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  1. This is like when we were kids here (in the 1980s and early 1990s)... warm when there's moisture; when it's freezing cold, it's dry. .
  2. Kidding aside, is winter over here? I just checked in here for the first time in a few weeks. I’m hoping that it doesn’t pop in for a visit in four weeks and leave our baseball fields a muddy mess into April. .
  3. Yea... c'est la vie. Funny, with this tranquil weather, and after some snow and ice out here earlier this month, I'm ready for Spring.
  4. Nah... I like them up from Thanksgiving Week until now. Same with my tree. Spending tomorrow and Saturday getting everything down and packed away. I love Christmas and how you're supposed to go through the New Year and Epiphany, but I'm done once the 26th rolls around.
  5. What a beautiful next few days to take down my Christmas lawn decorations!
  6. Looks like it's going to quiet for a while, so I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! I assume we'll be quiet here over the next week or so. We've had a nice snowstorm so far in Morris County, an additional whitening, an ice storm, an arctic front with squalls, and some cold; all before Christmas! A nice start and fun to watch!
  7. Agreed. It seemed like after November last year, both NJ State Government and NYC municipal government couldn't admit their own shortcomings, but instead blamed everyone else. Just textbook poor leadership. And I say this after the previous administrations (equal opportunity!) also goofed up and blamed forecasters in the past.
  8. I positively adored the February 1994 storms, along with December 30, 2000, for the snowcover and plowins. The more recent one that was far more bonkers in my neck of the woods (MMU) was March 7, 2018.
  9. C'est la via. I've always wanted a true White Christmas once, but you can't control the weather.