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  1. Rgem completely schooled the American model suite once again.
  2. .21" here now. Similar around NYC.
  3. .15" of rain here with light rain falling. That stuff in PA should clip NYC and east later.
  4. GFS had nothing until today. Rgem has been bullish from 36 hours out.
  5. Following the Rgem for years, when it is consistently showing the same solutions (inside of 24 hours), it usually schools the rest of the suite. It's the only model available that could be right when it's the big outlier. We'll see if that happens again today.
  6. Rgem has been consistently showing a line of storms forming near NYC/LI and dropping it south later this evening. Let's see.
  7. NYC, EWR + LGA have all officially verified heat waves. NYC hit 90 at 1:08pm.
  8. They invented these little square boxes that go on your window called air conditioners.
  9. EWR, BDR, LGA and NYC already set record highs today.
  10. Moderate to heavy rain over NYC and boroughs. 1.46"-1.57" at all the stations.
  11. NAM is 40mm for NYC as well.
  12. If it's going to rain and ruin Saturday, might as well be a real storm and not a 1" typical one.
  13. This. I hope we either get 4" of rain or nothing. 1"-2" storm is a yawn.