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1/4 Mega Bomb obs.


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8 minutes ago, UlsterCountySnowZ said:

the same reason Interstate 84 is always some sort of climatological cut off, whether its R/s Dry air etc...just climo points IMO 

Most landmarks like cities or highways aren't just arbitrarily placed, but rather shaped by the topography and/or geography of the region, and those same factors obviously influence microclimates.

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3 minutes ago, allgame830 said:

literally 0 visibility for the past 90 minutes here in Pleasantville NY.... measured at 1030am... 4" at that time... probably over 6 now.

I'm in Tarrytown. Started out the morning with barely an inch. Now at least 3"-4" with low visibility and heavy snow. Can't measure the wind gusts, but just from the sound and frequency ... hard to believe that we're not experiencing blizzard or near blizzard conditions and hard to believe that we're not getting it much worse than expected.

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5 minutes ago, NJwx85 said:

Radar returns are starting to diminish on LWX. Some pretty good bands were going this morning West of DC. They must be pissed off down there.

Yep.  I am 20 miles due west of D.C. and I received about 1/4”.  Schools were still closed.  And federal government had a 2-hour delay.

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2 minutes ago, UlsterCountySnowZ said:

how u making out up there, im at 5"

Nice! I'd guesstimate 3" but trying to get anything close to an accurate measurement is a major fool's errand with all the blowing and drifting. There was already snow on the ground so I'm not sure what the protocol is supposed to be in cases like this.

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