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  1. Been snowing for half hour plus here. Flurries with a few bursts of light snow.
  2. And this was a very well modeled system. Far from a bust.
  3. Definitely. One of the best modeled systems we've ever had.
  4. LGA gusted to 50mph. What did people expect? LI gusted to 75mph. Well modeled system.
  5. LGA, JFK and EWR gusting past 30mph on latest obs.
  6. Another torch today. Approaching 80 degrees here. Monthly departures are +7 to +8 areawide.
  7. 12z Navgem is a direct NYC/LI hit today as well. I know it's the Navgem. Just pointing out all model outputs.
  8. Not over analyzing anything but there would 100% be a moderate storm surge into the NY Bight and LI south shore with that track. But it's meaningless. Way too far. Ukmet is into Florida in only a few days.
  9. There would be storm surge for all of LI and the NYC Bight with that track.
  10. 12z Ukmet is into the Port St. Lucie, Florida area in only 5-6 days.
  11. The Ukmet had the Cuba landfall for days.
  12. Motion on latest loop looks more NW then W. Maybe it will avoid Cuba.