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  1. 12z GFS says get ready heat lovers. Torch from day 7-15:
  2. Euro is not a miss for NYC and south.
  3. April 2nd Snow Wave

    Still full coverage on my property this morning. 3" depth. Even parts of pavement have a coating still left. Whitestone, Queens.
  4. April 2nd Snow Wave

    I'm at 50.2" in NE Queens. LGA had a terrible unwarranted measurement for the Jan. blizzard that is skewing the totals big time.
  5. April 2nd Snow Wave

    Not really. Central Park was 4.8" at 8am. LGA was 3.7" at 8am. And their final totals are both 5.5". NYC was under the same exact banding as LGA during this time. NYC should have been about 6.5"
  6. April 2nd Snow Wave

    LGA received 1.8" since 8am NYC only .70" Not possible. Same exact banding. NYC measurement is off by about 1"
  7. April 2nd Snow Wave

    NYC official stations: NYC: 5.5" LGA: 5.5" EWR: 5.0" BDR: 5.7" ISP: 4.4" JFK: 3.7"
  8. April 2nd Snow Wave

    Amazing event. 6.4" just to your south in Whitestone, Queens.
  9. April 2nd Snow Wave

    He's been terrible this March and April for NYC.
  10. April 2nd Snow Wave

    6.5" here in Bayside/Whitestone. Incredible April event.
  11. April 2nd Snow Wave

    Central Park 4.8"
  12. April 2nd Snow Wave

    NYC metro will get close to Warning criteria. No doubt. Already 4" here.
  13. April 2nd Snow Wave

    LGA in last 3 hours has reported 1", 2" + 1" an hour rates.
  14. April 2nd Snow Wave

    Already 3.5" here and snowing heavily. Every road, including highways, are snow covered here in NE Queens.