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  1. It’s been cold this month. Just a nice steady chill. Wonder when it’ll flip, because that’s what it does. .
  2. This is why you don’t go crazy this far out. It may or may not happen, but you set yourself up for heartbreak if you take it was gospel so soon. .
  3. Mind boggling that they don’t remember that. .
  4. Hence my point. We all love snowstorms, but verify first. This isn’t my first - or even second - rodeo. .
  5. Please don’t list out amounts yet. I feel this is the same every year. It’s four days away, and that’s four days it can scoot out to sea or run up the Delaware. I’ve seen this movie before. You may not like the ending. .
  6. I’m not saying it can’t happen, I’m just saying you’re setting yourself up to lose sleep over a girl that may not be in your league. .
  7. You’re setting yourself up for disappointment talking like that this far out. .
  8. I’m almost certain that it won’t snow, if only to not get sucked in to checking the models. .
  9. 2017 and 2018 dropped a ton of snow in Morris County, FWIW. I can’t recall the past few years. I think everything last year fell in February. .
  10. I’m growing peppers on my windowsill right now! A plant from last year has regenerated, so it’ll be cool to see how it goes. .
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