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  1. SPC shows plenty of storm reports clustered in the NYC metro and north and west. Solid event.
  2. Very heavy rain here in Queens. Impressive. Some thunder and gusts to 30-35mph as well.
  3. Flash Flood Warnings up for parts of NYC.
  4. Nice storm here so far in Whitestone, Queens.
  5. To me it looks like the line will strengthen as it heads east. East of western NJ into NYC should see the heaviest part of line.
  6. Most models have another round overnight (after midnight) that looks to affect LI.
  7. 18z Rgem and Nam both look better for NYC and SWCT.
  8. Sept.2010, 2 separate tornadoes in Queens and also a 100+mph macro burst.
  9. Enhanced risk box is touching NYC on this graphic.
  10. I believe then the 101 degrees at LGA today is the warmest June day ever. They also did that in May. Remarkable.
  11. Looks like 101 at LGA according to NWS on Facebook.
  12. EWR should get to 100. LGA has a chance also. They usually peak out in the late afternoon.
  13. Rgem also has a line of rain/storms dragging south and through the NYC/LI metro. 5pm to 8pm.
  14. Thanks. Just saw that on the NWS twitter feed. KNYC lagging again.