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  1. A couple tumbled out of my deck umbrella as I opened it up today.
  2. Uniblab

    Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    Don't worry, I'm sure he'll be back.
  3. Ticked up a degree to 33 in staten island.
  4. Very light here in Staten Island.
  5. Very light snow in Staten Island.
  6. Uniblab

    Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    Please don't bother Feen while he's using his weather tool.
  7. In Westerleigh it was raining up until ten minutes ago, now turning to snow.
  8. Staten Island 37°and rain.
  9. How much for my street.
  10. Lonnie ?, the failed soap opera actor?
  11. Uniblab

    Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    This made my day!
  12. Uniblab

    Winter 2017-18 banter thread

    Backbuilding, Rippage.
  13. Uniblab

    1/4 Mega Bomb obs.

    North shore of Staten Island absolutely dumping.
  14. Uniblab

    March 13-14, The Blizzard of 2017: Obs

    Someone earlier reported cockroach size flakes,maybe that's the unknown precip.
  15. I find Amy Freezes speech clunky, with words and sentences that run into each other making her hard to understand.