase. Much different beast.
  7. Not even close to the same type of system and a degreed Met should know the differences.
  8. Yes, but the surge will be much less then previously forecasted. Cat 4-5 wall of water vs. Cat 1-2.
  9. Sandy was a cat 4-5 storm for a while, was larger and phased with multiple vorts and was enhanced by the trough and block. Different animal.
  10. @Stebo says if you don’t have a degree you don’t know weather and shouldn’t be posting. 25 years experience means nothing.
  11. Was apparent it wasn’t hitting NYC 6-7 days ago. Keep hyping.
  12. Ok. I’ll come back after for verification.