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  1. And only 48 at BDR. That sucks. Give me 60s and 70s if it ain't snowing.
  2. Up to 63 here and at KLGA. 65 at EWR. Temps always bust high. Tomorrow could touch 70 at some locations.
  3. It was 1 or 2 runs in the fantasy range.
  4. You on LI have not been burned. You have 25"+ of snow. Well above average so far. Same goes for NYC and it's boroughs.
  5. Jan. 2016 was much closer to Jan. 1996 then Boxing Day.
  6. People live on LI.
  7. Back and forth sleet and snow wth everything white and nasty roads. Temp 30.5 degrees.
  8. Everything including main roads white.
  9. Snowing here. Big flakes.
  10. And just like that, some mangled flakes mixing in with the sleet now here in Queens.
  11. I am sleet and 30.4 degrees right now in Queens. I think the next batch could be snow/sleet mix from NYC east.
  12. Layer of ice here on all cold surfaces. Sleet/drizzle mix.
  13. Doubt it. Most aren't familiar with how suburban Northern and NE Queens can be. Especially NE Queens on the border with Nassau. There's also some elevation here, especially in Bayside Hills.
  14. Queens has plenty of suburban areas like Bayside, Whitestone, Douglaston, Little Neck, Fresh Meadows, North Flushing, Forest Hills, etc. Hilly and full of trees. Snow looks great today here.
  15. If I cleared the board yesterday every 6 hours, I would've had 13"+. But due to compaction, the max depth was 10.5" and that's the accurate measurement with the new guidelines.