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  1. Yeah. You are right. Sorry. 12z Ukmet meteograms are right at 50mm.
  2. Meteogram is 30mm twice. Plus 8mm + 5mm. Total precip map also has NYC in the 50mm-75mm red shade.
  3. NYC is 72mm on the Ukmet.
  4. Upper 60s this time of year is well above normal.
  5. Yes it was. It had the 7am-9am changeover.
  6. No one was getting anything with the Rgem not showing it this close to the "storm".
  7. Someone along the coast will jackpot with this. Anywhere from SNJ to Long Island/SNE. No way to know until inside of 6-12 hours.
  8. Have you looked outside? Queens did not get burned. This past snowstorm has had the same, if not more, impact then a 15" powder event. Queens received 6"-10". That is far from "burned". Euro Kuchera had the exact amount correct. 6"-10"
  9. I had 5" of pure snow in Whitestone and then 2.5" of snow/sleet. Only went to pure sleet briefly. There were small flakes mixed in almost the entire time when it was mixing.
  10. Yes. Their final total was 7.6". LGA 7.4" JFK 5.1"
  11. I'm happy with my 7"-8" of snow/sleet. Plow piles are massive, drifts high and it looks like a 12"+ storm hit. This is far from a bad bust. Was expecting 12" and received 7"-8". Big deal. The big busts were on LI.
  12. 5" of snow and 2" of sleet/snow. Total 7.0"
  13. 4" was at 8am. LGA reported 5.9" at 8am as well.
  14. If schools were open today in NYC, it would have been a disaster. Roads are a disaster and conditions are extremely bad.
  15. IDK. Dry air intrusion is under way because the 700mb low is coming north on top of NYC now.