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  1. Of all things to argue with other people about... something neither of us have any control over. .
  2. They moved snow out of the Florham Park Trader Joe’s parking lot in the past week (before the last two storms, including today) to help with space and visibility. .
  3. Agreed and I’m also ready for sun and warmth. .
  4. I think someone just mentioned how good it’s been NW of the city, and I think I’m actually due west. Anyway, bonkers amounts of snow here this month. I think we’re around 46” for the month. Roughly 58” (!) for the winter. Only thing we didn’t have this year is a reading below 5°. [emoji2371] .
  5. Very pretty. Also... I’m done. 45” in a month? tyvm, I’ll go home now. .
  6. I agree. Just has that feel. I’m going on nothing more than anecdote here. .
  7. Nice enjoyable wintry morning. I hope this is the final storm of the season.
  8. One of those surprising years that Morristown gets hit hard repeatedly. Snowing again and again here. Over 40” now for the month. Bonkers stuff. My eleven year old stuff would have gone out of his mind. This is the closest I’ve seen to a 1994 redux here, sans the coldest air, which this time was in Texas. I’m ready for Spring. .
  9. I think @MMU we're at about 48" for the year, so I'm cool with things being done after this.
  10. Still one of my all-time favorites. .
  11. My mind's in the gutter... j/k, thinking of how thankful I am for today's nice weather and a nice clearing and majority melting of my roof and gutters from the ice and snow. It's such a nice sound and feeling when you get those first hints of springlike warmth (50 degrees after the past few weeks - (with sun!) counts). Still have a bit to go, but it was nice to remember that spring will be here sometime.
  12. Worked up? It would be nice if it were tranquil and not muddy. I’m ready to get out and work in my yard with this guy. .