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  1. ALWAYS too early. Always. It happens every year. Mother’s Day is my yardstick for tomatoes and peppers. .
  2. I heard it’s cold and snowy at home. .
  3. Price we pay for the modern conveniences we love. [emoji2371] .
  4. This should be the motto of this forum. .
  5. Socialist industrialist economies haven’t been too kind to the planet either, sooo… [emoji2371] .
  6. [emoji817] it’s the best system we have for allocating limited resources while incentivizing production. I think the main argument you could have is whether you want capitalism with a strong welfare state or a weak welfare state. Both have their pluses and minuses, and it’s my personal opinion that it’s disingenuous to think otherwise. Everything has shades of grey. Probably a discussion for a different banter thread. .
  7. If you literally want to put your money where your mouth is, here’s one I’ve been invested in for about 20 years or so (there are others like this, but just for the full disclosure): https://www.morningstar.com/funds/xnas/vftax/quote “Because of its fossil-fuel screen, the portfolio currently has no exposure to energy stocks.” .
  8. [emoji817] Normal late in the season stuff. Every year, I never understand the battles over things we literally have no control over. .
  9. I sense a business opportunity for you. I’m investing in some funds that push towards that, so why not profit while trying to make a more stable climate? .
  10. Correct. He plays Fall Ball and it’s much more pleasant, since September and October are historically the driest times of year here. .
  11. Eh, of course we love snow, but even my sixth grader doesn’t want another snow day and doesn’t want his baseball fields muddied up. We’re getting into that time of winter for a very wet snow that melts into a field soaking mess. .
  12. Dude, sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you. I live here, too, and we got hammered last year. You’re not going win them all. .
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