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  1. Approaching 2” here with moderate snow falling. Great storm. I think NYC can squeeze 4” out of this.
  2. It’s on top of Port St. Lucie area at hour 144. North of Andrew.
  3. Ocean water temps are generally 71-76 degrees right now. Sound is similar.
  4. I only had sleet the last hour in Whitestone. Brooklyn and south shore went over to sleet 2 hours before that. That’s why we ended with 5” instead of 2”. My roads were completely snow covered with 2”-3” of snow during height of storm and there is still 100% coverage of snow on everything but pavement. The pack is solidified too from the freeze. Will last longer than a typical March storm.
  5. Last time I measured in Whitestone I measured 4.5” and it snowed for another 30-45 mins. So it’s likely Whitestone ended with about 5”.
  6. I’m in Bayside at work and I see no difference here than in Whitestone, where we got 4.5”-5.0”.
  7. Quickly ran updated seasonal #s: LGA: 18.1" for the season. NYC: 20.5" for the season. EWR: 21.8" for the season. JFK: 14.4" for the season. BDR: 24.4" for the season. ISP: 14.3" for the season.
  8. LGA metar last hour shows SNINCR 1/5 So they have at least 4.51” now.
  9. LGA reported 1” an hour for last 2 consecutive hours. 5” on the ground (which means 4.51”-5.49”)
  10. I’m approaching 5” and still snowing good. I think Central Park reports 5”-6”.
  11. Just measured 4.6” and still coming down nicely. I think 5”-5.5” is doable here. Whitestone, Queens
  12. 3”-6” was proper. I’m gonna end with 5”-6” here in Whitestone, Queens. Brooklyn will end with around 3”.
  13. I think NYC, Bronx and Northern Queens escapes the sleet line.