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  1. C'est la via. I've always wanted a true White Christmas once, but you can't control the weather.
  2. Annual tradition for all of us. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. One of the stranger storms I’ve seen. Finished with around a half foot at MMU; just a case of being west of of the city and in a good spot for this storm. Literally did not start accumulating until I got back into Morris County five miles from my home on my way back from work in TEB. .
  4. Looks like we got around a half foot at MMU today.
  5. We have nearly 3.5" at MMU, and it's been snowing pretty steadily at 31°. All the main state and county roads are not in good shape.
  6. Snowing pretty well here right above MMU. 31° and snowing at a pretty good clip. 2" or so on the ground.
  7. Starting snowing at MMU at 8, and was 32 when I left for work in TEB. 80 was all right coming in; temperature went from 32 to 34 on my ride.
  8. How’s MMU looking here? There’s been so much back and forth, it’s been tough to keep track. What’s our timing look like? .
  9. We’re currently at 28° at MMU. Cold and humid. .
  10. Thanks! My kids have had on TWC (it’s now back on FiOS) all morning; I’ve tried to temper their expectations within reason, because, well... bt, dt. .
  11. Thank you. Definitely seems like one of those “you won’t know until you know” sort of events. .